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Beauty Service App Development: For your Spa and Salon Business

Beauty Service App Development: For your Spa and Salon Business

Very few modern industries can claim to show a business upsurge as that of the beauty and wellness industry. It is arguably one of the most flourishing sectors in the last five years. The average woman as well as a man are more concerned about their looks and strive to attain their desired look at any cost. They are prepared to spend any amount of money to attain the level of beauty they wish to. If you already have a well-established salon and spa business, then it is high time to take it to newer heights. It is possible if you can imbibe the best aspects of Beauty service app development into your business and reap its dividends. Your business model will gain immensely from the hugely profitable facets an on-demand service brings to the table.

Moreover, with beauty products at the pinnacle of their production, Reliable survey stats reveal that the modern woman spends almost $4000 annually on various beauty products and services. That is a big figure to attain, and you can get a bite of it too if you can play your cards right.

Why invest in beauty service app development?

Beauty Service App Development: For your Spa and Salon BusinessImagine a woman has a date in the afternoon and urgently wishes to get a manicure done before that. His date on the same day wants to get a haircut before meeting her. On-demand beauty service app has enabled them to get both services from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is get their Smartphones out and download an on-demand beauty service application. All the relevant information is available through their smartphone apps. This creates a win-win situation for both the consumers and the business, which can benefit largely by meeting their instant requirements.

The insurgence of on-demand service has dawned upon us a new era of instant consumerism. Modern-day consumers are eager to obtain every service at their doorstep. They barely want to step out in the hot and humid weather to obtain a service or product they want. Instead, they want an on-demand service to cater to their beck and call. This has opened up a huge market for salon service providers. Thus, developing one such app will be beneficial for your business and revenue growth.

Advantages of on-demand beauty service app development

Our working schedules are becoming busier by the day. We can hardly make time for investing in our own wellness. The nearest salon seems to be going farther, and so is our favorite spa. Even when we are able to make time for the salon, there seems to be a never-ending queue outside waiting to get served. Discerning consumers like us require more instant and efficient solutions to cater to our beauty and wellness needs. An on-demand beauty service application delivers just that. It enables the modern-day customer to gain their desired services without much hassle. It saves their time, their efforts, and at most times, their money as well.

This has come to the notice of many salon owners. They have started realizing the unmet needs of the customers looking for on-demand beauty services. They are hiring a mobile app development company and investing largely in beauty service app development which delivers convenience to the customers and enhances business for the owners. But developing an on-demand app for your salon isn’t as easy as it sounds. One has to learn all the basic aspects such as must-have features and the costs involved in developing such an app.

This article aims to enlighten all salon owners regarding the very aspects of beauty service app development.

Basic features of an on-demand beauty app

1. Login and Signup

New users have to create their accounts on your salon app so that they get appended to your customer database. They can choose to log out from their session and log in the next time around. Or they can stay logged in using their credentials.

2. Service and product selection panel

The most important panel on the app is the service selection panel, from where the consumers can avail themselves the services they desire. They can add the products and services they want to buy to their cart and checkout whenever they want to. Besides, the UI of this panel has to be very appealing and user-friendly. Users must be able to understand all aspects of the services being offered through your salon app.

3. Reviews and ratings

The most influential aspect of every on-demand service app is its review and rating panel. Customers, especially first-timers, refer to every review and ratings provided against services and make their buying decision. Thus, include an easy-to-access and concise panel for providing reviews and ratings against each service.

4. Payment options

As the consumers checkout their cart, they must be prompted to complete their payment. Therefore, include all the feasible payment options such as wallets and UPI, debit and credit cards, and even Cash On delivery. Modern consumers are very picky about their payment options, and it’s best to cater to their demands.

5. Push notifications

Keeping your users notified and informed is another mandate every app owner must ensure. Including push notifications in your app’s UX keeps the users updated with all relevant information. The notifications can be used to send beauty tips or articles related to wellness. Besides, it can contain coupons or information related to upcoming discounts. Service providers can also make use of this feature to receive info about important tasks such as new bookings, payment confirmation, etc.

Costs involved in Beauty service app development

Beauty Service App Development: For your Spa and Salon BusinessThe total estimated cost for developing an on-demand beauty service application depends on the following aspects.

1. Platform If you decide to develop a native app for both the Android and iOS platforms, then that will catapult the cost higher.

2. UI/UX design The UI/UX design is what will attract users to your app and make them use it more often. Also, the design complexity of your app will determine the price you pay your development team.

3. Third-party integrations You can choose to enhance your app’s functionalities through third-party plug-ins. Consequently, this will add further to your development costs.

4. Marketing Once you have developed your on-demand beauty service application, you will need to market it across channels. Also, you will need to continue the marketing for at least a few months after its release in the market.

The location of the mobile app development company will factor in all the above aspects and determine your cost. In the USA and Europe, the cost for a developer is around $50 to $250 per hour.


Beauty service application development can kickstart your new Salon business or take your established businesses to newer heights. If you can ace the features mentioned above and market your app well, it can become a huge success for your business.

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