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Event ticket booking App Development: Cost & Features

An event ticket booking app deals with the arduous process of making reservations for events either through slow processing websites or even slower moving queues. With some efficient app development, you will be able to facilitate reservations through your ticket booking application. These applications allow you to create your own account and save dates for future bookings as well. They provide information such as seat availability and prices against them. It merges the entire event ticket booking experience for the users and brings all necessary facets under one hood.

Making reservations from a remote place not only provides traveling conveniences but also saves a lot of the users’ time. Reason enough for modern-day users to go digital and switch to their ticket booking apps for further event reservations. This surge in users has compelled mobile app development companies to invest heavily in event ticket booking app development in recent years. As a result, we can find a booking app associated with almost all popular events. It is becoming increasingly common to develop a ticket booking application for events that attract a handsome amount of audience. If you want to develop your own, then first begin by acknowledging the features and costs involved. We intend to provide exactly that.

How do a ticket booking App Development help businesses and end-users?

An event ticket booking application manages the entire process of ticket booking for any event. As discussed before, it enhances convenience largely and can assist business owners in gaining complete control over workflow. Ticket booking businesses can now have a seamless way of managing reservations from remote locations. Amidst the digital age, we are in, having a booking app provides businesses with a competitive edge like no other. It puts them ahead of their market peers, and the advanced solutions make them stand out to the consumers.

The apps also benefit the users by displaying the top places of interest in any city. It also mentions newer places that have the potential to become a hotspot to the city crowd. These apps also allow like-minded people to gather at venues or events of common interest. Moreover, additional information about every event, such as detailed timings, event lineups, ticket pricing, and availability, are at their disposal. It also boils down to the Smartphone screen of the users. These apps also help in spreading the word about any event or festival in the city. It spreads awareness among citizens about potentially popular events that are upcoming. It entails people from different communities to come together and participate in the event, thereby enhancing communal harmony.

Must-have features while going for a ticket booking app development.

Event-ticket-booking-App-Development-Cost-&-Features Content Banner1Before investing in ticket booking application development, one must have a comprehensive understanding of the must-have features. Like any other mobile apps, the booking app should have two panels. First, the admin panel, and second, the User panel. The various features of these two panels meet the diverse requirements of the different classes of management and customers. Let us briefly go through the features that the user panel of most event booking app encompasses.

1. Logging in and Registration

Any business to the customer or B2C app must include an account creation procedure. Users must have the option to register using their social accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers. The accounts must include all valuable information such as email ID, username, mobile number, etc.

2. Reviews and ratings

Consumers can benefit from this feature immensely as all present-day apps catering to end-users must have a review feature. The users here can have access to ratings and reviews for every event they are planning to attend. The user’s word is of great value in the modern market. Providing the option to rate and write reviews on participated events can prove to be beneficial for both consumers and event organizers.

3. Location display

With GPS technology all over the radar, accessing user’s location using it is a must-have feature for all Smartphone apps. Your event booking app must show information about all events nearby the user’s location. It can also highlight programs based on that location. Users can also choose their location manually or allow the app to detect the same using GPS.

4. Filters

The Filter feature has become a powerful tool for end-users, especially in B2C applications. It enables them to choose events or programs filtered on various aspects such as time, places, and costs. This allows the users to effectively find the event best suited for their purpose. Your booking app must have the Filter tool allowing users to find the perfect event to attend.

5. Ticket booking and download

This goes without saying that your app must have a ticket booking feature. The app must enable users to book, download and send e-tickets to mobile numbers and email addresses. Besides, the app must confirm every booking from the organizer’s end and automatically generate an e-ticket or m-ticket.

6. Payment option

Very much like all B2C mobile app, the app must include options for making payments. Include various modes of payments such as Debit and credit cards, UPI and wallets, and even at-location payment if possible.

Costs incurred in creating an event ticket booking app

Event-ticket-booking-App-Development-Cost-&-Features Content Banner2The mobile app development company incurs extensive costs for developing B2C apps. Developing a ticket booking application will cost you in different facets of application development. They are mentioned in brief below.

1. Platform

The selection of platforms is fundamental in developing any mobile app. Choosing the right platform depends largely on where the target audience is located. Going by the recent Smartphone app trend, making your app cross-platform would reap richer dividends.

2. Feature Integration

All basic and advanced features of the app will add high costs to the development budget.

3. Marketing

Before your app finally hits the market, you need to invest in marketing it thoroughly. Even after the release date, the promotions need to proceed steadily for the app to gain consumers.


A ticket booking application enhances value for event organizer businesses. It helps them retain customers by offering them advanced opportunities to reserve tickets from the comfort of their smartphones. Event booking app development is hence a fascinating sector to invest in. Learning the features and costs incurred in creating such an app is mandatory. App developers must consider all such aspects before nose-diving into ticket booking app development.

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