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10 Best IoT Development Tools of 2020

According to various researches, there was 15.41 billion Internet of Things or IoT linked devices in the year 2015, and by 2025, the number will cross 75 billion marks. The majority is in the manufacturing industry, various corporates, and the healthcare industry. Thus, seeing the scope, the developers are so keen on developing IoT based applications and solutions. Consequently, the need for reliable IoT development tools is also increasing.

An IoT development tool is crafted to tailor IoT applications, access various networks, manage updates, and test how application changes can change the hardware responses. These tools come in various forms.

So, if you are planning to hire an IoT developer to develop an IoT application for your business, then here is a list of the best IoT development tools to guide you.

1. Particle – one of the convenient IoT development tools

The particle can help you to create IoT applications. It is an enterprise IoT application that can help to enhance the IoT product. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are developing the application in your device or cloud. It is compatible with both forms.

Moreover, it comprises various tools that will allow us to prototype the IoT solutions as soon as possible. Right now, it is one of the most popular tools that a lot of IoT development companies and developers are using.

2. BlynkIoT platform – an IoT development tool

If you are looking for an IoT platform capable of connecting cloud to the devices, go for BlynkIoT platform. Besides, it will serve numerous other purposes as well. For example, it will help you to craft apps that you can handle remotely. You can also monitor them without any issues.

Furthermore, it is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), which will help an organization or a developer to progress the prototype. And after that, it can also help you during the time of commercial launch.

3. Raspbian

Raspbian is an IoT IDE. It was crafted specifically for the Rasberry Pi Board. Besides, it comes with a lot of packages and instructive examples. It has more than 35000 packages. Also, it will help you in the process of rapid installation with the help of pre-compiled software.

So, you can see that it is one of the convenient IoT tools that will help you in the process of IoT application development. Also, if you have preferences for Raspberry Pi, nothing can come better than this.

4. Kaa

Another IoT developing tool that will help you to connect cloud with devices is Kaa. Besides, it provides end-to-end support. One of the best parts of this tool is that it is a multipurpose tool. It can aid developers to craft IoT applications, IoT solutions, and numerous smart products.

With Kaa, developers find it easy to set up as well as plug numerous features with the IoT platform. Also, the interface of this tool is compatible with various hardware like sensors, devices, and gateways. In addition, it will also allow cross-platform interoperability, scrutinizing the user behavior, and various other things.

5. Node-RED

Well, undoubtedly, Node-RED is one of the best IoT tools that you will find. The user-interface of this tool is easy. Besides, it is an open-source virtualization tool that will serve your purpose of connecting the devices with IoT.

Besides, one of the best things about this tool is that it will allow you to connect an API, hardware, or online services. We have already discussed that the UI of this tool is effortless. Hence, it will enable users to connect with other devices quickly. Another feature of this tool is that you can make this tool run in the cloud.


6. Zetta

Zetta is also a convenient platform. Well, it is a server-based platform. You can consider this platform to be perfect if you are planning to take gadgets from different brands and change their API.

Also, this tool is based on Node.js. Most of the time, it serves the purpose of Web of things, and thus, it is only advertised for that. Besides, when it comes to the cloud platform, it is pretty reliable. So, you can see that it is compatible with all purposes and intents. You can operate it from anyplace.

7. Eclipse IoT

Eclipse IoT is an impressive IoT development tool. If you are planning to craft IoT devices, gateways, and the cloud platforms, then choose Eclipse IoT. A lot of organizations and developers collaborated to come up with this tool. The purpose of this tool is to make your IoT dream come true.

Besides, with the aid of this tool, you can accomplish numerous things. To be specific, this tool will allow you to promote, develop, and adopt the IoT technologies, which are open source. If you can use this tool precisely, you will be able to achieve the technical expertise. So, do not hesitate to recommend this tool to your hired IoT development organization.

8. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a sophisticated IoT developing tool. It is nothing but an API, which will allow you to incorporate some of the computing features in your IoT application. Those features are cognitive features. One of the most exciting parts of this tool is that you can use it for predicting the future.

Besides, if an IoT developer is using this tool, it will be easier to develop the application according to their preference. Also, it can help the developers to create chatbots that will make their work easier. The developers can also develop analytic engines with the help of this platform.

9. Arduino

Arduino is one of the widespread tools that the IoT developers use. You can consider it to be the ideal choice when it comes to making a computer that can provide you better control. Compared to stand-alone computers, you can make a better form of the computer if you can use this tool.

Besides, the working principle of this tool is also impressive. It operates with the help of some of the hardware specifications, which one can provide to interactive electronics. Also, the platform of this tool is quite easy-to-use. So, you can see that Arduino is always one of the best choices for IoT development.

10. ThingsBoard

ThingsBoard is the master of all trades. With this tool’s help, you can accomplish numerous things like data processing, collection, device management, and visualization. Besides, it is compatible with all types of IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, as well as HTTP.

Moreover, it is also compatible with on-premise deployment and cloud. It has numerous impressive features that will help you to accomplish your work without any issues.

So, these are some of the best IoT development tools that will help you in connecting. If you can use any of these tools, it will be easier for you to craft the IoT application according to your preference. So, do not hesitate before grounding on any of these tools. You can also hire a professional IoT development company to help you develop an IoT solution for your business.

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