WordPress is the most popular content management system today used by millions of individuals and businesses worldwide to update websites and manage content regardless of the industry or purpose. Even if at the beginning it started as a platform for creating blogs, it soon became a very powerful CMS for building websites too due to its flexibility, scalability and secure character.

Through our development services we aim to provide companies with an outstanding and powerful website that will serve them into better communicating with their users and clients, increase conversion rate and build long term relationships based on amazing content and eye-catching pages.

  Siddhi Infosoft creates WordPress solutions that are compatible with all business models and industry related requirements while maintaining high quality standards.

Our great team of dedicated WordPress developers is ready to offer you user-friendly, highly professional, yet affordable websites that will serve your growth objectives and strategic business model. They will put all their skills and expertise into delivering cross-browsers compatible websites aiming to increase traffic and consolidate the online presence for your business. Once we analyze your company, your needs and specific requirements, we will advise you upon choosing the right CMS for your business.

  Whenever we recommend WordPress, we do it because of its multiple key advantages:

1. Easy to use: With WordPress, all it takes is just a few clicks to create or remove pages, edit any text or image, without having any HTML knowledge.

2. Multiple admin possibilities: You can have more admins managing your website with secured log in access for each of them.

3. SEO friendly: All search engines love WordPress due to the way it’s built that makes it so much easier for them to index and rank websites based on it.

4. Browser based: Being a browser based tool means that you can access and use WordPress from any computer and that you can manage your website and pages without the need of any additional software.

5. High performing plug-ins: WordPress comes with a multitude of plugins that allow you to custom your site depending on your own needs and help you capture the uniqueness of your brands, engage your audiences and increase business.

6. Amazing blog creation: Being the first thing WordPress has ever done, creating a blog in a WordPress-based website is literally a piece of cake. Plus, it comes with awesome plugins for social sharing and analytics to offer you a complete experience.

7. Cost effective: Being an open source platform, you save money for the software part and invest only in customization and design.

Our experienced and passionate WordPress developers can build an easy to manage website using the complete and complex functionalities of this powerful CMS as well as integrating and customizing those exact plugins that will benefit your company right now. You can choose from adding a Google XML sitemap, an event calendar, a sociable plugin or a SEO pack in order to increase your website’s functionality without affecting its speed. We are here to advise you upon which plugins are best for you, which will bring the more traffic to your website and captivate your client’s attention.