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Top 10 e-commerce websites built with Magento

If you are an online merchant and planning to launch an e-commerce website, you should know about Magento development. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms, and according to BuiltWith, 30% of e-commerce businesses have opted for this platform. Using Magento will bring you a compliant shopping-cart system, numerous catalog management tools, powerful marketing, as well as search engine optimization. Besides, it offers a platform where customer interaction becomes easier.

Now, let us check the top 10 websites built with Magento. These big brands have used Magento to give a well-structured look, faster loading speed, user-friendliness, and better navigation throughout the site. Checking these websites will give you a precise idea that you can utilize while developing your e-commerce site and you can discuss the same with your Magento developer.

  • Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox, a UK based furniture and textile retailer are one of the vibrant examples of e-commerce websites made up of Magento. Once you visit this website, you will notice that the site is user-friendly and offers a lightbox. The purpose of that lightbox is to make you sign up for the mailing list of the company. Therefore, it is clear that they emphasize on creating a huge marketing list.

In addition, navigation and easy-to-checkout features are also commendable. Besides, with multiple filter-option, you can consider this to be one of the best Magento websites.

Top-10-e-commerce-websites-built-with-Magento Cox-&-Cox

  • Nestle Nespresso

The name already suggests that this site is a part of the Nestle group. You know that Nestle is the largest food and beverage company in the world. Coffee capsules are the most celebrated products of Nestle. Besides, they are known for providing efficient coffee machines. Espresso is using Magento since 2009.

It even has a mobile site, which is also pretty compelling. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and beautiful. Once you visit the mobile site, you will enjoy an improved shopping experience. So, if you can take an idea from this website, you will enjoy a considerable number of conversions for your business.

  • Nike

Nike is one of the common brands that everyone has heard of. Their e-commerce website uses Magento. And for their custom Magento development, the browsing becomes easier for the visitors. They can browse through a wide variety of items and shop according to their necessity. However, their Magento e-commerce development is quite complex. But, that has nothing to do with the flexibility of browsing.

One of the impressive parts of this website is that you will get products of other brands here as well. Hence, the product collection is vast. Besides, this e-commerce website also has a feature named geotargeting. It will refer the visitors to the stores of their region.

Top-10-e-commerce-websites-built-with-Magento Nike

  • Graze

Graze is a huge brand when it comes to healthy snack food. The site emphasizes building a strong presence, and that is also the theme of their website. There are multiple reasons for which the site uses Magento. For instance, Magento ensures a strong sense of identity and uniqueness of the brand.

Some of the essential features of the Graze website are its landing page, speed, and consistent navigation. The design of this site makes sure that the page is loading at a fast pace. Furthermore, this website customized the Magento and enhanced the speed and performance for improved user experience.

  • Helly Hansen

If you are planning to come up with a Magento website specializing in the individual category, check Helly Hansen. You can consider it to be an imperative example. Before you craft your website, you can show this website to your Magento development company. An impressive attribute of this website is that it is the best for group related products.

Helly Hansen has a pro-store for professional athletes. They choose this website to buy sports gear in bulk. In addition, it serves the purpose of a public-facing e-commerce store.

  • Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a favorite shoe brand of various celebrities. You will also find at least one pair of Christian Louboutin in the wardrobe of a fashion freak. It is a French brand that is known for making fashionable shoes. Besides, they have accessories, bags, and cosmetic lines.

One of the unique aspects of this Magento site is that it solely focuses on the product. Another feature of this Magento website that will attract your attention is its loading speed. The website is crafted in such a way that the loading speed is pretty fast.

  • Ford

Another famous brand that used Magento to develop their website is Ford. They have a considerable position when it comes to the automotive industry. We all know that it is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Besides, it is also the fourth-largest company in the world when it comes to output.

The best part is, right now, you can get the Ford accessories online. The online store of Ford is made up of Magento and exists since 2012.

Top-10-e-commerce-websites-built-with-Magento Ford

  • Paul Smith

Paul Smith is the name of a British fashion designer. He expanded his business, and right now, he has a successful e-commerce website. There are various striking features of this website that can impress you. It comes with lovely colors, design, symmetry, balance, as well as energy.

The customers find this site very easy to navigate. Besides, it comprises all the vital information that a product page needs, like a wish-list and sizing guide. Also, there is a story section on the website which engages the customer.

  • The Irish Store

The Irish Store is one of the sophisticated websites that use Magento. On this website, you will get all the finest Irish products. And for that reason, a lot of customers have shown interest in this site. Besides, there is another aspect of this product that needs your consideration.

It helps to promote and nurture local sellers. Also, it lends its helping hand to the local business organizations capable of making quality Irish products. In the year 2017, it grabbed the award of the best Magento platform.

  • Boodles

Boodles is a website that crafts bespoke jewelry. The site is made of Magento. After visiting this website, you will understand that it reflects the premium feel of the company.

Moreover, they don’t use their top of the homepage for promotion. Instead, the company uses it to share a video. Magento development is helping to narrate a story uniquely.


Top-10-e-commerce-websites-built-with-Magento Boodless

So, these are some of the best e-commerce websites made up of Magento. Apart from these websites, there are other websites, presently 250,000 active e-commerce stores, that use Magento. Therefore, check these websites and come up with a unique idea of an e-commerce website. Get in touch with expert Magento Developers.

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