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Online Medicine Delivery app development: For Pharmacy Industry

Medicines are an inevitable part of our lives, whether we like them or not. Our health relies significantly on these medications as it degrades with time. But modern consumerism is all in for on-demand services. No one really wants to go out and face the weather, beat the queue to get their daily dose of medications. Moreover, the discounts and offers available online also attract consumers to buy from online pharmacies. With Covid-19 affecting our lives as adversely as it can, major countries are compelled to impose lockdown guidelines. Online Medicine Delivery app development comes as a boon in this regard as it emphasizes the contactless delivery option. Besides, it maintains the privacy of the consumer and discreetly delivers the medicine one requires.

Pharmacy companies were quick to grasp this opportunity and invest in medicine delivery app development. Many companies have gone online and sold their medicines to their ever-increasing customer base. Thus, online pharmacy apps have emerged as a great business model catering to the advanced customers requiring on-demand services. It has proved to be a great way to enhance your pre-existing pharmacy business and add to the convenience of your customers.

Market Facts – Online Medicine Delivery app development

The global ePharmacy market has attained a value of $62.59 billion as per research findings in 2019. It is expected to rise at a rate of 13% in the next seven years. The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have further provided an impetus to the already expanding ePharmacy market. Moreover, social distancing norms and lockdown restrictions imposed on the people have compelled them to stay indoors and resort to online medicine delivery app.

Prescription drugs still account for more than 60% of the total share of medicines. All these market results suggest that the only way for medicine delivery application development to proceed is up.

Step by Step guideline for developing your own online medicine delivery app

If you are thinking of starting your very own online medicine delivery app, then the following guideline will provide you vital info to begin with.

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1. Understand the ePharmacy business and choose an apt business model

It is crucial for you to understand a business model before you implement and start a business based on it. The pharmacy business model isn’t a complex one to grasp. However, it does require a bit of studying and decision-making. The following are the business models that you can adapt for your ePharmacy business.

  • Individual Stores
  • Direct Customer provisions
  • Delivery to Aggregators

In most cases, businesses choose to develop a medicine delivery app that directly serves their customers. If your pharmacy business can adapt to that, then that might be your best step ahead.

2. Conduct market research and understand your market

Before you can think of taking over a market, you need to understand what all is available there. Begin by performing thorough market research so that you understand the gaps that are missing. Then you can create innovative solutions through your app to fill in those gaps.

3. List down the functionalities

A customized on-demand app can have a long list of features, most of which will be worthless to the users. Hence, you need to chalk out the features that are must-haves and advanced features that will enhance your app’s functionalities. Make a list of all the features you want your app to have. This will help you understand the technology stack you will require to proceed with your medicine app development.

4. Acquire the technology stack

Once you have finalized the features your app will give, you need to acquire all the technologies that will help you develop the app. Therefore, get solid Database support such as HBase, MongoDB, Postgres, or Cassandra that will integrate all data in the background.

In addition, you will require front-end and back-end technology for integrating all functionalities in your app. You can opt for Cloud computing solutions for efficient computing. Choose the provider that suits you best among Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure.

5. Design an impressive UI/UX

Any successful app needs an impressive UI/UX that keeps the customers hooked and coming back for more. Keep the interface simple, yet try to include intuitive designs that add to the appeal of the app. Moreover, a user-friendly and attractive app interface will ensure that customers choose your app whenever they are in need of online medicine ordering.

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6. Include a variety of Payment acceptance methods

The most vital aspect of your app would be payment acceptance, as it would contribute to your profits at the end of the sale. Include multiple options of payments for the convenience of your customers.

Customers can opt for Credit cards or Debit Cards, wallets or UPI payment, and even Net Banking. Thus, integrating a universal payment acceptance platform such as RazorPay, CCAvenue or PauU solves the issue.

7. Invest in Testing and maintenance of your app

Once you have created the app, you need to invest further in regular maintenance and testing. First, your app needs to go through phases of testing to fix bugs, loading time issues, frequent crashes, etc. If these aren’t tested and amended, your customers will pull back from using the app. Henceforth you will need to constantly upgrade and add features to your app as part of maintenance and support procedures.

8. Launching and marketing the app

Once the app is developed, tested it is ready for launch. Here you would again need to invest significantly in promotions and marketing. Both before and after your app is launched, the marketing campaign needs to continue so that the consumer base widens.

Thus, launch your medicine delivery app on all app stores and ensure your targeted users are made aware of it. You can offer sign-on bonuses and first-time offers to engage them more and ensure customers.

Costs estimate for medicine delivery application development

Now that you have the steps to create an online medicine delivery app, let us provide you an estimate of the factors that will contribute to the upfront cost involved.

  • Feature Integration
  • Platforms for app release
  • UI/UX design
  • Acquiring Tech stack
  • Size and location of the development team
  • App launch and marketing


Considering the global crisis that is afoot and how critical medicine delivery is for the well-being of fellow humans, now is the time to involve yourself in online pharmacy app development. The above guidelines provide a basic direction to all eager to develop their online medicine delivery app.

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