PHP is the most popular web development scripting language that helps coders build top notch business websites with real-time solutions. Being widely spread and powering almost 75% of the total existing websites, including giants like Facebook, Wikipedia or Yahoo, PHP has rapidly become the favorite and most used open source language for developers searching for feature-rich options. All the millions of websites based on PHP also stand as a testimony for the high level of user-friendliness it provides as well as adaptability.

We are positive when we say we can help you and your company as well no matter your industry, niche or targets. The basis of our affirmation is built on several years of experience, a team gathering creative, technical and ingenious minds and a proper, modern infrastructure ready to serve your specific needs with maximum professionalism. Hundreds of clients from over 30 countries around the world have trusted us with their PHP projects and appreciated our bright, programming minds and excellent results in various fields and business areas.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we have developed hundreds of PHP projects and inciting websites for various customers worldwide and serving different purposes and business goals.

During the years, we have specialized in developing all types of PHP-based websites such as corporate presentations websites, sports & leisure ones, complete e-commerce websites, entertainment, business-related ones and many more. We are always waiting for the next challenge and another opportunity to use our skills, know-how and expertise to consolidate our community of happy, satisfied customers. Our dedicated PHP programmers are more than qualified to manage all your PHP related tasks and projects, no matter their size, complexity, area of interest or subject.

  We strongly recommend and use PHP for the following key advantages it offers:

  •   It is completely free. And, not just that: all the tools and frameworks needed for development are free as well!
  •   It allows us to create both static and dynamic websites.
  •   It is compatible and works flawlessly across multiple platforms: Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser.
  •   It is highly reliable, fast and top performing
  •   It is widely adaptable, from a single user blog to a million views a month website
  •   It can be easily personalized due to a large number of available libraries
  •   It is very scalable according to specific needs.

  Why choose Siddhi Infosoft for your PHP projects and websites?

  •   Complete PHP development services
  •   Open source solutions like Joomla, Magento, Drupal and WordPress
  •   Custom PHP development
  •   Projects developed in various domains for both web and mobile
  •   Years of expertise in building e-commerce websites, corporate presentation, digital media ones, portals, blogs and content management solutions.
  •   A dedicated and committed team of PHP programmers working on state-of-the-art gadgets and making use of the latest technologies
  We are ready to hear your ideas and see how we can translate them into a unique and beautiful online presence that will serve your company’s long-term strategy and bring you closer to your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to talk about new projects and means of making them happen.