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App Development Companies thriving during COVID 19

App Development Companies thriving during COVID-19

The waves of digitalization have become more prominent with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. At different corners of the world, we have found a quarantine state, and it has diverse effects on businesses. You may have heard about a negative impact on the rate of employment. However, lots of entrepreneurs have tried to recover their economic status by adapting to the changing landscape. How? They have invested in app development to let their business flourish despite the lockdown for Coronavirus.

The digital shift in the past few months has become a boom in the mobile application development industry. Market analysts have predicted that the total number of downloads of apps will hit 258 billion by 2022. Although the pandemic has resulted in upheaval situations, professional developers and programmers have successfully secured the app-development market.

The positive effect of the plague is noticeable, especially on the on-demand apps development industry. These apps play an essential role in developing a layer between businesses and consumers. While fulfilling customers’ needs, these apps ensure convenience and faster delivery of products and services.

App development Trends in Multiple Business Sectors during COVID-19 Pandemic

eCommerce and Grocery apps

E-commerce apps, including online shopping and grocery apps, have seen an increasing number of downloads. In the last few months, many consumers have bought vegetables, foods, snacks, and groceries using an app. Governments of different countries have also launched some e-commerce apps for citizens. Hence, hire an app developer and start selling your groceries online.

Grocery app download growth in COVID-19 Pandemic

Grocery app download growth in COVID-19 PandemicSource: Statista

Entertainment and social media apps

While we are busy maintaining social distancing, we have found social media apps the best choice for a virtual connection. As self-isolation trends have developed barriers, these apps have promoted socialization. Dating apps have also become more popular among millennials. For instance, TikTok has found the growth of its user base during the pandemic.

Moreover, we have noticed another scene in the entertainment world. As there is a shutdown of cinema halls, entertainment lovers have invested in video streaming apps, like Amazon Prime. Mobile apps for entertainment have kept their collaboration intact.

Social Media Platform Usage in COVID-19 Pandemic

Social Media Platform Usage in COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Statista

Healthcare Apps- A savior in our toughest time

Due to strict lockdowns for several months, we have found increasing use of on-demand medicine delivery apps, fitness apps, and doctor’s apps.

Instead of visiting pharmaceutical stores, consumers have become dependent on apps to order medicines. Furthermore, this pandemic-induced world has also caused a shutdown of gym centers. Thus, personal trainers and fitness professionals have started training their clients with video calling apps.

When you own a fitness center, you can launch a custom app for your clients. A long-term disconnection from clients can result in the loss of revenue. Thus, to continue your business, you may rely on apps.

Adoption of countries endorsed COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Adoption of countries endorsed COVID-19 contact tracing apps

Source: Statista

Education apps- Saving the future of learners.

We have found a skyrocketing growth in the rate of developing educational apps. Professional analysts think that the number of educational apps and e-learning apps will rise for the remaining part of the year. It spells a positive effect on the application development industry. Besides, the best apps in the academic field have encouraged students and teachers to choose digital platform technologies for teaching and learning needs.

Thus, to retain the educational status of your academic institute, you can develop a custom app for educators and teachers.

Worldwide mobile education app downloads

Worldwide mobile education app downloads

Source: Statista

Devastating effects on travel and ride-sharing apps

The outbreak of the virus has restricted our movements and daily commutes. Therefore, app-based ride services and travel industries are seeing an adverse effect because of the virus. We have noticed that the number of downloads of ride-sharing apps is getting down. So, we need to wait for months to come out of the dire situation.

Impact on Ride-Sharing Market (Pre Vs. Post COVID-19 Analysis)

Impact on Ride Sharing Market (Pre Vs. Post COVID-19 Analysis)

Source: Markets and Market

Enterprise apps- Smooth business continuity

Although B2C businesses have focused on interaction with customers, there is a need for in-house team communication.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, enterprises are struggling with sudden closures and shutdowns. The corporate world is trying to undergo digitalization by adopting mobile technologies.

Mobile app developers are not busy with custom enterprise apps for different businesses. From video conferencing apps to instant messaging apps, every platform is useful to promote your business continuity. Some businesses are using apps like Skype and MS Office 365.

Source: Statista

Trending technologies in the app development industry

With the increasing usage of apps during the lockdown, an app development company has found the value of some innovative technologies. For instance, while developing B2C apps, the integration of chatbots have become important. Moreover, apps designed for healthcare, food delivery, online shopping, and banking sectors need to have chatbots. Customers always look for instant responses to their questions, and these chatbots could come to help.

On the other hand, eCommerce, automotive, real estate, education, and healthcare industries, think of integrating AR and VR technologies into the app. Furthermore, educational sectors have embraced distance-learning mode with AI-assisted app technologies. AI systems help in the continuous supervision of students. Besides, they can easily detect attempts to cheat and enable teachers to make the right evaluation of students remotely.

Another notable thing in the application development world is the use of Beacon technology. Hotels, museums, and health industries are relying on apps built with this technology. Beacon is useful for tracking location technology. Clinical centers may also choose it to track physicians and patients during emergencies.

App Development Companies thriving during COVID 19

Why do businesses have on-demand app development?

  • Contactless Delivery

Lots of consumers have become dependent on on-demand apps to serve their purposes during the quarantine period. Besides, the fear of transmission of the virus has caused everyone to maintain social distance. Mobile app-based transactions help in avoiding direct contact with sellers.

  • One platform- More choices

Customers always prefer a feature-rich app that saves their time for shopping products. The best on-demand app enables them to make the purchase decision easily.

  • Convenient shopping

We are not aware yet when the world will be free from Coronavirus. Some consumers feel panic in this situation and flock to local stores for buying overstock. Thus, most of these shops become out-of-stock. However, as consumers go online, they can find e-stores with big stocks.

  • Maintain hygiene

Hygiene has become the top priority during the pandemic period. To ensure the community’s welfare, businesses have taken the initiative to keep up hygiene in every way. The release of a mobile app conveys a message that the business is concerned about consumers’ safety.

The current view on the app development industry

Although there is a reduced usage for hospitality and travel apps, consumers are investing 20% more time dealing with other apps in 2020. They are searching for ways to control the present situation. Thus, they have found apps to be the best solution.

During the COVID-19 era, apps in social media, online shopping, remote communication, and the educational industry were winners. On the pre-pandemic days, only a few workers have been working remotely. However, now, there is considerable growth in the online conference and video chat apps. In the coming months, we will find more developments in the app market.

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