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How to develop a Fitness App?

Keeping a fitness app on your mobile phone is a normal thing nowadays. People are getting health conscious and working out hard to stay healthy. They are taking useful insights through the fitness apps and incorporating those insights into their workout regime. Therefore, it is the right time to plan a fitness app development. If you can craft a competent fitness app, there is a possibility that you will witness success in no time. Here, we will try to figure out the process of developing a fitness app.

Fitness app development: Different types of fitness apps

Before you get in touch with a mobile app development company, you should apprehend the different fitness apps. To be precise, you have to concede the type of app that you want to offer. Hence, here we will share a list of different types of fitness apps. It will aid you in making the right decision.

Activity Tracking Apps

These types of fitness apps will help you to keep track of various exercises and activities. Some of them are activity-specific apps. For instance, you will find out that some apps are intended for cyclists, and some are made for runners. Also, some other fitness apps will help you to monitor your exercise. It will track the number of steps that you are taking. Besides, it measures the distance that you are traveling.

Nutrition and diet apps

Now, these apps are responsible for tracking your eating habits. Here, the users have to submit the details of the food that they are about to eat. Once they do that, the app will help them to track the number of calories they are about to consume. Also, these apps are capable of tracking water intake. If you are going to develop a nutrition and diet apps, there is one feature that you can incorporate is the barcode scanner. It will help the users to find out the nutritional value of the packaged food.

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Workout apps

The workout apps will play the role of a virtual personal trainer. It doesn’t matter if you want to gain muscles or lose weight; it will deliver you with a specific routine. Being a user, you will choose the part of the body that you want to improve. For example, you can work on the upper body, full-body, lower back, and core strength. Also, you will be able to customize a certain exercise.

A step-by-step study

Now that you know the different types of fitness apps, it is time to fathom the steps involved with the app’s development. Once you know the steps, it will be easier for you to develop the app. So, the steps that we are talking about are:

1. Determine the model of monetization

There are numerous monetization models that you can follow. Well, it is the first step that you have to take. The monetization model depends on the fitness app design. Also, you can follow some monetization models like in-app purchases, paid apps, sponsored or ad content, and premium registration.

2. Incorporate the basic features

You should include the basic features of your app. Notifications, user profiles, geo-location, and social sharing are fundamental features of fitness apps. We will discuss the features in a more detailed way later in this discussion.

3. Hire an app development team

In this step, you have to get in touch with an app development team. We know that you have various ideas floating in your head. Moreover, to execute those ideas precisely and turn them into reality, you will need an app development team. Besides, they will play a pivotal role in establishing your business.

4. Application development

If you are designing an app, you have to make it compatible with both Android and iOS. Or else it will be an arduous job for you to accomplish the desired success. Your success will be confined to the specific operating system. Thus, you have to keep at least three developers on the boards. Apart from the iOS and Android app developers, you have to keep a backend app developer on the boards. He or she will be needful during times of emergencies.

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Features to include in your fitness app

Now, we will take a look at the features that you should encompass within your app. These features are accountable for attracting the attention of the users. If you want to make your app successful, you have to incorporate many features into your app. So, the features that we are talking about are:

The signup process should be easy

Make sure that the signup process for your app is effortless. If it is complicated, most of the users will feel uninterested. One of the most convenient things you can do is include an array of the login process. For example, log in through Facebook, Twitter, and your email address. It will cut down the long process and make it easier for the users.

Social integration

We cannot deny the fact that the usage of social media is increasing day by day. The users are sharing everything related to their life. They are even sharing their fitness regime on social media. Therefore, if you want to bring popularity to your fitness app, social integration is imperative. You should include the option to share their fitness activities directly to their social media accounts. It will attract their friends as well and will increase your app’s popularity.

Customized user accounts

In a fitness app development, you should include numerous options to the persona accounts. For example, the users should use the app on numerous platforms by storing their information at cloud storage. The users should also be able to add photos, height, weight, and other things. They should also be able to modify the interface’s design. They will be able to use these pieces of information to modify their fitness plans.

Activity tracking

It is one of the pivotal features that you have to include. If you can check the successful fitness apps, you will find out that it is one of the key features. For instance, your app should count the number of steps, miles covered, and the number of burnt calories. Therefore, these are the primary things that your app should track.

Push notifications

It is a must-have feature for all fitness apps. If the app sends insightful push messages, the users will appreciate that. They will be happy to stay informed and updated. Also, it will be easy for them to figure out the steps you have to take for your fitness.

Here are all the things that you should know if you are looking for a fitness app development. Thus, go through the above-written points meticulously and come up with an efficient fitness app.

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