Hitscenes – best economic value

Hitscenes - best economic value

Hitscenes - best economic value


Hitscenes is an application that works to bring the best economic value to everyone. It consists of a system that has both web and app interfaces. Hitscenes believes that our customers should get the best. The vision of Hitscenes is to be the top data analytics company for both producers and consumers. Our customers love our creativity, value our simplicity and trust us for our reliability.

Hitscenes is your platform allowing businesses and consumers to connect for a mutually beneficial transaction. Additionally, Hitscenes lets you enjoy the exclusive goods and services at the most reasonable price. We have created an environment in which both businesses and consumers feel free to share their resources of time and thought for both parties for fair compensation.

Client’s Requirements

The client wanted a unique yet beneficial platform where consumers and businesses could easily interact and connect. The client asked for a channel where users could find several companies and could rate/review. To unite everything in a single platform, the client approached Siddhi Infosoft to develop an exceptional app with web and app interfaces.

Our expert team communicated with the client proficiently and inquired about the requirements. With high-performance features, we developed Hitscenes where people could share their resource of time and thought, connecting businesses and consumers together.

How Hitscenes Works?

This application is a platform in which consumers and businesses can connect for mutual benefits, enjoying high-quality goods and services at the most reasonable price. With an effective business strategy, Hitscenes changed the way you conduct your business. Additionally, Hitscenes returns 20% of profit to our valuable customers by using our unique reward system.

Hitscenes understands that clients value high-quality goods and services that they consume. It also gives away a top consumer reward that gives discounts, coupons and points. Along with the business and service listing, Hitscenes offers the same rating and reviewing system for multiple products as well. Therefore, our review system is what makes our policy one-of-a-kind.

Our comprehensive review system stands out among other application. Many applications have limited parameters to post a review; however, Hitscenes has three types of reviews for every service/business – Basic, Intermediate & Advance.

  • In the Basic review, it is all about simple rating + review as plain text.
  • Intermediate review categorises into sub-sections.
  • Advance review system consists of sub-to-sub parameters to valuation.

Our complete review and rating system lets the users discover the advantages and disadvantages of businesses. Moreover, it gives a more precise idea to other reviewers.

Hitscenes - Rating & Reviewing system
Features of Hitscenes App


For Consumer Users

  • Consumers can have unlimited access to high-quality products and services from all over the world.
  • It is one of the most creative applications for finding value for your business or services.
  • Consumers have access to the top rewards in the form of points, discounts and coupons.
  • Consumers have the rights to your contents.
  • Enjoy long-lasting access for building your business with reducing promotions, advertisement and other business-related costs.
  • Consumers have access to launch and promote their new business at highly cheap cost.
  • It has access to creating a personal auction to find the most reasonable price.
  • Lifetime reward in the form of discounts and points for your efforts, helping us know you better.
  • Access to a extra ordinary network of like-minded and interesting people in your groups.
  • Access speakers of different languages through Hitscenes great language translator system.

For Corporate Clients

  • Access to one of the most innovative consumer metrics and industry
  • Development strategy and business growth
  • An exceptional medium for your ads
  • A platform for developing, improving and launching your goods and services in real-time
  • Timely monitor and reward your consumers
  • Promoting client satisfaction
  • The direct access to interested people in your products and services in the most innovative and fun way
  • We offer a clear business perspective
Corporate Clients


As per the client’s demand, Siddhi Infosoft had to implement a very unique and complicated review system which was dependent on algorithm and calculations. It was quite challenging to make a detailed review and rating system that required divisions into three sub-sections, i.e. basic, intermediate and advanced.

The challenge stemmed from the primary functionality of the Hitscene app which was introducing highly versatile and detail feedback system not present on the market or offered by any other service. All the apps and websites have very limited critera and parameters for gathering reviews, however Hitscene was quite different.

It categorized reviewing into three different classes including basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic featured simple rating and textual review while intermediate had multiple parameters and sections. Advanced level reviews further subcategorized parameters for detail-oriented feedback. This structure was proposed by Hitscene to enable customers to easily figure out the pros and cons of the business.

This didn’t only require smart yet complex code but immense time and thought investment into planning and strategizing in terms of how to deal with the multi-faceted challenge.

Hitscenes - Rating & Reviewing system
Hitscenes - Rating & Reviewing system
Hitscenes - Rating & Reviewing system

How Siddhi Infosoft Solved the Problem

Our team of skilled and experienced developers got to the drawing board and after thorough brainstorming came up with the basic strategy required to develop the app successfully that didn’t only include the required functionality but featured a user friendly UI that encouraged users to leave their valuable feedback.

