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Top 10 Live Streaming Mobile Apps

Top 7 Live Streaming Mobile Apps

Do you know about the most effective way of connecting with your target audience and boosting your sales? We may get different answers to this question. Some can claim that images can do magic, as pictures or images have a power of speaking thousands of words. Surely, visuals can easily attract everyone in the digital age. However, what about videos? Videos have higher capabilities to deliver your message. A simple video can do a lot for you. But, to get a better result, you may broadcast live videos, you can hire an app development company to create live-streaming apps.

We do not require to give you any basic introduction to live video streaming. You can question- How will you stream your live videos? Thanks to the development of mobile-friendly apps, live video streaming becomes easy with a microphone and mobile camera. Moreover, the best live streaming applications work smoothly with your Smartphone, and you can use them without technical skills.

Let us check the top 7 mobile apps designed for live streaming purposes.


Twitter has introduced this free live streaming app for Android and iOS mobile users. With this mobile app, you can create your live video and share it with your Twitter followers.

  • Live streaming– Stream your video using a tab, phone, and other similar devices
  • Interactive viewing– Your video viewers can interact with you and leave comments
  • Map View– Find videos broadcast in other parts of this world using a map.
  • Replay– Users can replace the automatically saved video within 24 hours.
  • Ephemeral-The video disappears after 24 hours.


Streamlabs is another free live broadcasting app designed for Android and iOS users. As a live video creator, you may use it as the best streaming tool and share the video with your contacts on the social media platform. Furthermore, with the Streamlabs Prime subscription, you may unlock several features.

The major features of Streamlabs are

  • Streamlabs enables you to connect with Youtube channels and Twitch and let you go live
  • From the front camera, you can switch to the rear camera very easily.
  • You may also use mobile themes for customizing your video.

Wowza GoCoder

Backed by Wowza, GoCoder is a free live video streaming app with advanced features. You may link this app to the Wowza Streaming Cloud service. However, beginners can avoid using this app. There is GoCoder SDK for those who need custom branding.

The notable features of this app

  • Auto configuration with the external link
  • Low-latency streaming
  • 4K streaming and HD quality videos with a resolution of up to 1080p
  • Torch mode
  • Automatic restart
  • Social sharing
  • Hardware-accelerated video encoding

Twitch TV

Twitch TV

Twitch is one of the popular live-streaming platforms for mobile and desktop users. More than 10 million users use this app every day, and thus, your live video may get lots of views. Also, you may pay for Twitch Premium to get the ad-free solution and game content.

Features of Twitch TV

  • Broadcast your gaming content- You can live stream your games with a few clicks
  • Enjoy real-time chat with the audience
  • Find out others’ multiplayer games
  • Dark Mode- Best for the late-night viewers

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Although most of the users choose it for a virtual conference, you can rely on it for the live streaming of your viewers. Besides, your target viewers can watch your videos by installing the app. This app fits best for corporate purposes. You can check out its features now.

  • High-quality screen sharing and video meeting
  • Screen sharing option directly from the mobile
  • Safe driving mode
  • View-only webinar attendee
  • Easy to invite others using emails and phone numbers


Livestream is a premium tool that enables you to stream your live video content and search for others’ videos. As one of the event organizers, you may choose this tool. Individual streamers may find this app costly. However, you may need to compete with several broadcasters. Thus, make the content unique and attractive to gain attractions. Still, it is worth having a view of the features of Livestream.

  • Broadcast your video from tabs, phones, and other similar devices.
  • Your videos can become viewable to Livestream, Twitter, and Facebook users
  • Moreover, the built-in chat feature helps you to engage viewers

Hang W/

Hang W

Influencers, celebs, and organizations love this live streaming app. You may connect GoPro cameras and other recording devices to post the broadcast. If you are streaming videos for professional purposes, then you can choose this app. Moreover, the unique thing about this app is that broadcasters can buy Digital Tickets by using tips.

The best features of Hang W/

  • You can engage in open discussions and share your thoughts
  • Also, communicate with users during the live broadcast sessions
  • The chat bubble discloses the live comments

So, we think that you have an idea of the live streaming apps available in the Play Store and App Store. However, some businesses look for custom solutions for streaming live videos. In that case, they can contact the live streaming app development companies for these services. Thus, you may ask your developers to integrate the desired features into the app.

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