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How to make an app like Me we Cost & Features

How to make an app like MeWe? Cost & Features

Have you imagined a social media platform with almost every feature that you find on Facebook? The name that you can place after Facebook is MeWe. This premium social network with a highly engineered design, looks and feels like Facebook. But, you can notice one distinguishable feature. There is no ad, no privacy violation complaint, and no censorship. So, MeWe is truly threatening the position of Facebook. Nevertheless, do you like to make an app like MeWe?

Presently, MeWe has attracted more than 6 million users. It has presented an amicable social media environment to its users. Still, you can compete with it by gaining the trust of potential users.

Need to make an app like MeWe? Learn more about the app before stepping ahead

MeWe has started its journey with a new business model of subscribed users. It enables users to communicate with their friends. The team at MeWe likes to grow the platform organically. It has no intention to sell the user data for advertising services. Finally, MeWe has been successful in attracting several paid users. This app has found users mainly from Asian and European countries. So, to build an app like Mewe, go through the below details and get started.

Incorporate the basic features- Make an app like MeWe

How to make an app like Me we Cost & Features

While analyzing every social media network closely, you will find a few common features. Although MeWe has tried to differentiate its app, it cannot avoid adding these fundamental features.

Profile creation 

Every user needs to create a personal profile to use your MeWe-like app. Your users can enter details like addresses, names, email IDs, website URLs, mobile numbers, and birth dates. They can also upload images and videos to their profiles.


A strong authorization mechanism ensures the protection of the sensitive data of the app users. Thus, it is one of the must-have features to build an app like MeWe. Users have to sign up and access your platform using their email addresses or mobile numbers. Moreover, your app developers will integrate password reset and recovery mechanisms into the app.

User Interface

The choice of your UI design can make a difference in the cost of a MeWe-like app. The interactive UI can draw the attention of lots of users. However, before deciding on the interface design, you can calculate the budget for MeWe-like social media app development projects.


Your social media app has to ensure smooth communications between users. Let your app users send textual messages, stickers, images, and video files. They will enjoy their real-time chat. You may also add the group conversation feature. But, this factor will affect the overall cost of building an app like MeWe.

Search function 

Make your app more usable by adding search functionality. Users can easily search for their friends’ profiles and find their engaging posts. Moreover, users can also offer hearts, smiley icons, and thumbs up to the posts. Posts are also sharable on different feeds.

Newsfeeds and notifications

The newsfeeds refer to the live feed regarding others’ activities. Your users can check the activities of their-

  • Friends
  • Groups that they have joined
  • Pages followed

When someone has posted anything in the newsfeed, it will be visible to users. Although the app is locked, it will notify users about the latest newsfeeds.


Every user likes to control different permissions granted to your social media app. Data creators can see who has commented on any content.

Post and share

No social media platform can be successful without this feature. Let your users create posts and share any posts with others.

In-app purchases

Upgrade your app to the premium model by incorporating the in-app purchase feature. Users will pay for subscription packages every month. They can also buy custom emojis, stickers, and themes.

Advanced features for your MeWe-like app

How to make an app like Me we Cost & Features

Video calling and voice calling

Premium users can take advantage of this app. It helps them with unlimited IP calling with video and voice modes.
Every user can connect with several other users at a time. Some business users are ready to pay a higher subscription fee to have a live-streaming opportunity on your social media platform.

Cloud Access

A technologically advanced social networking app has a cloud storage facility for users. It ensures an automatic recording of video calls. As businesses need to make important presentations in their webinars, they can take advantage of this feature.

So, it will be easy to showcase any work by recording, saving, and publishing the video call. There will be a seamless synchronization of the content with the cloud storage.


Stories remain visible to users for 24 hours. However, MeWe maintains a journal and creates a collection of everyday stories. You may also add a similar journal feature to your app. Users can save, sort, tag, organize and rearrange their stories. The journal is also shareable with friends and family members who use the app.


Let your app users tag the content into relevant categories. The search process will be easier for other users due to this tagging feature.

Video calling with a dual-camera

During a video calling session, most apps give access to the front or rear camera. However, while developing a MeWe-like app, your developers can add a special feature to use both cameras at a time. So, users may use the dual mode while recording a video.

Facebook has already modified different policies. Still, the platform is not free from different privacy concerns. Therefore, social media enthusiasts have started looking for more privacy-oriented and safer platforms. It has increased the trend of using an app like MeWe. A reliable MeWe mobile application development company will decide on the cost based on the UI design and other core features. Furthermore, the overall development time and the mode of development are relevant factors associated with the cost.

Create a MeWe clone app and show your anti-Facebook approach

MeWe is not a free social media app. Instead of advertisements, it relies on subscriptions from loyal users. To show its Anti-Facebook stance, it does not try to sell privacy. MeWe has designed the social media app with a unique concept that does not imitate standard social media platforms.

MeWe is available in 2 versions- the standard version and MeWe Pro. Thus, both paid and free subscribers can use the app.

Especially businesses that like to create custom home pages can choose MeWe Pro features. They can create a community and influence the target users of the app.

The intent of MeWe developers is clear, and you may also follow it to build an app. Users can share posts on different feeds. Moreover, you can find user profiles, group features, and separate pages related to a particular topic. Today, MeWe has received several positive reviews as a social network. So, you may also compete with it by cloning the MeWe app and integrating better features. Hire a team of developers and programmers to develop an app like MeWe.

Are you now ready to build a mobile app like MeWe? Consult your certified app developers and get an estimate of the project. They will learn about your needs and discuss the features to be added to the app. They will also discuss the technology that they use for the app. The technology stack will affect the overall cost.

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