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Classified app development For Android And iOS platform

Are you looking for classified app development for android and iOS platforms? You are at the right place to get detailed information about it and why you must go for it. To ordinary users, both eCommerce websites and classified mobile apps might appear to be the same online places where you can buy and sell stuff. But interestingly, there’s a great difference between the two aspects, especially concerning outreach.

An ordinary eCommerce mobile app doesn’t usually have the kind of outreach that a classified app flaunts. Also, the principle of selling is separate in both aspects. eCommerce websites primarily concern themselves with B2C business, where businesses try to sell their products and services to them.

On the other hand, classified apps concern themselves with multiple models. It can be B2B, B2C, and even C2C. Through classified apps, anyone can sell or buy anything from anyone who is a valid user on the platform. Hence the market of shoppers and sellers on a classified app is more diverse and quite larger in comparison to eCommerce apps.

For the unaware, let us discuss what classified mobile apps bring to the table in brief.

  1. Users can post ads free of cost along with their contact details.
  2. The app provides easy and quick login and registration.
  3. Users have access to the search bar to find their desired products from their preferred seller/buyer.
  4. Classified apps cover a wide range of products from cars, bikes, mobiles, furniture, electronics, fashion items, accessories, etc.
  5. Buyers and sellers can connect individually through private chatting and calling through the apps.
  6. Real-time notifications are sent to every user regarding updates about new products from verified sellers.

The present market of classified app development

Classified-app-development-For-Android-And-iOS-platform Content Banner1The utility one can gain from classified mobile apps are immense, and hence one must know the right place to acquire one. It has constructed a major market worldwide with numerous app development companies investing in and coming up with their version of classified mobile apps. These apps cater to every need a buyer or a seller might have to complete a successful transaction.

To build a classified mobile app, the first thing we need is app developers. Finding a reliable app development company for a classified app is where the journey of coming up with your app begins. Thus, the primary investment would come in the form of acquiring adequate resources for creating the app and making it work.

Why are app development companies investing in classified app development?

Nowadays, multiple organizations are utilizing online classifieds for promoting their services and products to the enormous consumer base online. This has caused the global online market to grow annually at a rate of 9.5 percent since 2019 and is expected to hold through till 2025.

For instance, if we consider Quickr, the leading classifieds platform currently, it is operative in more than 1200 cities in India. It engages in multiple verticals such as jobs, education, cars, homes, and services. The company stands at a handsome value of over $565 million.

If we talk about OLX, it also flaunts a similar consumer base with over 350 million people hooked on to the platform. In fact, things look better for OLX as they are touted to double their customer count by the end of 2020 and become priced at $1.2 billion. Most of OLX’s success can be owed to automobiles as it draws the largest section of its online consumers to the platform.

Furthermore, users are showing their interest more and more in pre-owned cars. It has actively contributed to the surge in the monthly user count for OLX. Taking this into account, OLX has launched another business model named “Cash my Car,” where it buys used cars from sellers and re-sells them to car dealers.

How classified apps offer monetization opportunities?

Now let us learn the scope for monetization through these apps.

1. Advert selling

A useful method of monetization is through advert selling, which enables the app owner to garner revenues through ad displays of products on their app. Besides, the classified app owner can charge any particular amount he deems fit in exchange for displaying the advert.

2. Featured Listing

An effective way of monetization through classified apps is by featured listings. It enables sellers to gain enhanced visibility by featuring consistently in the app’s top spots in return for a small fee.

3. Commission on transactions

With every transaction made where customers pay money to the seller, the app owner gets a portion of that transactional amount as commission. This revenue model is quite popular and preferred by most sellers as they don’t pay anything until any real value is obtained from that app. With transactional commissions, app owners can earn a hefty amount as numerous transactions occur each day on classified apps.

What attributes contribute to making a successful classified mobile app?

Classified-app-development-For-Android-And-iOS-platform Content Banner21. Classified Performance Report

A great classified app allows the respective app owner to track sales through accurate metrics. The owner can determine which products are most sought after. Besides, the owner can check which vendors are the most trustworthy with regular and detailed performance reports.

2. Intuitive UI/UX

A significant aspect of any app is its UI and UX. An effective and intuitive UI/UX enhances the usability of a good classified mobile app. The mobile app must be easy to navigate through and flaunt a user-friendly design. It boosts user engagement effectively and also makes them stay around for longer periods inside the platform.

3. Guidelines for publishing classified

Users would prefer apps that orient their users as per their dynamics and simplifies their user experience overall. The classified ad comprises three basic parts – headline, description, and contacts. If the classified app provides a quick yet comprehensive guide, users will gain real value out of it. For instance, if they could guide on how to understand these three aspects and publish a classified ad and so on. That is what would stand out at the end of the day.

4. Review and ratings

Purchase journeys are largely associated with reviews and ratings in the modern era. Moreover, reviews and ratings form an impactful part of the purchase decision alongside the price. Integrating an easy way to allow consumers to rate and write reviews into the app is a great way to engage customers. It can also improve product authenticity, and thereby boost sales.


Classified app development has gained enhanced prominence in the modern digital era. Various app development companies are going out of their way and hiring developers to facilitate buying and selling through classified mobile apps.

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