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Rental Search App Development: Solve tenants problem with Apartment finder

It is a common scenario where the would-be property owners are tussling against their stagnant wages and rising house prices. Today, more and more millennials prefer the idea of settling in a rental house instead of owning it with a big investment. They look for accommodations in the desired location at a reasonable price. This trend has resulted in the growth of the rental housing market. Surely, there are both high-priced and low-priced housing options for tenants. But, how would these tenants find the right rental house and make a deal with landlords? The best solution to this issue is mobile app development for rental search.

Rental app development- Achieve success in your business

Top real estate companies and startups are trying their best to help tenants and landlords with quality services. However, the increasing need for rental houses has forced these agencies to adopt innovative technologies. International standard real estate firms have already invested in digital platforms that work as the apartment finder.

Thus, to bring realtors, tenants, and landlords in one platform, you can look for rental search app development solutions. The best developers focus on the pain points of the target group of users to create the app.

Let us now see how these rental apps are advantageous to tenants and other users.


It is easy to find affordable apartments with app development solutions

Probably, the most common challenge of tenants is to find reasonably priced housing in the vast real estate market. Some tenants also look for housing with modern infrastructure that is within their budget. They check out several other details before finalizing the deal with the house owner. Obviously, it may be a time-consuming process from tenants’ perspectives. Therefore, the app with filtering functionality and the advanced search feature will come to their help.

Moreover, rental house finding apps reveal the details, like price rate, location on the map, transportation modes, schools, offices, and crime levels. Besides, rental apps come with features like-

  • Favorites– Some tenants cannot make a decision instantly after checking the house details. However, based on their preferences, they can save some houses in their favorite listings.
  • Push notifications– The app’s automated technologies will notify users of the availability of new houses depending on their previous searches. Tenants can easily find the latest additions in the property listings. Hence, the custom search tool enables app users to identify the best accommodations.

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Eliminate the need for face-to-face communications with rental app development

Long response time is one of the common complaints that tenants make against realtors. The apartment-finding app has solved this communication and cooperation problem between agents/landlords and tenants.

To promote their interactions, the mobile app development company integrates a real-time chat system into the portal. It is now easy to send media files and messages using real-time chat software.

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Scheduled property tours using the app

Realtors, property owners, and tenants may not be available 24 hours. With the custom calendar added to the app, users can schedule their appointments for property showings. They can-

  • Set the time and date slot for property tours
  • Decline/accept tour-related requests
  • Cancel and reschedule tours

Furthermore, real-time virtual tours have become easy with innovatively designed apps. Virtual Reality and 3D technologies have gained traction in the real estate sector. Therefore, apartment hunters can take a virtual tour of their chosen property to save time and energy.

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Feedback and reviews

We know that tenants thoroughly check out the property details to make a decision. However, although everything is right, they look for views of third persons. That is where reviews and ratings come to their help. Some tenants like to read reviews of the landlords’ trustworthiness, agents’ responsiveness, and negotiation skills. The previous tenants may also leave reviews on the chosen properties to help others.

Ratings and comments enable tenants to identify the right rental property for their deals. Based on the positive and negative reviews, tenants can choose reliable agents and landlords.

Minimize the risks of frauds in the real estate sector

Lots of US renters find a fraudulent rental listing, and ultimately, they become the victim of rental fraud cases. The good news is that the rental search apps play a role in reducing these risks to ensure security to both tenants and landlords.

You can establish strict rules while launching the platform. While defining terms and conditions for your app users, you can mention what is referred to as a scam. It is also essential to set refund rules and create a FAQ section to help users solve queries.

The high-end real estate app helps with the automatic background check of landlords and tenants. The app enables tenants to submit their credit reports to apply for the chosen rental house. Thus, landlords and realtors can screen tenants and check their backgrounds.

Moreover, they will have no monetary losses for the house damage leases, as they can implement the rule for security deposits. It may not be compulsory to make one-time payments for the rental agreements. Still, you can mention the need to make a security deposit before using the rental house.

Home value estimation tools

The rental property search apps must have a calculating tool. It would be easier for tenants to detect the fair price for the available properties. Every tenant has its own budget, and thus, the calculator will be highly useful for them.

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A clear insight into local citizens

We have already told that reviews and comments will be helpful for tenants. The potential tenants will also find the feedback of local citizens, the infrastructure of the area, and the available amenities. They can identify a place that is safe for them.

Profile for renters

Tenants can make their profile and add details by signing up with the app. They can display their past lease details and attract potential landlords. Moreover, they will get a space to reveal their needs. Based on the information, landlords and realtors can communicate with them.

Rental payments become easier

Landlords anticipate rental payments every month, and to get that payment, they do not need to visit the site directly. Tenants can choose digital payment gateways integrated into the app. By using credit cards, debit cards, and other modes, they can pay their landlords. Some common payments are-

  • Security deposits
  • The insurance purchased by tenants
  • Monthly fees to landlords
  • Tenants’ payments to agents for their services
  • Utility bill payment
  • Tenants’ payments to movers

While agents receive a one-time amount from property owners and tenants, landlords collect rent payments regularly.

Lots of tenants and landlords sign up with the app. Real estate agents may feel confused while dealing with the information of those app users. Thus, app developers integrate a Customer Relationship Management system into the platform to help them organize data. You can manage CSV files and automate the task of entering customer details.

Furthermore, you may send notices, receipts, and bills to tenants. The app will also send you notifications about overdue bills and rental payments.

Now, you can develop a custom app for a rental apartment search and make your business prosperous in the real estate field. Your app will solve the potential problems of tenants who are looking for the best property for rent.

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