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8 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

Mobile app development will always start and end with the users. Nearly all unsuccessful mobile apps have one common element and that is a poor user experience. In fact, a quality mobile app user experience is essential to meeting the goal of the app.

The UX affects everything from the perception of the users to their interactions. In fact, you must understand the psychology and in-app behaviors of the target users. This is vital for creating a mobile app with good UX. Building an app with user data will help you to develop practical solutions that can remove the actual pain points of the users. Here are a few strategies that you can use to achieve the same.

Efficient Onboarding Process

This process is an essential part of the user experience. In fact, it is critical to the overall success of the app. The lack of a proper process can lead to increased abandonment rates of the app. The primary fact to keep in mind is that you should not confuse the user.

For a mobile app, the onboarding process must have basic instructions. If there are too many details, the user will be confusion. In other words, the UX will be affected. The onboarding process should only demonstrate the app’s value. There is no need to give a lot of information.

Straightforward Login Screen

If your app has a login screen, keep it simple and fast. Keep the registration process simple. After all, nobody likes filling up a gigantic registration form. For best UX results, allow users to login via using external accounts like Google or Facebook. If you do ask for extra details, keep them to a minimum. Only ask for the necessities. If the app does not need a specific detail, get rid of it. They are simply roadblocks to a good app user experience.

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Easy Search

A search option can quickly elevate the UX. After all, it helps the users quickly find what they want. In turn, it can also increase the conversion rates.

There are several strategies that you can implement for the search option. The most common is the keyword search. For e-commerce apps, barcode scans can be an excellent addition. To improve the UX further, you can consider adding filters. These improve the search results which, in turn, help the users. As a result, users get to enjoy a better experience.

Obvious and Intuitive

In simple terms, this means your user must not waste time thinking. The aspects of the app should be clear from the start. As such, do what it takes to eliminate confusion. For example, the function of a button must be obvious from its looks or accompanying text. Make it easy for the user to understand where to select, swipe or take some other action.

Both Android and iOS have specific guidelines and standards in place for app designs. Follow them and enhance the UX by reducing the learning curve.

Limited User Input

Of course, an app can require certain input from the users to function. For example, an e-commerce app will request the user for billing information and credit card details. Irrespective of the reason, make it a point to limit the input.

Users are more likely to get frustrated during input. After all, mobile devices have a smaller screen. Asking for more details will surely increase abandonment rates. As such, its aim to reduce input. You can do this by using systems like spell-check and autocomplete.

Short and Concise

Mobile devices have considerably smaller screens. As such, reading content on a mobile screen is harder than reading on a laptop or desktop. In other words, the content on your app must be optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, an app offers a different experience than a website.

The content for your app should contain only the most essential details. The content should provide value while guiding the user. There is no need to include everything. After all, mobiles are meant to be interactive. You must allow users to discover content on their own in your app. This will improve the mobile app user experience greatly.

Feedback on Mobile App User Experience

Keeping the user’s problems in mind during the mobile app development is important. However, it is similarly important to get user feedback. After all, your users will surely have something to say about your mobile app. Understand their pain points and improve upon them. Continuously improving the app user experience is essential to success.

Security and Trust

These days, security and trust is of paramount importance to users. For good UX, your app must reassure users of its security. However, this is not just about security. Users must trust your app. For this, you need to avoid asking for permissions that your app does not require. If asking for permissions or confidential details, clearly state the reasons for the same. Additionally, mention how those details and permissions will be used.

A good mobile app user experience is now critical to success. After all, mobiles are the new frontier, after the internet, for businesses. Paying proper attention to the UX can reap rich dividends.

Rushabh Patel

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