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Marijuana Delivery App Development- Build an app like Leafly

Marijuana Delivery App Development- Build an app like Leafly

Disclaimer: We don’t promote or sell Marijuana, we only develop Marijuana delivery app for Authorized Countries where Marijuana is legal and used for medicinal purposes.

With countries such as Canada, Germany, Australia, Israel, and New Zealand authorized medicinal use of Marijuana, the business potential of Cannabis app development is booming. If you can capitalize on this potential and develop a potent Marijuana delivery app like Leafly, you can earn millions. Modern-day consumers are willing to spend money on on-demand services. If your service involves the most popular recreational drug, your business will be trending for sure. But before you jump onto the bandwagon, there are a few things you must consider.

Medicinal Marijuana consumerism has faced a steady growth in third world countries. Patients suffering from AIDS< glaucoma, epilepsy, or malignancy can choose to consume Marijuana as a medicine. Governments have increased allowances on medicinal marijuana usage, and the size of the marijuana market has expanded rapidly. It is one of the fastest-growing markets in the USA. If there was a time for mobile app development companies to invest in Cannabis application development, it is now.

The legal and operational side of it

The cannabis industry in the USA is still fragmented. There is no one norm that governs it. Different states follow different regulations, and hence the business relationship with the consumer base is mismanaged. The pandemic has enforced social distance norms that have compelled most people to stay indoors. Under such scenarios, the on-demand delivery businesses are selling like hotcakes. Cannabis app delivery businesses have been running parallel with other commercial home goods and food spaces.

Each state in the USA is taking up a slightly different approach when it comes to cannabis regulations. States such as Washington and Alaska have eased on a grey market that allows and greenlights cannabis gifts delivery. These loose regulations are also prevalent in Pennsylvania. They have launched a quick delivery structure with the aim to regularize cannabis usage and delivery and accommodate the same within the pandemic norms. These behavioral developments prove that governing bodies are eager to put forth a licensing structure. The market demand also makes it crucial to bring such changes across the board.

Marijuana Delivery App Development- Build an app like Leafly

How to build a Marijuana App development

There are a few aspects that we must keep in mind when we think of investing in developing Cannabis apps. They are discussed briefly below.

Get your license

Before you start selling anything, you have to get a license from the government to sell the same. For Marijuana, you can get a variety of licenses to deal with, including licenses for distribution, cultivation, selling cannabis. This usually takes some time. In case you are a citizen of California, you can go through the Bureau of Cannabis Control website. You can browse through the different kinds of licenses. These include Retailer, Microbusiness, Testing Labs, Cannabis Event Organizers, etc. You have to fill in around 14 documents to receive each of these licenses. Their online Licensing system allows you to apply for a permit and save some time in the process.

If you are Canadian, the Canadian Health organization has to license you as per their regulations. They would categorize your license under the various classes and subclasses, which would decide the activity your business pertains to.

Choose the right business model

Two business models primarily govern the cannabis application development spectrum. You can choose either of them for online business.

App for single dispensary

If you grow a steady stock of Marijuana, then you develop your own dispensary app. You will need an admin panel to manage your product list and also fulfil orders for third-party service providers. You can monetize simply by selling your products and charging fees for delivering orders. You can also run ads relating to your products.

For delivery marketplace

If you do not produce Marijuana, then you can opt for a delivery marketplace that simply facilitates Marijuana delivery. Common examples of such apps are Leafly, Eaze, and Weedmaps. Your app will serve as a connection between users trying to find weed online and retailers. It will help facilitate buying from the nearest dispensary, same-day delivery, online payment, etc. You can charge fees for every order fulfilled through your app. Provide a paid promotion for cannabis vendors and also run ads based on cannabis.

Marijuana Delivery App Development- Build an app like Leafly

Features to include in your Marijuana App development

You can include many advanced features in your Cannabis delivery app as per your development prowess. Yet, there are some basic features that you must include for proper functioning and interfacing for the users. These are discussed in brief.

  • 1. User authentication – Every user must provide basic details regarding themselves and enter login credentials which will be recorded to your database. These credentials will come in handy when they want to log in to the app further.
  • 2. Search Bar – An advanced search option must facilitate product search for the users inside the app interface. Users can use this feature for searching the nearest marijuana dealer, preferred cannabis type, and other convenient options.
  • 3. Payment options – modern on-demand consumers prefer flexible payment options for their delivery. Ensure that you include all relevant payment gateways inside your app, such as credit and debit cards, wallets, net banking, etc.
  • 4. Real-time delivery tracking – Once users have ordered and performed necessary payments, they must have access to the real-time location of their delivery. It can be done by integrating GPS and real-time map functionalities into your app interface.
  • 5. Reviews and feedback – The reviews portal has become very significant for the growth of any on demand business. Your Cannabis delivery app must include a portal that allows users to upload their reviews about the products and services offered. You can make time to respond to some of their queries and feedback to generate a healthy customer relationship. Ratings and reviews are fundamental in expanding and maintaining your customer base as your potential customer will refer to it.
  • 6. Helpline – Provide an email address or contact whom they can reach out to for solving any discrepancy they might face through your app. It might be useful for solving some queries that your app hasn’t resolved already. Having a contact person to reach to really tips the scale in favor of your app for the customers.


When it comes to Marijuana app development, the prospects of starting a profitable business are healthy. You still need to do your homework before rolling out things. Sort out the legal side of the business by acquiring the proper licenses and setting up a business model. Then follow the above guidelines to develop a Cannabis delivery app that can help you earn millions. You can also hire a reliable app development company and do it in a hassle-free way.

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