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PHP Development Tools For Efficient PHP Developers

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of web developers use PHP to craft their website. One of the essential reasons for using PHP is its convenience. It is the fastest and is a well-known programming language for website and apps building. Besides, it is effortless to understand the syntax of PHP. Also, as it has an HTML source code, PHP development is easier for the developers.

Moreover, PHP development tools help to amplify programming efficiency. In this article, we are sharing top 8 PHP tools that are eminent among the PHP developers

1. PHP storm

You can consider PHP storm to be the standard choice when it comes to development tools. It is fast, lightweight, and smooth. Besides, this IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is compatible with many PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel, as well as CakePHP.

Moreover, it is also compatible with the various CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. One of the finest parts of this IDE is that it delivers editing support for some of the most significant frontend technologies.

Some of the major frontend technologies that it supports are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Also, this tool will serve your purpose when it comes to unit testing, code refactoring, debugging, and unite testing.

2. Netbeans

This tool comprises of multiple rich features, and those features support multiple languages. In the initial days, Netbeans was used for Java development. However, today it is pretty faster, lightweight, and supports a lot of PHP development services. Besides, it comprises of extensions, which supports other languages like HTML 5, C, and C++.

In addition, it also supports numerous international languages like Japanese, English, Russia, simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. It is an open-source PHP development tool, which is harmonious with almost all the frameworks of PHP. Some of the common frameworks that it supports are Zend, Symfony 2, FuelPHP, WordPress, and Smarty.

Also, one of the available parts of this IDE is that it provides several features that will help you to craft your web application. Besides, it will provide you with the recent versions of PHP.

3. Aptana Studio

An open-source PHP development tool that you can check is Aptana Studio. Most of the time, it is utilized for the integration with the client-side and server-side web technologies. Some of these technologies that we are talking about are PHP, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, as well as HTML 5.

Also, it is well-matched with the command line interface and debuggers. Hence, it is one of the best tools when it comes to PHP app development. Another significant benefit of this tool is that it encompasses SFTP, IDE, and FTB customization. To be specific, it is a high-performance PHP IDE and comes with plenty of attractive features. Consequently, you will witness an enhancement in your productivity.

4. Zend Studio

Another tool that you should check is the Zend Studio. A PHP development company uses Zend Studio most of the time. Also, it is a pretty suitable tool. You don’t have to give any extra effort when it comes to writing and debugging code in Zend Studio.

Furthermore, one of the impressive features of this tool is that it is well-matched with PHP 7. And it debugs PHP scripts by integrating Xdebug, X-Ray, as well as Zend Debugger. Well, this is a quite efficient IDE that comes with loads of features.

You can use those features to organize numerous applications on multiple servers, including cloud servers. Also, if you want, you can extend the Zend studio by using the Eclipse plugin.

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5. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is an open-source cloud IDE. It delivers an environment where you can develop your web application with the help of hundreds of application languages. Some of the common languages that it supports are C, C++, PHP, JavaSript, and Python.

Also, one of the advantages of using this tool is that developers can use the pre-configured codes. They don’t have to create codes again and again to craft a website or a web application. Also, it has some impressive features like live preview and browser compatibility testing. With these features on your side, you will witness a flawless experience while creating a website or an app.

Besides, you can also collaborate with your colleagues by using the collaborative coding features of the tool. You can define the resources, debug at the remote, and execute apps.

6. CodeLobster

If you consider the community of PHP, CodeLobster is the most popular one. Like the other tools, it is also compatible with most of the PHP frameworks. Some of the common PHP frameworks that it supports are Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Joomla, Magento, CodeIgniter as well as Drupal.

One of the most splendid parts about this tool is that you don’t have to remember functions, arguments, tags, and attributes. It is integrated with autocomplete features of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. Also, it has an internal debugger, which will help you to validate your local code.

Moreover, it also supports some of the major CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Also, it supports numerous platforms like Fedora, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Debian, Mint, and Mac OS.

7. Sublime Text

If you are looking for a text editor for PHP development, you are in the right place. However, it doesn’t fall under the term IDE. However, it has some suitable packages and plugins, which makes a good option for PHP development.

It is amongst the cross-platform source code editor that supports many markups and programming languages. Also, you can tailor it according to your preference as it comes with a UI toolkit.

8. NuSpherePhpED

If you are looking for a proprietary PHP development tool, you can opt for NuSpherePhpED. This tool is the master of all trades. It consists of various things like PHP editor, PHP debugger, Profiler, and code insight and database client. To be precise, with this utility on your side, you can use many tools and makes your web development effortless.

Also, with the aid of the commercial PhpExpress, PHP accelerator, PhpEd, it will fasten the process of application development. You can consider it the ideal choice when it comes to developing a complex website as well as complex apps.

Moreover, it is also compatible with JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, and it also provides huge support to PHP 7. Also, with the help of the refactoring capabilities of this tool, you can improve your code without any issues.

Thus, these are the top 8 tools that you can use for PHP development. For web development, PHP is an all-inclusive programming language. Besides, the tools mentioned above help to increase ease in web development due to the presence of scalable codes.

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