App developers of Siddhi Infosoft wrote smart algorithms from the scratch to create the categorizations and subcategorizations required to collect the feedback from different pools of customers. The app featured a robust code base to ensure streamlined and hassle free functionality for the users.

Our commitment and consumer centric approach allowed us to deliver the completed app with all the required features within the specified time frame enabling Hitscenes to launch their service on time and help customers and users to make an informed buying decision through transparent and detail oriented reviews.

App developers

GHN – Good Health Naturally

GHN - Good Health Naturally


Good Health Naturally is the leading company that provides you with first-class natural health solutions. It works to improve your health and well-being through natural supplements. Good Health Naturally’s product range also includes an electro-acupressure device giving pain relief by efficiently targeting your pressure points. GHN is your go-to application for all your health solutions.

GHN’s works to enhance your health with the help of minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements. Additionally, GHN also raises awareness about the benefits of using natural supplements and raw solution.


Client's Requirements

The client wanted a one-stop solution for all healthcare problems to educate people about natural solutions and supplements. They wanted all the information in the application to be understandable and clear to avoid unnecessary complexities.

Due to the increasing gap between doctors and patients, usually, a doctor cannot give enough time to a patient. For this reason, the client wanted natural solutions for people, so they do not feel the need to visit the doctor every other day.

Current treatment and medications were required but only through mineral, vitamins and other natural supplements. In addition to this, they wanted an application to spread awareness among patients regarding the benefits of natural supplements.

Our professional developers inquired about the requirements and developed the required app. Our cross-functional team of professionals utilized a scalable project methodology. They also provided a flexible and high-performance application promptly. Our proficient team focused on accessibility and quality features, including quality assurance testing and client’s feedback.

How GHN Works?

The natural health solutions of Good Health Naturally are researched comprehensively and are scientifically manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Good Health Naturally supplies the natural supplements that are made of like vitamins and minerals. GHN is known for introducing and using the Serrapeptase enzyme to the industry. This enzyme is beneficial, as several people have found natural pain relief for the natural treatment of their specific health conditions.

GHN is a reputable natural health solution provider which uses the top quality, certified and beneficial ingredients of the exceptional quality. We use the ingredients that are clinically proven and are supported by the doctors as well.

We comply with all the standards that are set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our high-class manufacturing processes ensure that each material and stage is audited and analyzed to ensure maximum activity and stability.

We follow an efficient approach, providing premium quality natural health solutions and nutritional supplements that support with reliable research. Our primary mission is to provide quality natural health products using the best ingredients that are clinically proven.


  • A simple user interface that enables users to order natural health products that perfectly suits them
  • A prior health evaluation
  • Efficient IT infrastructure that correctly supports data communication in mobile devices with the help of web services architecture
  • Users have access to check their status details throughout the process
  • Enhanced communication with top best customer care centre to help you in each step
  • No need of visiting the doctor regularly decreased efforts and no paperwork involved.
  • Security layers so that you can access information on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Our application management proficiencies guarantees that only certified person can have access.
  • It is designed exclusively for iOS and Android.


The developers faced a variety of issues and complications to effectively implement a wide range of custom designs. It was also not easy to draw high-performance feature and a cluster view which provides improved engagement to the users.

Another big challenge faced by the development team while developing the app was writing code for this platform’s content-based social integration to provide the users with all health-related activities details.

Both of these challenges were quite uphill tasks as they required meticulous planning on the part of the development team as well as a lot of technical and coding skill to integrate everything into a seamless experience which the client’s users would be happy to use. Customized designs posed the biggest challenge as the implementation involved identifying the correct scenario and then using an adequate design for the purpose.

For any other development team, which might not have had the skillset and experience as our team is blessed with, this integration would have become a tough nut to crack, especially given the tight deadline as the client wanted to go live in a few months. However, our skilled and experienced development staff was up to the task and this is how they climbed up the hill to wave the flag of their success.

The Solution

Our development team got to the drawing board and broke down all the challenges, issues and complications into smaller elements. That is critical points where we needed to solve the key functionality problem. Using this approach, our team was able to identify and sort the challenges into different categories.

Right developers were assigned the task to overcome these challenges so each and every developer was focused on solving his challenge without having to worry about anything else. The progress was streamlined and it was ensured periodically that all the micro solutions have the capacity to work in tandem without breaking the functionality.

