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Route Planner App Development: Build an app like Komoot

Do you love riding a bicycle or driving your car from a suburb to a metropolitan city? What will happen when you feel lost in some untrodden lanes? Who will rescue you at that moment? There is no need to ask a passer-by for help. Your solution is now in your pocket. Take out your mobile, open the route planner app, and make your navigation easier. Isn’t it a thrilling solution for you? But, more thrilling is the fact that you can earn from route planner app development services.

Do you know that several drivers on the highways feel annoyed due to traffic jam? They wish they would learn about this jam earlier to follow a different route. Traffic jam consumes more fuel and more time. So, in this scenario also, route planner apps are the best option. Equipped with GPS and other mobile technologies, these apps remove concerns about navigation.

You may have thought of helping others by launching a route planning app. You also like to monetize your app to earn from it. But, how will you design the app, and what will be its features? You can clone an app like Komoot, one of the popular route planning apps.

Why has the route planning app become popular?

  • Optimize routes for users while riding with GPS
  • Alert them about obstacles, hazards, and police activity in real-time mode
  • Recommend easy routing to avoid traffic
  • Find nearby gas stations
  • Easy to download maps when you have a weak internet connection

An overview of Komoot and its functionalities-

Established in 2010, Komoot has gained the attention of several smartphone users as the route planning app. It assists uses in discovering new paths during a tour. Hikers and riders who love outdoor adventures like to find trails for cycling, backpacking, and several activities. Using the mobile app, they can choose the right routes. Moreover, the technologically advanced app- Komoot can generate the route based on the rider’s fitness level, road surface, elevation, and other details. Users can easily navigate the route on the mobile.

Furthermore, there are rerouting options, while riders like to choose a different destination. The app relies on an OpenStreetMap database as an open-source for its base mapping. When the rider selects the route, the app provides audible and on-screen navigation.

The app gives detailed information about-

  • The distance traveled
  • The riding speed
  • The distance to be covered
  • Route alterations
  • Places others have visited (like cafes)


Features that you must consider for building an app like Komoot-

Route planning

Your route planning app development professionals will integrate some special algorithms to map out routes from your current location to the chosen destination. It also enables users to choose points between different routes. Users need good internet connectivity to take advantage of this feature. However, the saved route is accessible in offline modes.

Voice navigation

To beat other similar apps like Komoot, your app needs to ensure an accurate routing solution. The integration of the voice navigation system will make the app more advantageous for users. Besides, it is easy to listen to this voice navigation by switching off the mobile screen.

The route plan can also be saved in the GPX file format. Your target users will be able to get the optimal value from the app. By touching the screen, they can use your digital maps.

Social media sharing option

Social media buttons must be one of the major features of an app like Komoot. The app enables you to track rides due to GPS technology. Moreover, you may add images and other details to share them with other riders. These details are also sharable with the community in the navigation app. Thus, a rider will learn something from other riders.


Your route planner app can become highly attractive by adding this gamification feature. Users may earn rewards and badges for different activities. Those who have knowledge about different routes can help others. With fun, comfort, and enjoyment, your app will keep users engaged.

There are several other ways of gamifying the app. For instance, an app user can use an emoji to interact with other users who have received high points. Moreover, while a user has reached a different level, the app can show the candy (and not the location pin sign).

Integrate your routing planner app with a third-party app such as-

  • Google Calendar

Your routing planner can work with Google calendar. Due to the synchronization of these apps, users can find a list of the locations and upcoming trips. Then, by opening the calendar, they can make navigation easier.

  • Spotify

Some users like to enjoy music while listening to the music. Also, Spotify playlists can be easily accessible from your app.

How will you earn from your route planner app?

You may follow the revenue model of Komoot to earn more from the app. Komoot enables its users to buy some products. There are different region packages for the app users.

Single Region

With this option, riders can select the region based on the upcoming trip. A single region contains a city with its surroundings.

World Pack

Komoot app lets its users select multiple region bundles, and thus, this world pack is the right choice. Users have to pay once for this package.


Several adventure lovers like to know about the unknown trails. The Premium subscription model is right for them.


How much do you need to create the route planning app?

You can consult your professional app developers to know the estimate of developing a mobile-friendly route planner app. However, the cost can vary with-

  • The integration of basic and advanced features
  • Integration of social media
  • Built-in audio instruction
  • Gamification features
  • Premium features

The more complicated app can increase the overall charge. Every app development company sets its own charges, and thus, without consultation with the team, you cannot identify the cost.

How to develop the route planner app

The best approach to design the app-Your professionals will choose the right framework to develop and design the app. The most important steps for creating the app are-

  • Consultation with users– It is essential to understand the users’ goals, fears, needs, and issues before starting the development process.
  • Defining the problem– Your developers will need to identify the problems of the target users.
  • Building strategy– In this step, developers will create the app development strategy based on your budget.
  • Testing and deployment– After designing the app, the QA team will test the app to detect the functional defects. The flawless app is now ready for deployment.

In conclusion, it can be said that a feature-rich navigation app like Komoot can become popular within a short time. You can release a free version of the app. A few advanced features can be made available to premium users. Thus, it will be easy for your users to identify the routes and move through the right trail. You may think of different revenue models to get higher returns for your investment in cycle riding app development services.

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