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Pregnancy tracking app development: Cost & Features

The period of pregnancy is an exciting moment for the couple who are about to become parents. For them, a pregnancy app will be amongst the priorities. Right now, numerous pregnancy apps are helping plenty of couples. With the help of those apps, they are getting regular updates and tracking the progress. If you think of conducting a pregnancy-tracking app development, then it can be fruitful for you. It is the ideal time when you should think of crafting a pregnancy tracking app.

Here is a brief guide that will help you apprehend the features and cost that comes with pregnancy tracking app development.

Features to keep in mind during the app development

Pregnancy trackingapp development Cost & Features Content Banner1It is essential to know about the features before designing your app. It will help you in the development process. You have to make sure that the elements you are about to include in your app are efficient and helpful.

We would suggest you have a conversation with your hired mobile app development company. Discussing it beforehand will be beneficial when it comes to the execution of the plan. Here, we will share some ideas regarding features that you can incorporate into your app according to your necessities.

  • Mental support

You have to understand that during pregnancy, mental health is as important as physical health. Hence, incorporate features that will help the mother to stay mentally healthy. For instance, you can introduce yoga classes and meditation practices.

Besides, you can include Augmented Reality in your app. It will help the mother to visualize the size of the baby in her womb. You can also have artworks that the would-be mother can enjoy in her leisure time. It will give her a mental boost as well.

  • Daily updates

It is an essential feature that you should include in your pregnancy tracking app development. This feature is the reason for which most mothers install pregnancy apps on their mobile. You should craft your app so that it should be able to deliver daily updates to its users. It will help them to track the course of their pregnancy and make the right decisions. Moreover, you can provide a shopping list of the essentials during the pregnancy, along with an array of baby names.

  • Communication with other would-be-mothers

Now, it is one of the unique features that you can integrate within your app. It will let the pregnant lady connect with other pregnant ladies living in the city. Make sure to connect the user with women who are going through the same stage of pregnancy. In this way, they can share their ups and downs as well as some tips. The user can also share plenty of information with other mothers. It will help them both physically and mentally.

  • Insights

Make sure that your app is interactive. It should ask the users questions and based on that; it will provide some critical insights. If the app thinks something alarming is going on, it will alert the user instantly. In this way, your app can protect various pregnant ladies from adverse situations.

  • Contraction timer

Contraction is an inevitable part of pregnancy. It happens when your Uterus’ muscle gets tightened, and after that, it gets relaxed. It plays an essential role in pushing the baby through your uterus. So, it would help if you place a contraction timer in your app so that they don’t have to rely on old-school timers. All you have to do is to include a contraction button in your app. Thus, when the user goes through the contraction, she will click the button, and the timer will start. Once the contraction is gone, she will have to press the button again. In this way, it will be easier for the user to track the duration of their contraction.

  • Animation and images

You can include various 2D and 3D ultrasound images of the babies in your app. Also, there should be visually engaging animations regarding the development of the babies. It will provide the user with a visual idea of fetus development.

So, these are the features that you should take into account while you are in the process of pregnancy-tracking app development. If you can comprise these features within your app precisely, there is a possibility that your app will witness the desired success.

  • Cost of developing a pregnancy tracking app

The cost of developing a pregnancy app depends on an array of parameters. It is imperative to check those parameters so that you can halt on a specific budget. So, the parameters that we are talking about are:

  • App design
  • App Feature
  • App platforms
  • App Development Company’s location.
  • Development project’s duration.
  • The complexity of the app
  • Development team’s size
  • Technologies and tools that you are using to develop the app.

After considering these factors, you will get a brief idea of the cost of development. To be precise, if you are developing an app for a single platform, it may cost you around $25000-$35000. Now, the cost may vary if you want to add some features along with third-party integrations. If you’re going to make it compatible with all the platforms, it will cost you further. For instance, the cost may reach the amount of $50000-$70000.

Other factors that influence the cost of app development

Pregnancy trackingapp development Cost & Features Content Banner2Some other factors may regulate the cost of app development. Well, we have already discussed that the location of the app development company is a significant factor. Hence, based on that, let us provide you with the fee of the developers.

  • Developers from the US- $100-$250/ hour
  • Developers from India- $70-$180/ hour
  • Developers from Europe- $80-$180/ hour

Now, we will comprehend the cost of Pregnancy tracking app development depending on the various segments of the process. It will be beneficial for you to choose your budget according to that.

  • UI/UX design- 60 hours- $1000-$2000
  • Technical documentation- 40 hours- $1000-$2000
  • Front-end as well as back-end development- 400 hours- $10000-$20000
  • Testing- 80 hours- $2000-$4000

Apart from all these, there will be some overhead charges as well. You have to take care of all those and come up with a specific budget. Once you set your budget, make sure not to exceed that. Try to stay firm on your decided budget.

So, if you are thinking of launching a pregnancy tracking app, look at the points that we have mentioned above. They will help you to craft a proper road map to execute your plan precisely. Moreover, you will be able to create an app that will be a blessing for would-be mothers. They can extract a lot of benefits from your app.

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