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Why React Native Is the Future of Mobile App Development

The cross-platform development framework has allowed app development for various platforms. With this framework, one can develop apps so that it offers a better user experience and keep the cost low. Hence, to develop apps for Android and iOS developers are going to React Native (RN). Facebook supported React Native offer a better user interface.

What is React Native?

Facebook developed a React Native in 2011. This framework can develop native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Along with the native platform, developers can use React to achieve more flexibility.

Today, apps developed on React Native include Microsoft OneDrive, Uber Eats, Flipkart, Skype, Instagram, Walmart, and so on.

Role of React Native

Businesses who want to develop revolutionary mobile apps should take the help of advanced technology. With React Native, a rapid evolution occurred in the world of mobile apps.

Basically, RN is an open-source mobile application framework. To design the hierarchy of UI components of a mobile app, it uses JavaScript. The native look and feel offer developers with a host of features, for both iOS and Android.

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How RN Is The Future Of Mobile App Development?

The immense popularity of RN is seen from its great market share. As a result, statistics show that it is the most starred framework within Github. React Native holds the future of mobile app development because of many reasons. They are:

Easy to Pick Up

It is easily because it uses JavaScript. Additionally, it provides a wide range of components along with maps and filters. As such, new developers won’t find it hard to use this tool.

Fast Development Cycle

It allows developers to build mobile apps very fast. As it is an open-source framework, app developers can use a lot of local components. Hence, development time gets shortened by 30%. It’s because developers get the opportunity to use open-source components. The developer’s community is providing their full-support to RN.

Compatibility across Platforms

Initially, RN supported iOS only. However, Facebook soon realized the potential of this framework. Soon they came up with Android support.

The increasing demand for it made most of the APIs of React Native cross-platform. This means, one component would work very well with Android as well as on iOS. Hence, developers get the chance to develop apps for any platform. Yet, RN allows the application to maintain a native look. Furthermore, it has done away with the need to write a single line of platform-specific code. Moreover, developers can embed code. The embedded code is more platforms specific to the app.

Native Functionalism

The classification of React Native is based on a certain detail. Apps created with this framework function like the native apps. Moreover, developers understood the popularity of RN is for various reasons. They are due to its keyboard behavior, usability, scroll accelerations, and animations.

RN tries to make certain that even complex apps provide flawless operation. Often, using a native widget can offer a faultless performance. React along with JavaScript can build robust apps.

Live Updates and CodePush

Thinking of developing native mobile applications with React? Developers can get a lot of benefits. RN offers Live Updates. This helps developers to push the updates to the user’s phone. It has done away with the need of going through the app store update cycle. Well, it’s possible because of the use of JavaScript.

Moreover, Microsoft’s Live Update service CodePush SDK can easily merge with the React Native app. This can permit developers to push the updates directly into the apps. However, it has one drawback. Only the JavaScript file and the assets come with the update.

Improved Development Environment

React native developers have a gala time when they plan to develop an app under the RN environment. Change a file and the UI also gets refreshed. It takes place due to the hot reloading function. React is helpful for beautiful development experience, As a result, it has done away with the re-build and deploys from the iteration cycle.

This has benefitted the developers greatly. After all, it makes their work easier.

Superior UI Experience

Many JavaScript frameworks, like MeteorJS or AngularJS, come with cross-platform app development. Yet, with RN, the focus is on User Interface for mobile. As a result, the interface won’t fail to impress the users. With React, the app gets an enriched interface.

Wondering whether React Native development is the future of mobile app development? The answer is a big Yes. RN is flexible and offers varied capabilities. This framework helps to develop a compelling app and hybrid apps easily. As such, developers will surely find it suitable for their needs.

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