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How to make a Mobile App? - 10 Essential Steps to make it happen!

How to make a Mobile App? – 10 Essential Steps to make it happen!

With the increasing trends of digital transformations, the corporate world has now gone mobile. We live in an era where a tab or Smartphone is always in your pocket. But, what does everyone do with those devices? The major focus of a Smartphone user is the mobile app. From eCommerce apps to business-related apps, there is a myriad of options for Smartphone users. Thus, without a custom app, you could lose lots of opportunities.

It’s the right time to build a mobile-friendly app for your business. However, how can you develop a mobile application? You have no technical knowledge to design an app. Never fret. There are mobile app development companies to help you. At every step of development, professional developers will keep you engaged, and then give you updates of the development process. However, you must also collaborate with developers during the pre-development and post-launch period.

It is tempting to work on the major app development process to create the final product. Some of us skip the most critical steps while building an app. In fact, app making is an art where a mobile app developer applies his creativity.

Let us have a systematic view of the mobile application development process.

Defining your goals for mobile app development

You must have a clear goal while dealing with Smartphone app development projects. Now, the question is- What type of goal should you have?

  • Measurable
  • Realistic
  • Achievable

If someone asks you about your goal, your response to it from monetary perspectives. You will say that you need an app to increase your revenues. However, you must think of everything from customers’ viewpoints as well.

You are developing an app as a solution to some common problems faced by your potential customers. Thus, you need to make out how the app is going to manage these problems.

To find the problem and know the relevancy of your app, your mind and heart must work synergically. With your heart, you can identify what the app users will desire. Rely on your professional developers to make the app design ideas.

Analyzing the market for your mobile app

Will your app be useful in the present market? Theoretically, your app idea may sound decent and practical. However, to validate it, a mobile app development company engages market analysts. When your app has no potential value, you may waste money and time. Thus, it is essential to talk to the target app users and understand their needs.

How to make a Mobile App? - 10 Essential Steps to make it happen!

Thus, communicate with the focus group. Conduct interviews. Create surveys. These processes will help you to analyze the potential market.

Creating the design for your mobile-friendly app

With the right app design, the end-users will feel the fluidity. The design of an app combines creativity and technicalities. You can work with a team of designers and developers to make an attractive app design.

While designing an app, developers

  • Create a user-flow diagram- You can identify features that you need to include in your app.
  • Develop high-fidelity mockups-The mockup development is about making a rough app sketch.
  • Create wireframes- It is about developing the skeleton of an app.

Besides, the app makers deal with both User Experience and User Interface

Identify the app development approach

Should you invest in native, hybrid, or web apps? How will you decide on it? Budget constraints, time, and several other factors affect your decision. Still, to make an informative decision, we have provided you with some technical details-

  • Native apps– Although these apps ensure the best user experience, they need proper skills and much time for successful development. Thus, the native app development cost is very high.
  • Hybrid apps– These are affordable solutions, and developers mostly choose JavaScript technology. With one codebase, developers can create apps for multiple platforms.
  • Web apps– Developers can build these apps very quickly. However, web apps are not powerful while compared to native apps.

Create a prototype of an app

Now, it is the step for dealing with the functionality of your app. As you have created the prototype, you can promote your app idea to the target users. Potential users of your app can make out how you will obtain benefits from the app. This step is highly useful when you need to look for investors for the app. Besides, by sharing the app prototype, you can make out bugs in the design.

However, while dealing with the app prototype, you must ensure security to prevent unauthorized access.

Testing the mobile application

Before launching the app, it needs to go through different testing situations. With pure awareness, you cannot test an app. Crashing problem and underperforming apps make users impatient. Thus, you must keep these things in mind.

The major steps for testing an app are-

  • Functional testing– The QA team of an app development agency checks out the usability of an app.
  • Performance testing– It includes load testing and stress testing process. Also, the app must deal with different types of workload without failure.
  • Compatibility testing– The app has to perform smoothly with different hardware and software.
  • Security testing– Data security is highly important, and thus, your app must be entirely secure.
  • Release the app– After identifying bugs and checking the app components, your professionals deploy it in the App Store and Play Store.

Gather feedback from your app users

Your task is not over after the deployment of the app. Have you received positive remarks from users? You can directly ask your users to tell about their thoughts. Some users may ignore your questions, while others will send you responses. So, it is the best way of measuring the success of the app.

Some startups and small organizations think that negative feedback can result in the need to modify apps. They fear that it can increase the cost of developing apps. However, these user responses enable you to know about features that you must add to the app.

Take steps for refinements

No mobile application can be perfect. Lots of successful apps need constant updates to make them flawless. While releasing a newer version, you have to focus on user feedback. Also, the Quality Assurance team of the app development company deals with the regression testing of an app and then releases the latest version.

So, do not think that your app development is successful after launching the app. The best developers always take a step to know the problems of users. Although your app looks attractive, there may be functional flaws. Therefore, you have to check out your app user feedbacks.

Look for the best app maintenance services

Ongoing maintenance is important for your app, and you can retain the best app performance with professional solutions of developers. Besides, app developers and designers know how to check your app compatibility with the latest Android and Apple versions.

Compliance regulations are never stable, and you always need to remain updated with them. Hence, reliable developers have knowledge about those on a regular basis and update your app properly.

We have discussed the app development process step-by-step. The purpose of building an app may be different for every business. Some businesses develop an app for customers, while others design it for in-house communication. However, you cannot overlook any app development steps that we have mentioned.

Rushabh Patel

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