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Angular vs AngularJS: A Complete In-Depth Comparison

Angular vs AngularJS: A Complete In-Depth Comparison

Over the last five years, AngularJS has evolved to a great extent. It has made advancement from AngularJS to Angular and higher versions. In other words, it’s vital to know how Angular vs AngularJS differs for development purposes.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework from Google. This framework can develop dynamic web applications. With the help of this framework, any static HTML pages become interactive.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source TypeScript based framework. This framework can create front-end web applications.

With the passage of time, AngularJS has become rather popular. In fact, more and more features are getting added to its core. This has resulted in the creation of a new framework called Angular 2. Be that as it may, the term commonly used for this framework is simply Angular.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Angular offers a massive change from AngularJS. The language, as well as the basic architecture,  is now different. However, developers can use any one version of the framework without issue. In other words, you can use anyone for developing any web app project.

Nonetheless, it is a good idea to close look into Angular vs AngularJS.

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The architecture of AngularJS works on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design. The MVC model is the key component for expressing the behavior of the app. It manages data, logic, and rules.

On the other hand, Angular is made up of its components and directives. It works with the application’s view and page logic. Additionally, it comes with two types of directives: Structural and Attributive.


AngularJS makes use of JavaScript. On the other hand, Angular uses TypeScript.


In terms of performance, AngularJS isn’t rather good. On the other hand, Angular has got upgrades that provide a better experience. You can now see the improvement in DI, performance, and speed easily.

a. Speed

If you compare Angular vs AngularJS, you will easily notice that the former is faster than the latter.

b. Dependency Injection

Both AngularJS and Angular make use of DI. Yet, its execution process is very different.

In AngularJS, DI gets injected into different link functions, directive definitions and controller functions. On the other hand, Angular uses the Hierarchical Dependency Injection system.


Compared to Angular, AngularJS is less manageable. The former offers a better structure. It’s easy to create. As a result, maintaining large applications isn’t tough.

Pros and Cons

Angular vs AngularJS both come with their share of advantages and disadvantages. Going through it would help businesses to make an improved choice.

Advantages of AngularJS

  • It uses JavaScript. As a result, this framework is easy to learn.
  • It remains ready for unit testing.
  • With the help of MVC data binding, app development is faster.
  • It provides support for fast coding and prototyping. As a result, it can decrease development time.
  • It offers clean and organized coding. So, it is helpful to reuse the codes.
  • The MVC and MVVM architecture help to separate the data from design. As a result, it helps develop and maintain complex web applications.

Disadvantages of AngularJS

  • Its implementation scale is rather poor.
  • Disable JavaScript and only the basic page is visible. Yet, one won’t be able to run the application.
  • The UI lags to a great extent.

Advantages of Angular

  • It is five times faster than AngularJS.
  • It offers a better algorithm for binding data.
  • The components are independent and even self-sufficient. This helps in reusing the components again and again.
  • The independent components of this framework can be replaced. It can be also maintained with ease.
  • Furthermore, this framework supports lazy loading.
  • TypeScript offers cleaner code and improved navigation. It helps to get a high-quality product.

Disadvantages of Angular

  • It has a steeper learning curve. The reason is pretty simple. Developers need to learn TypeScript, a completely new language.
  • The legacy system gets created using AngularJS.
  • This framework isn’t effective for small web apps development.

The new version of Angular is far better than the previous one. Front-end developers, especially, love Angular. As a result, it has become of the most widely used frameworks.

Be that as it may, web developers find AngularJS development to have its own uses. Its best feature is easily the 2-way binding process. Thanks to this process, it becomes easier to create a rather complex app.

Do you want to pick the right framework between Angular vs AngularJS? Well, both frameworks are suitable for any app development project. The former is most suitable for the development of complex applications. The latter is ideal for building straightforward apps.

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