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Handyman App Development: For Your Home Services Business

Handyman App Development: For Your Home Services Business

Smartphone technology and high-speed internet have succeeded in converting almost every service to an on-demand one. In this case, all they have to do is open an app, tap on some options, and the service is acquired. With the pandemic afoot worldwide, the demand for such services has increased manifold. Consequently, this required mobile app development companies to step in and aid them in developing their own on-demand apps like handyman app development.

Furthermore, we no longer prefer to wait for the local handyman to clear his schedules and tend to our needs. Smartphone technology has enabled handyman services to become on-demand as well. All users need to do is download their on-demand handyman apps and book appointment as per availability and feasibility.

Reasons for mobile app development companies to invest in handyman app development.

The business model for on-demand handyman applications has successfully connected the gap between service providers and customers. Customers looking for an instant platform to access handyman services have benefitted immensely from handyman application development.

Moreover, handyman services such as installations, maintenance services, pest control, repair, etc., are now just a few smartphone taps away. The model also benefits the service providers as they can now reach out to more customers with relative ease. They can manage their appointments and time effectively and hence, get more payment for their work. Besides, timely services, 14×7 availability, and ease of access are the most influential factors that have rendered handyman app development successful.

Step-by-step guide for developing your on-demand Handyman App Development

Handyman App Development For Your Home Services Business1. Determine the revenue model of your on-demand handyman app

There are multiple revenue streams for on-demand smartphone apps. You will have to go for the one that suits your handyman business best. Most apps go for the on-demand pay-per-service model. Customers pay according to the service they obtain from the handyman. Therefore, the handyman gets his share which one has determined beforehand, and the remaining goes to the app company.

2. Acquire the technology stack required for your app

To develop a quality smartphone app for handyman services, you must acquire the best set of technologies or hire the best mobile app development company to aid you. Thus, you can hire someone proficient development team to chalk out the best technology that will be used for your handyman app development. If you’re tech-savvy yourself, narrow down the tech backbone you’ll have to deploy for integrating all the features.

3. Pertain to your budget

The key is that you must not go overboard on the budget factor and stick to your business plan as far as possible. Sometimes you’ll be required to stretch on it but try sticking to it as much as possible.

4. Integrate the must-have features

Finalize the features you want to integrate into your app to facilitate all necessary functionalities. Your handyman app must be able to meet all user requirements and the features included will ascertain so.

5. Develop an attractive UI/UX

The UI/UX will attract customers and make them use your app repeatedly, provided the handyman services are up to the mark. Thus, ensure that you design a very attractive, easy-to-use UI/UX that does not require much tech-savviness to handle.

6. Employ a skilled set of handymen

Handymen can now have a network of customer requirements which helps them secure jobs easier and manage their schedule. Employ the best-rated handymen in the market located across the maximum geographical area.

7. Market the app comprehensively

Once you develop the app, but the word across the market and ensure the end-users are informed. For that, you’ll have to invest effort and money in-app promotions. That will ensure that consumers are aware of your on-demand handyman app and can access it easily on their smartphone. You can also provide a welcome offer on your app to get the ball rolling.

Must-have features for your on-demand handyman app

Handyman App Development For Your Home Services Business1. Search Nearby

On-demand service apps must have a nearby search feature that allows users to avail the services as quickly as possible. Even the handyman would go a certain distance to do your work as per his or her feasibility. Thus, the customers must interact with their local handyman practitioners for the convenience of both parties. If the end-users can communicate with the on-demand handymen that are nearest to them, they can avail the service quickest. Include all kinds of handymen such as electricians, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, cleaners, packers, movers, etc.

2. Live to track

Whenever you buy services that are to be delivered to your home, you need to include a real-time location tracking feature as well. It must provide comprehensive information about where the handyman is located once he accepts the task. Moreover, the user can monitor the entire progress of his task through the app interface. It will help the user estimate how much time the handyman will take to arrive at his doorstep. Also, it can provide real-time status of his operations from which users can understand how much time he will take to complete the task.

3. Appointment scheduling

This goes hand in glove with the search filter. Once the user has identified and searched the service he requires, he would want to schedule an appointment as early as possible. Hence, it is best to integrate the appointment scheduling functionality within the same interface to seamlessly book the same. Besides, users can then select their convenient slot and process the payment.

4. Multiple payments

Users like mobile apps that allow multiple options of payments. Any customer might need an urgent service on demand and need to make a payment through their UPI or credit card. Streamlined payment solutions add to the user-friendliness of your app interfaces. Include debit and credit cards, UPI and wallets, and even Cash On Delivery if you can. The UI/UX must be very user-friendly on that account. Make a simple yet secure gateway for online transactions on your app.

5. Tutorial subscription

This can be a smart way to earn some money for yourself without deploying the services of the handyman. There are many people who want to perform the handyman chores themselves but need a little informational aid. You can provide tutorials regarding the basic handyman solutions. You can include precautionary measures, problem-solving techniques, etc. Consequently, charge a fixed amount in exchange for the same tutorials and related videos.

How has the on-demand handyman service industry fared in recent years?

The handyman sector has really got inspired by the recent growth of the home service industry. This inspiration led to mobile app development companies coming up with an online app called Homee. It was a Florida-based startup that provided home services. It had since then shown such tremendous growth that a bunch of investors provided funds for them in the coming years. Consequently, this instance has provided all the encouragement for investing in the handyman app development sector.

Multiple mobile app development companies are invested and engaged in developing their own on-demand handyman service app. If you are eager to jump on the bandwagon, make sure, you understand the target audience demand and integrate all the necessary features into it.


Therefore, if you engage yourself in handyman service app development, you must gain some insight beforehand. Learn about the various aspects that constitute an on-demand handyman app and invest calculative.

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