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Travel Mobile App Development Cost & Features

It is a fact that traveling is a lot easier these days. After all, you only need to log in to your favorite travel app to get all the details of any possible trip at your fingertips. That kind of convenience was unheard of even a few years ago. If you are thinking about travel app development, there has never been a better time!

Thanks to advancements in mobile app development, creating a robust travel app is easier than ever. It does not matter if you choose iOS app development or Android app development. All you need to do is ensure the quality of your travel app. That is not an issue if you hire quality travel app developers for iOS apps or Android apps.

Are you looking for Travel App development?

Do you really need a travel app? Well, long story short, you most certainly do. In fact, mobile app development is critical for travel agencies. After all, mobiles are the only thing that your customers will always carry around. During a trip, the only constant of any customer will be his or her phone. They will have their phones when they book hotels and flights. Then, they will again have their phone while at the destination. Finally, the phone will still be beside them as they return. A mobile app means that your travel agency stays a part of the customer’s journey.

Of course, how much the travel app can help customers depends on its features. Nonetheless, there are certain options available. For example, booking apps can notify users of changes. Some apps may show potential attractions that tourists can check out. In short, there are various ways to stay on top of the customers’ minds.

There are other benefits to consider certainly. Android apps or iOS apps can reduce overheads by a large margin. After all, you are creating a tool that will help customers serve themselves. Moreover, they open up more opportunities for extra revenue. This can be done through ancillary sales or bookings.

What Should You Offer?

At the basic level, all travel apps will help customers plan their trips. However, every app has its own method for doing so. Of course, you may want to cover all the aspects of the trip through your iOS apps or Android apps. However, that kind of travel mobile app development is rather complicated. More importantly, they will push customers away due to their complexity. As a result, it is always a better idea to focus on specific aspects. That is how popular apps function. By focusing on a specific part, such apps deliver fantastic results. That is what you need. Here are the most common categories for you to choose from.

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This can be either flight or hotel bookings. For flights, you must include a proper search function. That search should crawl through all flight options, domestic and international. Additionally, include filter options on common parameters like cost, distance, time, etc. Hotel or accommodation booking apps must have a similar set of features. After all, you must cater to the needs of your customers.

There is one more kind of booking that you can offer. If your travel company specializes in excursions and tours then your app can focus on that. For these apps, it is a good idea to include a calculator function of some sort. It will allow customers to determine the cost easily.


These are common kinds of travel apps. As the name suggests, users can search for restaurants or attractions. As such, your app must certainly have a robust search function. For restaurant search apps, you should also get robust filter functions based on cost and cuisine among other details. Attraction search apps can have filters like distance, opening times and cost, etc.

It is a good idea to include geolocation tracking as well for both. You should also consider having a review section. Reviews and ratings help customers understand if the place is right for them. It can be invaluable. You can even add features to upload photos for the same.

During app development, you may add other useful functions. For example, social sharing can be extremely beneficial. After all, this is the age of social networks. Messaging, multiple language support, and rating systems are other functions to consider. Doing so can make your travel app indispensable for the frequent traveler.

Points to keep in mind during Travel Mobile App Development

To get the most out of your travel app, you must consider a few things. Doing so will help you make the most out of it. Here are some of those points.

API Integration

You will certainly need APIs for your iOS apps or Android apps. These will allow you to add extra functions to your app. For example, you can use APIs for accessing weather data or maps. However, you must focus on their integration. You must always code the API correctly to ensure smooth performance. Otherwise, they will cause the app to bloat and the performance will suffer.

Remember Scalability

As time passes, more people will use your app. As a result, you must focus on scalability. With time, you may want to increase the functionality of the app. You may want it to be more powerful. This is something that you must think of during travel app development. As a result, it becomes easier to scale up when the time comes.

Consider the UI/UX

These are essential elements of any app. Without them, there is no reason for users to stick around. After all, nobody likes apps that give them a poor experience. If they are unable to understand the interface and take action, they will leave. As a result, ensure that your app offers good UI and UX. Get rid of details that are unnecessary and take up space. Offer clarity. This will help you make your app more appealing.

The User Needs

The first point to understand during travel app development is the user needs. After all, your potential customers must use your app for a reason. You need to figure out what that reason is. To do so, you need to understand who your potential customers are. Learn the demographics. Are your customers looking for exotic locations or standard spots? Do they spend a lot or do they follow a set budget? The more you understand your potential customer, the better it is. With those details, you can design an app that perfectly meets their needs. As a result, they are more likely to use it.

Research Competitors

The travel industry is certainly quite competitive. However, you can still succeed with the right app. To do so, you must first understand who your competition actually is. Moreover, research the market. You may even find tools and databases essential for your app. This gives you a better chance of succeeding.

Getting a travel app is not difficult. On the other hand, making it a success is not easy. However, with proper preparation, you can create a great app that works and is loved by the users.

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