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A Comprehensive Guide On Transportation App Development

The transportation sector is never stable. You need to move goods across different geographical areas. However, to provide bespoke logistics services and better solutions, you have to invest in technologies. No doubt, transportation companies are one of the significant contributors to the development of the economy of a country. Besides, the market size of these logistics operations is growing every year. Thus, to keep pace with this trend, you need to develop a mobile app. How do you get values from developing a transportation app?

  • Serve your customers in a better way
  • Add mobility to your logistics business
  • Track your drivers and fleet

Build a transportation app with modern technologies

The transport and logistic companies depend on inventories, which may be in transit or at the warehouse. The manual tracking process can drain away your energy, effort, and time. Besides, you may not be able to track in-transit items without connecting with drivers over a phone call.

Thus, mobile apps can be the only solution to overcome challenges in the logistics industry. Moreover, you can minimize paperwork and other manual tasks simply by launching the mobile app. The app will also enable you to resolve issues related to Proof of Deliveries.

The built-in smartphone technologies, like scanners, HD cameras, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, have made app functionalities highly advanced. Developers also design their apps compatible with these technologies.

Features that add ultimate values to a transportation app

To avoid falling behind in the transportation business, you need to integrate the most important features.

  • Route optimization

A few years ago, fleet managers used to call their drivers to assign transportation tasks based on their availability. However, constant communication with phone calls and messages is not a viable option. To keep away from these complications, you may launch the mobile transportation app.

The real-time app interface with Google Map clearly displays the route. Besides, the live Map adds convenience to your drivers. The app will send instant notifications regarding the change of routes. While your drivers get traffic-related news from rail and road authorities, they may adjust their routes and save fuel costs.

  • Goods tracking solutions

Shipment tracking is one of the interesting features to record delivery data and carrier information. The app will automatically track the relevant data for your purpose.

After the delivery of cargoes to the admin, the app compares the data against the originally inputted information.

The emergence of the Internet of Things has enabled the logistics management mobile app to store documents, photos, and barcodes. It will ease out the data collection procedure.

  • Driver activities log

Do you need to have a detailed record of the daily activities of drivers? Let the app log the details of deliveries, number of pickups, mileage coverage, vehicle health, and total work hours. Your team may record these details in a real-time mode. Keep up the integrity of your business with this app.

  • Manage payroll

The manual data entry trend has become outdated. You have to go mobile and create easy-to-read timesheets. The best professionals will create your product in a way that it tracks login and logout details, data entries, and job hours.

Moreover, to simplify the overtime hours and working hours, developers add GPS-location stamps. The payroll process will become fully automated and prevent discrepancies.

Investment in transportation app development

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  • Better fleet management

Trace your fleet movement by automating the process. You can streamline your supply chain with real-time tracking and instant communication.

  • Better timemanagement

Proper timing is the key to the success of your transportation business. However, traffic problems may result in late deliveries. As the app provides you with real-time traffic data, your drives and employees will get benefits from updates.

  • Easy inventory management

With an app, your inventory management process will be costly. The custom mobile app will track your business assets, and you will have time to concentrate on other activities of your business.

  • Simple cargo tracing solutions

Do you need to scan RFID and QR codes for every item? Now, you can do it with your mobile app. Use the camera of your mobile, and then, you can tap on the app for successful scanning. RFID relies on the radio ways to scan goods, and by using this technology, you will have both passive and active tags.

Moreover, the tracking potential of active tags is about 100 meters, where it is 25 meters for the passive ones. Similarly, with Near Field Technology, you need to place the item adjacent to the scanner to accomplish the process.

  • Go cashless

There is no need to deal with paper-based invoices and calculate cash. Implement the digital payment system in the transportation app. Based on your users’ preferences, you may include more than one payment system.

How to develop transportation mobile apps?

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  • Identify your goal

Your first task is to know the target users of the app. Some transportation apps are only for drivers, fleet managers, and other in-house team members. However, other companies make their logistic apps available to clients.

  • Make a list of essential features

Based on your goals and the target audience, the transportation management apps may have more than one feature for every panel- Admin, Customer, and Driver panel.

  • Features for the Admin panel

As an Admin, you will have a view of every activity from the dashboard. You may check out the delivered orders and incoming orders from your panel.

  • Fleet Management

The most important feature of the transportation and logistics app is fleet management. Find the real-time fleet location and direct your drivers to identify the shortest routes.

  • GPS system

GPS technology is a must-have in transportation apps, as it assists drivers in finding routes and traffic data. Thus, the app provides you with easy navigation and simple tracking solutions.

  • Driver management

Do you need to keep track of the personal details of drivers? Then, the mobile-friendly app is the ultimate solution to record driver information.

  • Chat functionality

Chat with customers and drivers from your dashboard. Your business will be under your control.

  • Income management

Analyze the financial data quickly from the app. Also, you can learn about your business performance by calculating your revenues.

Customer panel

  • Easy signup– Customers can register with the app using their social media details and email address.
  • Notifications– The app will notify customers about the order dispatch, invoices, and other issues.
  • Payment gateway– With mobile wallets, plastic cards, and other modes, customers can pay you online.
  • Tracking– Real-time tracking enables customers to stay updated with the driver location.
  • Reviews and feedbacks– Let customers leave some comments to know their views about your services.

Driver panel

Drivers can register with the app and create their profiles. The app stores drivers’ personal details in the backend. Thus, the best app developers include some useful features in the driver panel-

  • Product delivery screen– Drivers check out the new orders, shipping address, customers’ phone numbers, and other details. Based on the information, they can organize the transport process.
  • Push notifications– The app will notify drivers about the assigned orders, scheduled orders, and admin’s message.

Therefore, you can start looking for the best developers for transportation and fleet management app development solutions. Increase your company’s credibility, gain the trust of customers, and give convenience to employees. Consequently, you will find higher revenues from launching transportation apps.

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