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Music Streaming App Development Cost and Features

Music streaming app development: Cost & Features

Nowadays, music streaming app development is on the rise. The advent and inception of Smartphone technologies in our daily lives have opened newer doors for music creators and listeners. It has made music of all forms and countries accessible to the commoner with ease.

Moreover, it has influenced their music listening habits immensely and caused a paradigm shift in them. Presently, music lovers prefer streaming live music on mobile apps in exchange for a minimal amount. On-demand music streaming apps are now available across OS platforms and hence become a popular option.

The music streaming app provides lots of customized services to listeners, such as curating playlists for different occasions. This relieves them of browsing through lists and sorting their favorite tracks. A mobile app offering music streaming has made music listening simpler. Users just log in to their apps and tap away at their favorite music.

Let us have a look at the various features offered by music streaming app and the costs involved in developing them.

How is a music streaming app development categorized?

Music Streaming App Development Cost and FeaturesMusic streaming app can be primarily categorized into two types. Let us discuss them in brief.

1. On-demand streaming apps

True to its name, on-demand streaming apps cater to the preference of the users. Listeners have the choice to select and listen to the music they want to. Besides, the on-demand apps usually collaborate with popular production labels. They also help in assisting with royalties and music rights. Common examples of this category are SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

2. Radio Stations

Radio station streaming apps provide a non-interactive experience to the listeners. The stations emulate the essence of radios and play trending music. However, users will not get any option for selecting their preferences. Nevertheless, they can skip audios that they don’t want to listen to. Pandora music and iHeart music are popular examples of this category. One must know that the licensing payment for radio station streaming apps is considerably less.

The basic technology used in music streaming app development

The development of music streaming app needs a backbone of technologies to perfect itself and deliver. The idea might be superb on paper, but without a proper technology framework, it cannot succeed. Hence, if you plan to develop your own music streaming app, you must gain a basic idea of the technology stack you will require.

Most apps related to music streaming store all their music on a server, and it’s convenient to do so as well. Whenever some consumer requests some songs, it searches in their database and sends it directly to the user. Then these files get cached into the listener’s device. Therefore, there is no need to retrieve it again when there’s another request.

A basic memory caching system supports this setting. Usually, PostgreSQL or Cassandra is deployed to do the trick. Furthermore, you can use JavaScript or Python to develop the stack for your app. PHP is also a popular choice and helps in many aspects of app development. Backend development is done seamlessly using Java.

This encompasses the basic structure of the app technology framework. Thus, you can use similar technologies for the development of music streaming app.

Must-have features for your music streaming app

Music streaming app has a variety of features that can cater to the consumer requirement. Different apps include a host of such features that define the services it provides. Let us go through the basic features that you have to include for developing your music streaming app.

1. Admin Panel

First, your app needs to include an admin panel for managing all the subscriptions and their plans. This panel helps you create catered playlists for providing unique experiences for active listeners. Also, it allows people to add or remove songs as per their wish.

The admin panel allows the owner of the app to monitor all activities of their customers within the app. However, it would take at least 400 hours to build a typical admin panel.

2. Socal Sharing

Social media has become an inevitable platform in modern times. When it comes to music apps, listeners have this urge to share their playlists with their friends and contacts. Hence, you must integrate a social sharing feature that allows users to share their preferred music through various social media platforms. It will also increase the level of audience engagement in your app.

3. customized notifications

Users also like it when their music streaming app notifies them of every latest song release of their preferred genre. A personalized notification is such a feature that helps you provide them the same. It allows them to stay updated and also adds value to their subscription.

4. UX and UI design

Every app owes a majority of its success to the design of its UI and UX. The UI/UX design is the fiat thing that attracts users when they use an app for the first time. Thus, your music streaming app must have something unique in its UI/UX design that hooks the users onto it. Usually, an impressive UI/UX design takes around 160 hours of development.

Costs involved and aspects incurring the costs

Music Streaming App Development Cost and FeaturesThe following aspects will prove to be incurring the majority of the costs involved in developing your music streaming app.

1. Technologies for app development

As discussed earlier, your music streaming app will require a host of technologies to perform the coding and development. All this teaching comes with a heavy price tag and hence will add to the cost you incur.

2. App development team

You will need to hire a team of engineers and technical specialists, to develop a music streaming app. You can hire them based on a contract or can keep them on your payroll. Either way, they will add to the expenses involved in the development of your mobile app.

You can also hire a competent mobile app Development Company to do the job. The extent of the cost involved will depend on the size and the above-mentioned app features.

3. Marketing and promotions

Once the app is ready for market launches, you will have to invest considerably in its marketing and promotion. These promotional activities must go on for a few weeks from the launch of your app. Thus, it also involves a considerable amount of costs.


Music streaming app development is rapidly gaining a lot of steam, and investors are acknowledging that increasingly. If you want to develop your own music streaming app, then you must learn the aspects involved in it. It starts with recognizing the must-have features and the cost involved in developing the same.

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