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7 ways to reduce Android app size during Android app development in 2024

7 ways to reduce Android app size during Android app development in 2024

The duty of app developers has multiplied manifold due to the fact human needs are now not finite. To fulfil users’ growing needs, developers ought to contain many elements in one app. However, when doing so in Android app development, there are excessive probabilities of that app turning into larger. According to data, 74% of the populace makes use of Android applications, and around 70% of customers think about the app measurement earlier than installing it. And, humans decide upon to use low-size applications. Thus, mobile storage has reached the mark of 256 GB to meet personal demands.

More than 337 million customers have restrained facts plans, and Google Play Store shows the message “Download the use of Wi-Fi” for giant apps. Large apps additionally create overall performance troubles like lagging, expanded RAM usage, and decreased on-hand storage. That’s why app developers have to advance smaller Android purposes that are responsive, interactive, and doable on most mobile devices. We will explain the motive at the back of the giant app dimension and how you can minimize the utility dimension in the course of the Android app development cycle.

What’s Causing Android Apps to be Larger?

In the mobile app industry, each Android app development company is competing to encompass lots of points to supply a splendid trip to users. As a result, the dimension of apps is additionally growing significantly. Present-day apps are bloated due to the fact of these three predominant reasons:

  • Rapidly increasing function sets
  • Increasing UX standards
  • Including help with a wide variety of display sizes

According to research, 65% of customers don’t set up the app if it’s too large. As per Google reports, if the app dimension is greater than hundred and fifty MB, the possibility of customers putting in the app reduces by way of 30%. Earlier, Google encouraged this measurement to be a hundred MB, however now it has increased. Also, the conversion charges drop using 1% for each 6 MB surge in the app size.

7 ways to reduce Android app size during Android app development in 2024

7 Effective Tips to Reduce App Size Easily

Google additionally provides a higher answer known as the Android App Package. It allows the customers to install Android functions excluding downloading imperative factors that are additionally current in the different Play Store apps. This answer with the aid of Google helps reduce the app measurement by using nearly 35%. But what if your Android app nevertheless requires extra space? Let’s now look at the 7 strategies that can minimize measurement at some stage in Android app development.

1. Make use of Proguard

Proguard is the most useful device to decrease your APK dimension significantly. It minimizes the supply code documents and is successful in decreasing the APK file dimension up to 90%. Keep these matters in thinking when the use of Proguard:

  • Anytime you use “Proguard,” use it in all variations.
  • It aids in stopping warfare whilst developing an APK or bundle if used throughout all variations.
  • Proguard can’t rename or delete any fields from these facts lessons considering that they need to adhere to the serialized format.

2. Utilize the Android Size Analyser Plug-In

App developers can limit the dimension of the Android purposes in the Android Size Analyser Plug-In. It can assist you in accomplishing these things:

  • View the APK’s full and comparative size.
  • Understand the shape of DEX files.
  • Quickly observe the completed variations of APK files, such as the AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • Perform a side-by-side assessment of two APKs

3. Get Rid of Idle Resources and Code

Android app development services can use the lint device that helps app developers decide assets your code doesn’t point out in the res/folder. It can additionally realize unused assets and afford the choice to reutilize assets as an alternative to deploying new resources. Reusing sources restricts house utilization and controls app size. There is precise Android app development equipment that allows useful resources and code shrinking. It makes it easy for the Android app development company to create user-friendly, marketable apps.

4. Wipe Out Dead Code

APK file measurement without delay impacts the app load speed, RAM usage, and energy consumption. Hence, Android app development services in USA ought to perceive and delete useless codes to promote higher performance. Dead codes are non-functional and don’t have an impact on app functionality. On the contrary, useless codes generate bugs in the app, so deleting lifeless codes keeps the app bug-free and remoted from malicious attacks.

7 ways to reduce Android app size during Android app development in 2024

5. Optimize the App Images

Rich high-quality photographs or photos eat up a lot of storage space, affecting the pace and response charge of Android applications. However, a Mobile app development employer can optimize the measurement of snapshots barring impacting their quality. There are several pieces of equipment on hand online that assist in trading the photograph file measurement effectively.

6. Less Emphasis on Screen Densities

Most Android app development services wish to make apps that can run flawlessly on all devices. They, therefore, put forth infinite effort to make certain that the app is well suited to a range of display screen densities. That’s why growing an app for all display kinds is now not possible at the fee of large-app sizes. However, it is viable to survey and parent out the share of customers having units with unique display screen densities.

7. Try to Avoid Enumerations

Enumerations add extra records to app files, which include shared libraries or complicated systems. Therefore, it is a logical selection to keep away from enumerations. Android app development services can stay away from enumerations through the usage of Android app development equipment that alternates enumerations into integers.


As customers emerge as greater aware, the Android app development area is growing, and human beings are putting in many apps. With the extend in demand, developers consist of a huge variety of features. Implementation of a range of facet effects in multiplied app sizes. As the app dimension increases, customers are dealing with storage issues. You can hire the strategies noted in your apps at some stage in the Android app development cycle. This will indeed decrease the measurement of your app.

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