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Best Mobile App Design Guide 2020 – From Start to Finish

The mobile market is now highly saturated with lots of apps. Still, there is room for you to grab the attention of the target audience with a mobile app, delivering consistent solutions. Amazing user experience and stunning user interface of your app can prove that your competitors have released only subpar products.

However, what thought turns up in your mind with the term- mobile app development? It is a complicated coding activity. Surely, you can never avoid coding for building an app. But, you may simplify the mobile app design process with a systematic approach. For every app development process, you need to create a customer-first scheme.

Making a roadmap for designing a mobile app

Breaking the app development process into different components is a key step towards app development. Mobile app developers and designers refer to it as a process of developing a roadmap. A roadmap makes a visual representation of small tasks that developers are going to accomplish. Besides, you can find interlinks of those tasks, and this roadmap keeps developers on the right track.

Moreover, app developers must focus on network availability, security solutions, SLAs, payment processing, and maintenance costs as well.

Ensure that your mobile app UX design has no clutter

Is your app user-friendly and comprehensible? When you find a mess in your app design, you have to remove unnecessary design elements. This step will help in avoiding confusion and adding speed to load the app. As the attention span of your app users is very short, they can become impatient with slow-loading apps.

The registration process with no friction

Of course, a registered user gets customized experience, and you can find an increased level of conversions by adding this registration process. However, never force users to enter personal details to open the app. Lots of users feel scared of sharing email addresses. Thus, let them get some value from your app, and then you can ask them to provide details for the signup process.

Moreover, the smartest step for you is to add a button to skip this process. Instead of giving boring instructions, you may use some courteous words to inform how the registration process is helpful to users.

Make sure that your app users do not need lots of typing activities

Truly, big-screen mobiles have made it easy to scroll the page and use different gestures. However, mobile users still do not feel comfortable in typing something using their device keyboard. Thus, when you have included a digital form in your app, it must not be much longer.

Less text and more graphics- Best tricks for app development

You think that the presence of several options and lots of information may interest your app users. You are wrong then. No app user is serious about getting educated. Besides, users always live simpler lives, and thus, easily interpretable graphics are the best elements for your app.

So, make sure that kids will also find it easy to use your app. However, you must keep up subtlety while avoiding flashy designs.

Your app UI design has to go with your website’s interface

Have you created your business website? Then, you have identified your visitors’ interaction on your site. Now, the app interface has to correspond with the design of your website. Do not use the new color scheme and different terminologies for your app design. A UI UX designer company always checks out your site and starts building your app.

Fonts have to be legible and clear

You may love artistic fonts. However, those fonts make the content slightly illegible. The standard font size is 11, and the size, lower than that, can strain one’s eyes. Besides, paragraph breaks, line spacing, indentations are also important to make the app content coherent.

Furthermore, there must be an optimal contrast between your font colors and background colors. Also, the wrong choice of colors makes uses feel that you have engaged an amateur app designer who does not know the value of colors.

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Sizing the app icon properly

App development is not merely about creating a mobile-friendly portal. Developers have to focus on the right sizing of the app. Moreover, the Play Store or App Store has to display your icon fully. Thus, the icon design needs to be distinct, and it must secure its place perfectly in a square.

In-app search feature- Make it easily identifiable

Some of us overlook this feature while designing an app. Users may have thought of looking for important information, and this search feature will enable them to find it within minimal time.

  • The search box must be accessible, as your app users do not like to waste time to locate it.
  • The search indexing process needs to display relevant results.

Images with a high resolution and proper aspect ratio

Maintaining visual appeal is one of the steps for the app design process. High-resolution graphics, clear product images, vibrant colors, and attractive background images- these elements constitute your app design. Besides, there must be a proper balance of functionality and beauty. Always ensure that images do not become blurry while zoomed by users. Let your app designers use image resizing tools to load your app fast.

While talking about images, we cannot avoid the instructions on the aspect ratio. Besides, the proper aspect ratio prevents the distortion of images due to an appropriate width and height. For instance, too long images look unattractive in your app interface.

Moreover, as your target audience use devices of different screen sizes, ranging from 4 to 10 inches. This ratio is also highly crucial for creating a responsive design of your app. The smart choice for you is to align your app images with its font style and size.

Resizing the buttons- The vital elements of an app

It is not easy for a mobile user to tap very small and closely packed buttons. Desktop users do not encounter this problem. On average, a finger size varies from 14mm to 15mm. Thus, a rule of thumb is to remember it while designing the app buttons. Right-sizing of a button prevents users from placing their fingers in the wrong place.

Test and ensure perfection to your app

The app development and design process are over. Now, your app developers are going to test the app to find potential bugs. One of the best ways of identifying the mobile app design issue is to get user feedback. To make sure that your app has impeccable performance, professionals always test out

  • Functionality
  • Memory
  • Security
  • Interruption

App designing is one of the never-ending processes, and you may need to revise older versions of the app to stay updated with trends.

Hire mobile app designer- Develop a trendy app design

Mobile apps and their UI design trends are always evolving, and professional designers stay abreast of those changes. For Android app development, the Material Design trend is a popular option. Based on the Flat Design principles, it helps in developing the best 3D icons, gradients, and shadows. However, this trend maintains minimalism and never makes a visual clutter.

Similarly, for Apple apps also, the interface needs to be simple with minimal use of cards and grips. Besides, the iOS app developers prefer an Adaptive Layout for designing an interface.

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