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How to develop an Educational App?

Nowadays, we can see that the trend of app development is also shifting towards education. The e-learning process is gaining recognition as most of the students use a smartphone, or a tab, or both currently. Besides, the e-learning process has its own benefits like flexibility, affordability, age independence, people with disabilities can also access, high efficiency, engaging, and so on. So, educational app development services securing a lot of acceptance.

Hence, a lot of developers are coming up with creative educational apps that are helping students to learn their subjects excitingly. Here in this article, we are sharing a few ways that will help you to create a user-friendly e-learning process. Moreover, you can connect with an educational app development company to help you with creating a user-friendly e-learning app.

The market of e-learning that you need to know for app development

Well, before coming with an app, the first thing that you must do is comprehend the e-learning market. You should know that there are various types of e-learning apps. Now, you have to choose which is compatible with your requirements. Therefore, to ease out your confusion a bit, we are providing you with a list of different e-learning apps.

  • Broad online learning
  • Career development
  • Tech learning
  • Learning management system
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Classroom engagement
  • Study tools
  • Learning analytics
  • Online to offline
  • Next-Gen school
  • Test Prep
  • Course material
  • School administration
  • Language learning

Well, whenever you will witness the variety of these products, it will amaze you. Different apps have different educational purposes. However, all apps are crafted to enhance the condition of education.

To be specific, these apps play a significant role in making education simpler. Besides, it also makes education more accessible to people. Thus, if you are planning to come up with an educational app, you must hire an app developer. The developer can help you to craft the app according to your preference.

Try to avoid common mistakes of e-learning app development

There are some common mistakes that you must know and avoid before e-learning app development. Thus, to help you understand, we are about to provide you with a list of those mistakes which you must avoid.

  • Customer segmentation

Well, it is one of the significant issues that you may come across while developing your app. Whenever someone is coming to your app, he or she comes with different sets of skills. Besides, all of them have a different purpose. So, when they visit your profile and witness that there is no specific segment for their abilities, they will move away from your app.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, you can opt for buyer persona analysis. It will help you to customize your offerings. In this way, you can serve the purpose of different types of learners.

  • Make sure to do the testing on your target audience

It is one of the most common mistakes that you must avoid. Therefore, try not to present the product on the market too fast without testing it on your target audience. Or else, there will be a risk of failure. Consequently, you will come up with an app that no one desires.

So, the best app development services providers always try to take interviews and keep on testing your app. It will help to acknowledge the issues that the customers are facing. Once you recognize the problems, it will be more comfortable to work on the app before releasing the final one.

  • Engaging contents are necessary

According to the studies and reports, only 30% of students complete their online courses. Thus, it can be the reason for which people leave your app. So, to avoid this situation, you have to make your app more engaging and entertaining.

Also, you must introduce a reward system to reward the students for their performances to make them glued to the courses. In this way, you can attract more students to your app.

  • Avoid focusing on theoretical lessons only

Well, we can understand that academic lessons are essential. It helps a student to improve his or her knowledge. However, if you only focus on the theoretical part, it will become boring. And once it becomes boring, no one will opt for your app.

Incorporate practical tasks in your app. It will not only keep the students engaging, but it will also make the theoretical concepts clear to them.

App features that you need to incorporate in your app

Now, it is the time when we must take a look at the characteristics of educational app development. So, here are some of the features that you must know.

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1. Navigation

  • Guide the user

It is the first thing that you have to do. Make sure that your users don’t have to think about what they have to do next. And for that, all you have to do is to guide your user by using arrows and hints. Therefore, conduct your users before they enroll in a course.

  • Allow the users to learn in their way

You have to understand that different users come with varying skills. Therefore, allow them to skip the content forward or backward whenever they like. They must be able to do it according to their preference.

  • Make use of tooltips

Well, tooltips are one of the essential elements to incorporate in your educational app. The tooltips will come in front of you whenever you hover on the course cap. It will consist of all the essential information.

2. Course navigation

  • Opt for progress bars

All educational apps include instructional videos. So, it will be the best option for you to incorporate a progress bar on the videos. It will help the users to identify the videos that they haven’t watched yet.

  • Reminders are also essential

Well, allow the user to make their study schedules according to their preference. And to do that, you have to opt for reminders. With is a feature on their side, the users will be able to add videos to their calendar.

  • Progress tracking

Another essential feature that you must include in your app is progress tracking. Well, try to introduce a progress bar for each course. It will help the students to comprehend whether they are actively working on the app or not.

3. Analytics

  • Break down of achievements

Well, it will be the right decision if you can show the students that they are working hard. And for that, you have to provide them with a complete breakdown of their progress. It will motivate the students to opt for more courses.

So, these are all the things that you need to know about educational app development. In case, if you have confused about it, you can go through the points mentioned above. If you can go through them precisely, we assure you that they will clear your confusion.

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