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Car wash mobile app development: How to Build an app like Washe?

If owning a car isn’t itself an obstacle in the modern era, washing it regularly fits the bill surely. Think about booking the car wash on convenient days. Think about standing in long queues for hours on end. Finally, think about those unjustified charges that rake up your car wash bill. If all these hindrances don’t make you consider owning a car a liability, I don’t know what will. But in practical lives, cars have become a commodity we just cannot do without. Hence its maintenance is of prime importance for them to serve us well and long. Like any other commodity that we use and require, cars need some pampering as well. Washing it properly on schedule is where this pampering begins. Car wash mobile apps have made this very convenient for the average car owner.

It is the ultimate solution to all those hassles that make car washing so annoying. Moreover, the on-demand Car Wash app has gained much prominence in recent years, with an increasing number of car owners opting for on-demand car wash services. The car owners book the service based on their desired schedule and location through smartphone apps.

Investing in a car wash mobile app development

The present-day on-demand economy has provided a perfect platform for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. They provide us anything we feel lazy enough to outsource on-demand through mobile apps. On-demand app services provide both convenience and time-saving opportunities to the consumer. Car washing services also fall under their radar.

More than 60 percent in the USA opts for on-demand car wash app services. Hence the generated revenues were also pretty high in recent years. It has made the sector one of the fastest developing ones in the last decade.

The on-demand wave of services laid a solid foundation for car washing services through mobile apps. Investing in car washing mobile app development is trending among global organizations and small enterprises. Thus, it gives us reason enough to delve deep into the matter and learn more about its various aspects.

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How does a car wash mobile app operate?

A Car wash app for mobiles has a simple approach when it comes to operations. Let us go through the steps for operating a car wash app and booking a reservation.

  • Download the app that you wish to use for booking a car wash on your Smartphone.
  • Register on the app and login with appropriate credentials.
  • Choose the car wash order as per your requirement and schedule it accordingly.
  • The detailer will be there at the provided address as per schedule. The washing process might take around 30 minutes to complete.
  • You need to complete the payment procedure through the app. Apply any discount or promo codes if applicable during payment.
  • Once the payment is completed, you will get your car wash app’s status, hence completing the transaction.

Types of Car wash app

Car washes mobile apps can be categorized into two types, Aggregator apps, and dedicated apps. They are briefly discussed as follows.

1. Dedicated Car wash mobile app

Dedicated car wash apps are suitable for businesses that focus only on the car wash. Through such apps, companies can offer personalized car wash services to their customers. Every modern-day industry and organizations are coming up with their apps. This would work well with an app with the following benefits up for grabs.

  • Various car wash categories for users to choose from
  • The overall return on Investment is efficiently augmented.
  • Enhances user engagement ratio.

2. Aggregator apps

In the case of Aggregator apps, the app developer would fetch a one-time price for his work. He is responsible for developing a platform for the customers and detailers to interact and make a successful transaction. The business model is standalone, where the detailer has to contact the customers to offer his service.

How to begin a Car wash app business?

Initially, you have to note all the functionalities that your app would include once it gets down to business. Next, you need to choose the correct business model for your enterprise to follow. In technical terms, the app developer has to select the right platform for developing the car wash mobile app.

How will the car wash app bring in revenues?

Apart from the obvious means of providing car wash services to clients, the app can also fetch revenues from the following sources.

1. Sponsorships

Promoting other organizations engaged in the car wash or related services can fetch you a good amount of revenue through sponsorships.

2. Advertisements

The app platform can also be utilized for advertising other business products and services from third parties. Offering space on the car wash app can bring in significant money to the company. Most businesses use advertisements as a steady means of generating revenues.

3. Merchandises

Selling products associated with your brands such as car wax, shampoo, gloves, and exterior paint on the app is another way to rake in cash. Merchandising always has a good source of income for the business, and the same can be applied to your car wash mobile app.

Features that your car wash app must flaunt

At first glance, a car wash app might seem like any other on-demand Smartphone app. But there are certain features that distinguish it from the other apps. They are provided in brief below.

1. Monthly packages

An on-demand app, such as a mobile car wash, must include a range of monthly packages that loyal customers could benefit from. Monthly, bimonthly, or even annual packages would attract customers satisfied with the services.

2. Instant notification

The mobile app must be able to notify the customers of every development related to their services.

3. Integrated payment

The app should allow customers to avail of multiple modes of online payment from their app itself.

4. Map and Location services

Customers will want to avail themselves of the car wash services at the most convenient locations. Thus, the app should integrate GPA and map services seamlessly in order to facilitate the same.

5. Order tracking and cancellation

Customers booking a car wash or any product through the app must be able to track their status through the app. They must also be able to cancel any order through the same interface. Provisions of refund if provided would serve as a bonus for them.


Car wash app development has reached new heights in the last few years. Building an on-demand app for car wash can enhance business propositions considerably for your company. Therefore, build your car wash mobile app to make the most of the digital opportunities available.

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