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Barber appointment application- Best mobile-friendly booking app for your Salon

Have you set up a small barbershop with 2 chairs and 5 employees? You think that it will be a local shop with a few local customers. However, with time, you find an increase in the number of customers and employees in your shop. Your barbershop has already started gaining customers from other localities. To manage them, you may have renovated your shop design and installed more furnishings to accommodate everyone. Now, you need to take another step for your business. Invest in a reliable barber appointment application and get the ultimate value from it.

Do you need a barber booking app?

In this digital age, there is a trend of mobility. Still, barbers have different opinions about developing mobile apps for their businesses. Start-ups think that a Salon appointment app development is a costly option, and they have no budget for it.

Conversely, older barbershops and salons are resistant to make any modification. They like to stick to their present business model. However, a barber app enables you to maintain a steady clientele. Most of us are highly reliant on digital platforms to buy products and services.

Thus, let your customer book your service using your custom barber appointment application. While providing the best in-shop experience, you can delight your customers by releasing an app.

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Salon and Barbershop booking app features

The best barber booking software always has a number of features that are advantageous for both customers and barbers.

  • Online scheduling

The self-scheduling opportunities will please your customers. Thus, your potential customers can book your service at any time. Besides, they can cancel their appointments and reschedule them with a few clicks.

  • Identify your shop

New customers will find it easy to locate the physical address of your salon and barbershop. The best barber apps have integrated Google Maps, where you can display the location of your shop.

  • Send reminder

Have your potential customers booked your service? Send them automated emails to remind them of their appointments.

  • Personalized solution

Your customers always desire the best treat in your shop. If they visit your salon, you can note their preferred hair-cutting style, beard style, trims, and other things. You may record the information in your app to use them in the future to promote your service. This feature also helps you in retaining customers.

  • Customer checkouts

With POS integration, a salon app can simplify the checkout process. Also, the app can save users’ time by automatically filling appointment details during the checkout.

  • Leave comments

During the post-appointment period, the app can automatically request customers to give ratings and make comments. Moreover, as you have pleased your customers, they can turn out to be your brand advocate.

Integrate social media buttons, and let your app users share your business details on Facebook and other platforms.

  • Calendar Scheduler

There is no need to use a pen and paper to book a barber’s service. Besides, the intuitive calendar helps you with easy scheduling of the service.

  • Manage walk-ins

With a barbershop appointment app, it is easy to deal with online bookings and walk-ins. While any customer is late, you can block the slot and reschedule the appointment.

  • Online prepayments

Some app users are not serious about their bookings, and for some reason, they make last-minute cancellations. You can impose strict cancellation rules and ask your customers to make prepayments while reserving a slot.

  • Digital forms

By providing a custom form, you may get more details about customers and offer better services. Besides, you can save their profiles in your admin panel.

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  • Reputation management

Get positive reviews from more customers in your hair salon. Moreover, you may also eliminate negative feedbacks before they become viewable to others.

  • Gift certificates

Loyal and regular customers always look for something special from their service providers. You may use the app to choose gift certificate templates and customize them to offer the best gifts one special event.

  • Discounts and deals

Are there some empty slots available today? You have a very short time to fill them. The best trick for you is to announce discount offers using the app.

  • Manage staffs

By checking the daily activities of your staff, you can increase your sales. Assign barbers to deal with different appointments. This feature is highly useful while you have more than one branch of your hair salon.

  • Get analytics

Get clear insights on all important metrics that matter for your barbershop – no more guesswork! Besides, track satisfaction, sales, staff performance, and more to make data-driven decisions

Benefits you get from barber appointment application

  • Easy to make appointments

How do you let your customers make appointments? You may have phone numbers for booking your hair salon services, and you receive lots of calls every day to schedule their services. Surely, this process may work for your business.

However, to compete with other hair salons, you have to digitalize your business. As you have launched your app, you do not need to deal with several calls. Besides, it takes a minute to book the service.

A high-quality mobile app with an integrated calendar is also convenient for your potential customers. Customers can check out their appointment time by opening the app, and there is no chance to miss it.

Also, with push notifications, you can send reminders to your customers about their chosen dates of appointments.

  • Gain the loyalty of customers

A barber application is one of the most advantageous things for your business and customers. It is easy for you to offer something special to your regular customers. With loyalty programs for reliable customers, you can offer discounts on different hair salon services. Consequently, your loyalty rewards will help you in attracting several customers.

Some of your customers look for a quick haircut solution, while others need facial, manicure, and color. For customers of different groups, you may offer a range of rewards.

  • Promote your barbershop with your custom app

You can advertise your salon easily by releasing an app. Connect your mobile app with social media platforms. Your app will give you an opportunity to get traffic from social media pages. For instance, your customers can share your service details with their contacts on social platforms. Moreover, you can upload photos of different haircuts and other services of your barbershop.

In addition, you will get a response from your potential customers from social media apps.

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  • Easy to make payments

A cash-only barbershop is an outdated idea. Modern customers do not like to carry cash in their pockets. It is the right time to accept electronic and card-based payments. Thus, design a mobile app that enables your customers to pay you online.

More than 40% of customers prefer cashless payment. This trend has become more popular due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Besides, you may integrate third-party payment modes, including PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Admins and customers also have an option for tracking their purchase history using the app.
Now, are you ready to invest in a custom app for your hair salon? Decide on the features that you will integrate into your barber appointment app. With minimal investments, you will get the best result. Therefore, make your business more profitable with an app.

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