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10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)

10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)

Comfort is the ultimate thing that a daily commuter always desires. However, buying a car is not an affordable choice. That is why travelers and commuters look for some rental cabs to make their journey comfortable. Hiring a taxi online is the latest trend for both personal and business trips. Public transport may not be the perfect choice during urgency. Thus, daily commuters like to book a cab from their mobiles. Taxis have become the most commonly chosen option for traveling a short distance. This trend has led to the popularity of ride-sharing apps. But, which are the best taxi apps available for you? Check the list of the 10 popular taxi apps for iOS and Android users.

Why should you invest in developing the best taxi apps?

Building a branded taxi app is one of the smartest steps to establish a profitable business. In the present technologically advanced age, several commuters like to use mobile apps to book a taxi. Thus, by launching an app for passengers and drivers, you can easily grow your business. You will earn commission from drivers. However, the most important step to achieve this goal is to hire the best taxi app development, professionals.

The best taxi apps for Android and iOS users

10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)


Uber is the name that always comes first in the online cab booking industry. The San Francisco-based company has established its presence in more than 630 countries. Uber has streamlined the way of booking a car.

You can pull the phone out of their pockets, open the app, and enter the location for booking the ride. The driver will check your location details and pick you up. The app also displays the vehicle details and driver’s picture. Moreover, UberPOOL is a feature to save you cost, while UberASSIST is for particular cities.


OLA is one of the strongest competitors of other ride-sharing apps. Founded by Ankit Bhatt and Bhavish Aggarwal in 2011, OLA has taken taxi booking services to a different new level. It is now a trusted cab company with its operation in more than 100 Indian cities.

The best fact is that OLA lets you book taxis, auto-rickshaws, and motorbikes. Download the app, create your account, and book the ride. Besides, you may pay via Jio money, Ola money, UPI, credit card, and debit card. From affordable cabs to SUVs, every option is available for you.


Although it is relatively new, Gett enables you to order a cab at a cheap rate. The modern cab services are easily available from the mobile app. By providing the best quality service standards, Gett is trying to beat its competitors.

However, the price rates will vary with the chosen tariff. On the contrary, fixed prices are available for airport trips. Moreover, you can book a cab up to 14 days in advance. Gett’s services are available in the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and Russia.


Another popular taxi service in Spain is Cabify. However, it has spread its fame in other countries. Customers from Chile, Portugal, Colombia, Lima, and Argentina can use this service. Several drivers have registered with the app. A noticeable feature is that it enables you to learn the cost of your trip in advance.


It is one of the taxi booking apps based in California. You can find affordable cab booking solutions using this app. A single click enables you to book the ride. Besides, the innovative Geolocation tracking feature is highly advantageous, as the driver will pick you within a few minutes.

The professional driver will check the route map to ensure to let you reach the destination on time. In addition, the user-friendly app provides you with multiple types of rides, including Lyft, Lux Black XL, Lux Black, Lux, and Lyft XL. The app is now available in 600+ cities across the USA. The goal of Lyft is to make your journey comfortable.


You will enjoy a hassle-free ride with the ride-sharing app Meru. Besides, you will get different taxi booking services from Meru. You may pay by cash or use mobile wallets. Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback, and SUV are the available types of rides for you. You will also find cars from reputed brands, like Mercedes.

Furthermore, you may choose Meru for the outstation journey. Meru has made its service accessible to more than 7000 destinations. Besides, the best fact is that Meru Cabs has integrated its booking system with Google Maps and Facebook Messenger. The Meru app users can enjoy offers and discounts on the cab booking service.

10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)


Carzonrent is one of the reputed taxi booking platforms in India. Its service is available in major cities, including New Delhi and Mumbai. The cab services provide end-to-end cab rental solutions. Originally, Carzonrent used to receive the order via phone calls.

In due course, it has launched its Android and iOS apps. Carzonrent made an agreement with IRCTC in 2015, and thus, it offers taxi-booking solutions to railway passengers under a different name- EasyCabs.

The team at Carzonrent is trying hard to provide better service to different parts of India and compete with Ola and Uber. Presently, the fleet contains several types of cars ranging from superior ones to standard vehicles. Carzonrent app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, you may also book vehicles from the official website.


Curb has launched its app to let you reimagine urban mobility solutions. The app connects more than 50,000 taxis in the USA. This popular ride-sharing app gives you 3 options- Ride Later, Pair & Pay, and Ride Now. Users who have invited their friends to use the app have enjoyed free rides.

Several insured and drivers have signed up with the app. Plus, they provide safer service to customers. Users need to enter their present location details and their destinations to get the cab service.


First-time users may feel confused when they download the app and enter the dashboard. They will think that it is not a cab-booking app at all. However, Careem has gained popularity due to its versatile solution. You may use the app for booking cabs and ordering food.

The major section comprises the car rental service, and you can book your vehicle at a reasonable rate. But, some users have claimed that the price rates are higher than their anticipations. The price can vary with country.


BlaBlacar is known for providing reliable ride-sharing services in more than 25 countries. It established its business in 2006. Users can share their rides to save money and time. They can book a ride to travel between cities. However, drivers have to submit copies of their government-issued ID cards to sign up with the app. Users can check the drivers’ profiles before booking services.

As a passenger, you may send a message to drivers after and before booking the cab. Similarly, drivers can deliver a message to passengers for communications. Also, by logging in to the BlaBlaCar account, you will be able to read and deliver messages.

These are some feature-rich cab-booking apps for your needs. Hire a taxi app developer, launch an app, and monetize it. You will earn more from the app.

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