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How to Create Music Streaming App like Spotify

How to Create Music Streaming App like Spotify?

Everyone likes music. The tempo of life is getting briskly and briskly. frequently there is no time to go through an entire list of music tracks and buy the bones you like. Fortunately, audio streaming processes have changed the way we hear to music. With ultramodern technologies, we get a royal user experience and admit music in a matter of clicks. Mobile bias and an astral speed Internet connection only round this trend.

5 ways to produce an app like Spotify

1. Consider the main Spotify- suchlike app features

A music streaming app includes similar features as enrolment and subscribing up, music organizing, music discovery, social sharing, push announcements, and a music library.

2. Choose licensing type

As for Spotify, the platform has two types of licenses containing the Sound Recording License Agreement and the Musical Composition License Agreement.

3. Find music app inventors

Choose a platoon that will make an app like Spotify for you. There are a lot of aspects for you to deliberate. You also should check the portfolio of your music operation development company.

4. Develop an audio streaming app UI/ UX design

Now, you and your development platoon should agree on how the unborn app will look. For that, you need to produce an app Wireframe, Mock-up, and Prototype.

5. produce audio streaming app MVP

At this stage, you’ll decide on your MVP (minimum feasible product), and all the other details with your development platoon and you’re ready to go.

Create a Music App like Spotify

Essential Features for Developing a Music Streaming App

The features Spotify has decorated itself & easily well-matched with its process that it delivers 1000s of music tracks on any specified moment, on a worldwide scale.

1. Registering & Social Login

Beginning your music streaming service is simple as you suppose, with all kinds of personalization and base information, registration on the live audio streaming platform is free and available through social media networks for beyond subscriptions.

2. Profile & Authorization

Surrounded with endpoints to recoup complete data about the stoner’s profile and authorization of every stoner with their analogous database similar as dispatch address, word, etc. to minimize spam interferences.

3. Audio Streaming

What’s an audio streaming? Get to know more on audio streaming with its intriguing features in the platform & radio streaming software that allows the stoner’s to stay over- to- date on the recent release of blockbuster tracks. Users can hear to the rearmost reader at any time on different music tracks.

4. Effective Search Tab & Organization

An individualized platform to manage every track on the stoner-specific taste for an effective comfort zone. Users can discover up to number of tracks and identify the pets.

5. AI Recommendations

Naturally listeners tend to pay further attention to recently-suggestive restorative playlists that are delivered according to their genre, mood, & added favourite essentials. Music streaming app builders can capitalize on this aspect in an ideal way & enhance user experience.

6. Playlist

Listening of utmost liked audio playbacks endlessly through managing the user’s entire playlist by saving and editing song tracks through online or offline mode.

7. Lyrical Display of Music

By including verses of songs in your on-demand music application, you can characterize your user’s extraordinary listening experience with added interest. As it’s AI- endorsed, you can grease with an option to continuously display lyrics during the playback to keep visitors engaged with your music app.

8. Download

Listening to the chosen track at any time without the use of the Internet is applicable through offline emptiness – downloading on any device.

9. Playlists Public or Private

It enables users of your platform to make colourful playlists within the music app. They can be constructed and distinguished from one another by letting only the user or those with whole control to access them.

Create a Music App like Spotify

10. Advertisement

Earning on every audio streaming result is applicable through advertisement by offering banners or videos & is undoubtedly the key for Spotify to magnify the profit by music streaming monetization platform.

11. Push Notification

A must features to connect users with the application in order to get the most out of recent updates form Artist, Community and Friends on the application circle.

12. Calendar of Music Occasions

People can use this option to check the date of their favourite songwriter’s or musician’s future live audio show or listed podcasts. This helps them to get back to your music streaming app and not miss those live or on request occasions.

13. Invite Friends & family

Let your friends & family hear to your favourite tracks by inviting your circle from Social Media or Email Addresses to relish each and every track on the list.

14. Song Writer Profile

An appreciating point that assists in satisfying every lyricist that adds out of work bonus of credits and stimulant and also to discover who produced your favourite music.

15. Chatting While Listening in App

There would not be anything differently better than interacting with your following peers within a music streaming congregation. Allow your users to make the utmost of their association with other cult to perfect engagement and broaden socializing while hearing to music.


There are thousands of audio streaming platforms available in the request but only a small number of streaming service providers make their trip to reap a huge profit. Therefore, similar music streaming operations are erected only by reputed audio service providers by enforcing coming- word technologies and strategies. While music streaming is a hot trend, you have a chance to get your share of the music streaming request, as Spotify did. But, to achieve success with your app, and be ahead of challengers, you need to get started free music apps like Spotify. The last thing that remains is to find development employees to resulting out the best music app like Spotify.

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