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21 Features that you must have in your Health tracking app

21 Features that you must have in your Health tracking app

Perceiving the current reputation of the world, humans have turn out to be greater adaptive to the age-old saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. Globally, hundreds of thousands are spent every year to enhance intellectual as nicely as bodily well-being and to ride an extravagant high-quality of life.

Simply due to the fact nothing can in shape an energetic physique that is deeply interrelated with a sound mind. Thanks to the speedy increase of health monitoring app development round the globe that has substantially changed the way human beings keep their quest for private health through mobile app development services.

Increasing penetration of smartphones and mobile app developers globally, rising cognizance pertaining to health, wellness, and hygiene, busy working schedules, growing demand for wearables, and most importantly the anxiousness of getting contaminated amidst the pandemic have broadly propagated the boom of health apps recently.

What is a Fitness App?

A Fitness app presents health and wellbeing recommendation to its customers via a set of exercising activities, dietary eating regimen charts, and even real-time fitness coaching. These apps make use of artificial intelligence, laptop learning, and different applied sciences to furnish customized health applications to their customers. They can be downloaded from app shops and can be used every time and anywhere.

For example, My Fitness Pal, Lose It!, Runtastic and Strava are main health apps on hand in the market that assist customers hold their everyday health activities by way of monitoring their ingesting habits, monitoring footsteps, energy burnt, etc.

21 Features that you must have in your Health tracking app

10 Key Advantages of Fitness Apps

1. Helps to Monitor Diet

Fitness apps like Carrot Fit, Waterlogged, and so forth assist customers to without difficulty preserve song of their day by day dietary movements and help in weight loss/gain packages by means of calculating their each day calorie intake, water intake, fat, and carbohydrate content material in the meal.

2. Tracks Footsteps

Pedometers in apps like Google Fit and Fitbit assist customers to song the variety of steps indispensable for controlling weight, blood sugar levels, etc. These can enhance the each day step counts and inspire customers to gain their health dreams conveniently.

3. AI-enabled Personal Coach

Most health apps come with AI-enabled coaches who can guide you to do your workout routines in the proper manner. These trainers act like human trainers and can additionally provide you suggestions to construct your energy and stamina.

4. Set Goals

With such apps, customers are capable to set their personal health dreams in the app, like, goal weight, share of energy to intake, meals to avoid, etc. Having such desires written conjures up people to work towards them.

5. Easier to Monitor Progress

Fitness apps furnish pictorial shows of users’ fitness development via charts and contrast graphs. With this consistent analysis of data, humans can formulate their each day schedules or contain adjustments required to meet their goals. For example, apps mySugr, and Diabetes Connect exhibit your cutting-edge as properly as preceding glucose analyzing for evaluation and action.

6. Workout each time anywhere

These apps supply you the liberty to work out at a handy time. With these apps, you no longer want to rely upon your dietician’s work agenda or hit the health club or wait for a professional appointment.

Moreover, due to the fact that most of the domestic exercise functions focal point on domestic workouts, they come up with such workout routines that don’t require you to purchase any equipment. So, whether or not you are on a commercial enterprise trip, household vacation, or out of city for any different reason, you have no excuse to omit your workout.

7. Free fitness suggestions and recommendation on the alternate of activities

Get limitless and free fitness suggestions on your health apps to hold you moving. Depending upon your progress, fitness apps can additionally advocate you to make a trade in the direction of your workout things to do and dietary diets for higher results.

8. Availability of a couple of trainers/nutritionists in one place

Online Fitness Apps have solved the hassle of discovering an appropriate fitness specialist with the aid of gathering vary of health experts, trainers, and dieticians in one place. Users can pick to get recommendation from these specialists each time and somewhere through the app.

9. One-stop Health Tool

Fitness Apps supply an all-in-one platform for monitoring countless fitness parameters like calorie count, water intake, glucose level, coronary heart rate, BMR rate, step count, and many others comfortably. Users do not want to preserve separate logs.

10. Keeps customers motivated

Daily notifications, lively reminders, and sharing success memories round the world encourage customers to stick to their health routines.

21 Features that you must have in your Health tracking app

21 Features that you must have in your Health tracking app

Creating a comprehensive health tracking app requires careful consideration of various features to ensure user engagement, data accuracy, and overall effectiveness. Here are 21 essential features that you should consider incorporating into your health tracking app:

1) User Profile:

Allow users to create personalized profiles with basic information such as age, gender, weight, and height.

2) Biometric Data Tracking:

Enable users to track essential biometrics like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns.

3) Activity Tracking:

Include features for tracking physical activities, steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

4) Nutrition Logging:

Provide a database of food items and allow users to log their daily nutritional intake for better dietary awareness.

5) Hydration Monitoring:

Remind users to stay hydrated by logging water intake and setting hydration goals.

6) Weight Management:

Allow users to set weight loss or gain goals and track progress over time.

7) Sleep Monitoring:

Incorporate sleep tracking features to analyze sleep patterns and provide insights for better sleep quality.

8) Medication Reminders:

Implement a medication tracking system with reminders for users to take their prescribed medications on time.

9) Health Journal:

Provide a digital journal for users to record symptoms, moods, and other health-related notes.

10) Goal Setting and Achievement:

Allow users to set health and fitness goals and celebrate milestones with achievements.

11) Integration with Wearable Devices:

Ensure compatibility with popular wearable devices to seamlessly sync data and provide a holistic view of health.

12) Health Assessments:

Include periodic health assessments to help users understand their overall well-being and identify areas for improvement.

13) Data Visualization:

Utilize graphs and charts to present users with clear visualizations of their health data over time.

14) Social Features:

Integrate social sharing options to allow users to share achievements, challenges, and progress with friends and family.

15) Personalized Insights:

Use artificial intelligence to provide personalized insights based on user data, app development services actionable recommendations.

16) Community Support:

Foster a community within the app where users can connect, share experiences, and offer support to each other.

17) Integration with Health APIs:

Integrate with external health databases and APIs to enhance data accuracy and provide more comprehensive information.

18) Emergency Information:

Include a feature for users to input emergency contact details and critical health information that can be accessed in case of an emergency.

19) Health Challenges and Competitions:

Introduce challenges and competitions to motivate users and encourage a healthy lifestyle through friendly competition.

20) Educational Resources:

Offer a library of articles, videos, and other resources to educate users on various health topics.

21) Privacy and Security Measures:

Implement robust security measures to safeguard user data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

By incorporating these features into your health tracking app, you can create a powerful tool that not only tracks health metrics but also empowers users to make informed decisions about their well-being. Regular updates and user feedback should be considered to enhance the app’s functionality and user experience over time. You can find best app development company like us for more powerful fitness app guidance.

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