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What Are the Angular JS Online Course for Beginner?

What Are the Angular JS Online Course for Beginner?

Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework by means of Google to construct applications. It is used in SPA (Single Page Application) projects. It affords extra attributes and makes the web pages responsive through extending the HTML DOM. It is recognized for its environment friendly framework and helps to create Rich Internet Applications(RIA). Developers opt for Angular JS as it approves them to write client-side purposes the use of JavaScript in an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. Applications developed through Angular JS are cross-platform compliant, and it mechanically handles JavaScript code appropriate for every browser. Angular JS Online Course and Angular JS services helps in constructing large-scale, high-performance, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain internet applications.

Angular JS is favoured because

  • It lets you improve functions in a smooth MVC sample the place the software good judgment is hidden from the consumer interface and separates layers.
  • It helps dependency injection. It is a sketch sample the place you don’t want to difficult code the dependencies inside the component.
    It approves two-way information binding.
  • It is less complicated to check purposes constructed the use of the Angular JS framework as it is designed to check it from the start. It is effortless to take a look at its elements from unit checking out to end-to-end testing.
  • It is an open-source, free-to-use tool.

What Are the Angular JS Online Course for Beginner?

Angular JS purposes are a combine of JavaScript and HTML, and its JavaScript file is brought to the HTML web page to make use of it. Developers consider information binding is an effective device in software program development. It helps a two-way information binding model, which attracts many Angular JS developer to use it. Angular JS helps the MVC pattern, and it has a model, view, and controller working separately. In one-way records binding, the facts are taken from the model and inserted into an HTML element. There is no way to replace the model from view, which effects in records binding in one route on the whole used in classical template systems.

Two-way information binding in Angular JS purposes leads to routinely synchronizing statistics between model and view components. It helps the notion of preserving logical implementations away from the consumer interface layer. This notion is done through statistics binding. The view is the projection of the applied model, and the model is regarded the grasp classification or single supply of reality in the application. Any changes in the model end result in view as it helps computerized synchronization and vice versa.

Angular JS makes use of expressions to bind the statistics of the utility to HTML. Its numbers are comparable to JavaScript numbers. Angular JS expressions can be written inside HTML, whereas JavaScript can’t. Its expressions guide filters and can incorporate variables, operators, and literals.

Angular JS is a structural framework that helps the development of dynamic web applications. Its eternal useful facets for the development of purposes entice the IT sectors toward it. Therefore, it paves the way for a range of job opportunities. To get preserve of these advantages from Angular JS, you ought to first get acquainted with them. Great Learning has launched Angular JS Free Courses with certificates. Enrol in these guides and examine the Angular JS framework.

What you research in Introduction to AngularJS?

  • 1. Basics of AngularJS
  • 2. Single Page Application
  • 3. MVC Architecture

About this Free Certificate Course

Get began with the famous framework for growing dynamic web purposes through this free AngularJS course. You will begin via perception SPA accompanied with the aid of introducing to core ideas of AngularJS and its features. You will additionally research MVC architecture, environmental setup, and AngularJS IDE. Further, you will additionally get a short introduction to Visual Studio Code, analyse about Angular app fundamentals, and create an easy AngularJS app. Lastly, you will get data concerning the benefits and corporations the usage of AngularJS. Complete all the modules alongside with a quiz at the cease to reap a free certificates of path completion.

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Course Features

What Are the Angular JS Online Course for Beginner?

1. What are SPAs?

Web apps that load a single HTML web page and dynamically replace it as the consumer interacts with the app are recognized as single-page applications. This module focuses on introducing you to SPAs and how it works.

2. Introduction to AngularJS

AngularJS is an open-source framework that helps you construct dynamic web applications. This module discusses the AngularJS web framework for growing single-page purposes and its need.

3. Features of AngularJS

This module focuses on addressing a variety of aspects of AngularJS like Data Binding.

4. MVC Architecture

MVC is an approach of designing and growing software program that focuses on breaking the many points of a software into special components, permitting every phase to be created independently of the others. This module focuses on discussing the function of MVC structure in Cassandra.

5. Versions and Transitions

This module focuses on explaining the transitions in AngularJS and the want for a number version.

6. Environmental Setup

In this module, you will examine to deploy Angular on your system. You will go through the set up system of node.js, npm, and angular-cli.

7. AngularJS IDEs

To work with Angular, you have to be conscious of the like-minded IDEs. This module introduces you to the 4 imperative IDEs like web storm, atom, the sublime, and visible studio that can be used to work with AngularJS.

8. Introduction to Visual Studio Code

The first-class editor to work with AngularJS is the Visual Studio Code. This module explains downloading and putting in the Visual Studio Code on your system.

9. Angular App Fundamentals

This module incorporates a hands-on session on growing an Angular app via which you will study about Angular app fundamentals.

10. Simple AngularJS App

This module has a hands-on session creating an easy AngularJS app that takes you identify and offers the output accordingly.

11. Companies the use of AngularJS

This module gives facts on the groups that use AngularJS for their internet purposes and how it advantages them.

12. Advantages of AngularJS

This module discusses the benefits of the use of AngularJS for the development of internet applications.

13. Prerequisites for AngularJS

This module covers the stipulations required to study AngularJS. You will quickly go through an overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


All the above features have been chosen to furnish learners an entire stroll through of Angular JS development environment. You can additionally use the supply code for every assignment to construct your personal industrial apps absolutely payment free.

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