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Apple released iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 Exposure Alert system

Apple released iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 Exposure Alert system

Throughout the world, health authorities and governments have started working together to get out of the crisis created by the COVID-19 epidemic. They target to restore the condition of society at any cost. Simultaneously, software developers think of innovating new tools that may help to save lives and combat the deadly virus.

In this essence, Apple collaborated with Google to work on a platform to create an API capable of tracking COVID-19 infections. Besides, the present world, aiming at alleviating the virus, will find hope from this approach. Most of us will think of having an Apple mobile with iOS 13.5. As one of the entrepreneurs, you can also grab the best opportunity with iOS-friendly app development.

With a host of updates, the publicly released iOS 13.5 version of Apple has brought a smile to this COVID 19-affected world. Previous, it was available only to developers, and now, Apple owners are going to access it easily. Some of us may grunt at the need to update our mobile regularly. Still, we will show you reasons to ensure that you can never resist your craving for updating your mobile OS.

Contract-tracing app development- Save yourself from the virus

While introducing iOS 13.5 updates, Apple has sent a message saying that this OS will come with Exposure Notification API to promote the functioning of contact tracing apps of government-backed health authorities.

Besides, you know that COVID-19 transmit faster due to the close proximity to virus-affected persons. Some public health specialists have found the value of contact tracing tools to prevent the spread of the virus. Leading universities, NGOs, and government authorities are now working on this newly proposed contact tracing technology.

To take this research to a further level, Google and Apple have launched an amazing solution, which includes APIs to enable the contract-tracing system. Obviously, both these giant organizations have focused on security and user privacy to develop something acceptable.

As Google has engaged its team in the joint effort, Android users will also get the advantage. The new technology will notify you whether you are close to someone infected with the coronavirus. That will not compromise your personal data, location, and identity. Also, government health agencies will invest in Android and iOS app development to inform you about the potential contact with COVID- 19. We have briefly discussed how the mobile app and new technology will make you more alert about this virus.

Exposure Notification- New app development with this API

An Operating system always has unique functions, and app makers use APIs to request those functions. For instance, when you are using a mapping app, it will need to identify your location. Thus, it will reveal the place where you’re presently on this map. There is no need to have lots of codes in the app to interact with GPS systems in your mobile. It simply requests functions from the location API of the iOS platform.

Moreover, a team of engineers from Google and Apple has designed a series of functions that are useful to app developers to send a notification to mobile users. The notification will tell you whether you are close to any virus-infected person.

Presently, not every iOS app developer will find a chance to use this API. However, health agencies of the government in different countries may use it. There will also be some restrictions on those apps. In the USA, North Dakota, Alabama, and South Carolina will get the opportunity of using the API. We think that the API will be available to several other states in due course. Furthermore, it is a global standard technological program, health agencies of other nations will avail the API.

Apple released iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 Exposure Alert system

Brief detail on how the API perform its functions

We have compiled the technical information provided by Apple. Let us help you to have a clear idea.

Your iOS device has a random Bluetooth identification system. A series of letters and numbers will always be unique. The Bluetooth identifier does not contain your data, including Apple ID, email address, name, age, and location. There are some numbers and alphabets, different for every Apple user. Moreover, your ID number is not stable, as it varies every few minutes.

Besides, your mobile will transmit the unique ID via Bluetooth technology to other nearby phones. Those phones will also broadcast their ID, and in every phone, there will be a detailed record. These ID numbers will always keep you anonymous. Also, you will not know about the identity of these people. Conversely, these strangers will not make out your location.

For instance, you are close to one of the persons with COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals, surrounding you, are using the app backed by the public health sector. The app enables them to upload Bluetooth identifiers to a database. Besides, your mobile will regularly download the COVID-positive identifiers using a server. You will simply get an anonymous list of Bluetooth ID numbers. Thus, your mobile will make a comparison against the record of IDs.

When it identifies a potential risk, your mobile will give you a warning message. You will learn about your possible contact with someone tested COVID-19 position.

Is your privacy safe?
Let us first tell you that you have an option to deactivate the technology anytime. From the Settings menu, you can click on Privacy. Then, go to the Health option and find the COVID-19 Exposure Logging tab. The active app is easily visible to you. However, by default, the system does not remain active for everyone. While your phone has no app, there will be no option to turn it on in any way.

Moreover, other mobile users will not get details about you, and your handset will not send the contact log to anyone and other authorities.

When you are a COVID-19 patient, the government health agency will obtain your Bluetooth ID.

Now, we have listed the restrictions imposed on the app

  • The app must be used only as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • User consent is must to let the app use the API.
  • Also, users need to give permissions before the app shares the positive COVID test result with the health authority.
  • Apps have to collect the basic data to use it for curbing the virus. There must be no advertisement.
  • Apps should not ask for permission to use Location Services.

Moreover, the new iOS 13.5 update offers you some other COVID 19-oriented features. You know that wearing a mask is now essential in this situation. However, some iOS users face challenges, as they are unable to unlock their phones that work with only the Face ID. But, the update comes with AI detection capability. The mobile will ask for “Passcode” automatically when you are wearing your mask.

Now, in conclusion, we can say that the collaboration between Google and Apple will help us to get rid of the persistent issue. However, mobile users must also co-operate them to make their efforts successful. They need to give consent to notify others with Bluetooth identifier. As this new release will make iOS devices more popular, you can create apps for this platform. Hire professional developers from an iOS app development company and create an app for your business.

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