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App like Gojek- Complete Guide from Start to Finish

App like Gojek- Complete Guide from Start to Finish

A super app is a one- stop result to meet all of your consumers’ needs. Mainly, a super app, like Gojek app, provides multiple services in a single platform. Ranging from on- demand grocery delivery to ride- reserving and making payments, everything can be done using just one operation. A super app allows mobile users to integrate third-party merchandisers’ services without downloading separate apps.

What’s Gojek?

Go- Jek, a start up from Indonesia, started its processes as a bike lift service app in its original times. Therefore, Gojek offers a complete package of on-demand services. From ordering grocery on- demand, hyperactive-original delivery to fintech, the launch-up offers around 20 services.

Steps to make App like Gojek

App like Gojek- Complete Guide from Start to Finish

Beginning a business right is always as important as it’s being executed. And as far as a business Gojek like app is considered, there has to be a lot further to offer.

1. Research

Before you start developing, it’s veritably important how it’s heading to work. Have a look at all the challengers. Figure out what are clients’ preferences now and in the future with some solid references. There are no new effects in these areas. All that could be fulfilled is how well you can give the services. It could be a system, attributes, user experience, or some other effects like this. So you’re needed to get deep into this situation.

2. Plan for Profits to Proposal

Besides having a remarkable print with the below- mentioned effects, also take care of the rudiments or introductory services and features you don’t forget to integrate into the result. As we’re taking Gojek as an aspiring model, we can take the services that are delivered by that business enormous. It provides services like

  • goride
    It authorizes guests to bespeak two- wheeler hacks with a wide network of divers
  • gofood
    It allows the users to place food particulars, order, and deliver services that have a huge number of caffs listed within it.
  • gomart
    It’s the platform for ordering groceries allowing druggies to elect the store and order particulars. The list goes on, and that too also in colourful different orders.

3. Produce a Business Model

Farther is how your business would work. Make a rigid business model including all the actual plans. Identify all the prospects of the enterprise who’s captaining to contribute directly or laterally to the company. Similar as essential companions, coffers, client parts, value propositions of all of them, important conditioning, channels, the price structure of the business, and other affects you can suppose of in your multi-services business.

4. Conclude for the Right Platform

The coming step is how to form an app like Gojek. That means opting a platform where you have to produce the result. There are plentiful capabilities exposed. Which one is better than the other is each about what are the conditions and priorities of a business. The available options are listed below

  • -Native App
  • – Hybrid Apps
  • -Cross-platform Apps

These concluding for the right technologies and ways to make an app like Gojek is likewise important.

5. Numeral and Design

You nearly came half the way to your dream business. Congrats! Next is also an important step as numerous other way or perhaps a bit more consequential. It’s to mind the development and design of your multiple services business result. The development process would need abundant characteristics to understand upon some important characteristics.

6. Maintain and Update

Get your result in front of clients, and it does not end there. Keep on testing and streamlining your app for refinement. There’s a lot to take care of after the launch of the procedure to keep engaging the end users. Also, your business data has to be assured to be directly recorded. Also, getting commodity new every now and also would pull users, and they would love to stay connected.

7. Basic Workflow

There are abundant on-demand apps we might be using in the day to day life, and they’re flourishing in the separate requests. All of them nearly work the same way. Still, an app workflow is a bit complex, as it has colourful orders of services. Clients solicit the services online, and providers fulfil them in glitters. Yet, we will look at the working inflow again then.

  • Clients in their devoted process and web panel conclude for the service order, which is open in their area.
  • They also have to choose for exact service, approximately if they conclude for delivery service and want food delivery. Select the store, also order from it and pay from it.
  • Merchandisers get the requests, prepare them and assign them to the companions – all of which they can perform within their devoted module.
  • Companions fulfil the service using the app they registered in and got paid for that within thee-wallets integrated into it.

App like Gojek- Complete Guide from Start to Finish

8. Features list

To develop app like Gojek, there are some of the most important features you should include in your app

  • Social media integration- This topic will enable users to log in to the app, creating the signup and login development rapid and cool.
  • GPS- This point will enable users to track service providers and get to know their live locations.
  • Multi-language support- The app supports various languages which let users to select the language of their choice. And this will also cover a large group of followership.
  • Schedule booking- Using this, users will be suitable to record their bookings well in advance in case there’s a need for them to swap on a regular/ daily base.
  • Push notification- Using Push notification point, service providers will be suitable to send notifications to users regarding updates, similar as, order entered, order dispatch, order about to arrive and further.
  • Payment gateway integration- Using an online payment option, you’ll empower users to pay online.


Though there could be a lot of other ways, an app grounded platform can make it their channel of earnings. While creating an app and investing in its development and a lot of other effects, it would be veritably significant to know to seek profit from it.

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