Using this approach, our team wasn’t only able to build an efficient infrastructure capable of supporting secure and fast mobile data communication but provided enough security layers to ensure privacy of sensitive individual data. The system also made sure that the application management proficiencies guarantee that only certified person can have access.

Finally, the development team of Siddhi Infosoft created the experience, both in terms of user interface and functionality that our client was searching for. The project was tested rigorously to iron out any beta application issues and the finalized bug free version was delivered to the client just before the deadline. Another feather in the caps of our amazing development team.

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    Dizzy Doctor

    Dizzy Doctors

    Dizzy Doctors

    Feeling dizzy and have a packed schedule that does not let you make a quick appointment to the doctor? What to do when you get quite a few of those “dizzy” moments, called vertigo in medical terminology, that need immediate attention and you can’t always have them in clinics which makes the diagnosis delayed. Well, here is where Dizzy Doctors comes into the picture.

    Basically, you can experience dizziness in a number of ways. You might feel the room around you is spinning or your head might feel lightheaded. This unpleasant experience is termed as vertigo or disequilibrium. Some patients might even feel like they steer towards the right or left while walking instead of standing straight. To be able to prescribe a proper treatment plan, doctors need a proper diagnosis of the situation. Since one is not always in the position to visit physicians, Dizzy Doctors makes it possible for doctors to diagnose online. How? Here it is.

    The patient needs to use the specifically designed Vertigo Recording Goggles (VRG) to record one of the vertigo episodes. These recordings when presented to the physician can help in diagnosis done by sitting in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. Dizziness can be caused because of a number of issues like migraine etc. and require varying treatments. With significantly useful eye recordings, doctors can ensure that patients undergo the best and most suitable treatment.

    The Dizzy Doctors app has been specifically designed, along with separate online patient and physician portal, to guide the patient with a voiceover on how to take the vertigo recording.

    Client’s Requirements

    A client expressed the problem of not having enough time to visit a doctor while getting episodes of vertigo quite a lot to bear. Moreover, one does not always get dizziness episodes in a clinic. To be able to resolve this glaring problem, the app of Dizzy Doctors was designed. All a patient needs is a smartphone and Vertigo Recording Goggles (VRG). In order to record, the patient must have someone else along with him or her to be able to record efficiently.

    However, the app comes with clear and detailed voice commands and internal gyroscopic positioning verification that guides the patient should turn face while the recording is being made. The smart phone’s camera records the patient’s iris and pupil movements during position protocols. This is what later helps the physicians to diagnose the reason behind dizziness accurately. The physicians can also view the recording on their online portal on PCs.

    Features – what’s in it for patients?

    • Purchase a pair of Vertigo Recording Goggles
    • Download the Dizzy Doctor App in the Apple Store
    • Make an account on the app that will directly be created on the DizzyDoctor website
    • Record any of your vertigo episodes
    • The episodes get directly uploaded into the patient’s account
    • The video cannot be viewed by anyone until a small amount of fee Is paid
    • Fee can be paid by simply logging into your patient portal
    • Credit Cards and online payments work for paying the fee
    • This unlocks the video from viewing
    • The video can now be viewed from the patient’s chosen health care provider or any other physician
    • Patients can add or delete videos from the smartphone anytime
    • Patients can access information about various successful health care providers around the world and choose accordingly for their treatment
    • Patients can also share the videos with chosen physicians followed up by clinic visit

    Features – what’s in it for doctors?

    • Physicians begin by registering on the Dizzy Doctors as a certified professional
    • Create an account on the website by entering address, details etc.
    • Once the account is verified, the physician is ready to treat patients.
    • If the patients share the login details, physicians can view the recordings anytime
    • Once the patient visits, the physician can enter the patient’s login details
    • Both parties can view the recordings together
    • This recording, coupled with the patient’s earlier medical history and tests, can help the physician accurately diagnose
    • Physicians can be in contact with multiple patients

    Features – what’s in it for the admin panel?

    • Manage user accounts
    • Manage health care providers accounts
    • Locking and unlocking vertigo recordings of each user
    • Regulating the fee payments from patients
    • Approving or rejecting profiles of health care providers

    Challenges and Solutions

    How to get the recordings done correctly?

    The idea to have an app as efficient and advanced as it today was quite challenging at first. Why so? Getting the recordings right despite buying the Vertigo Recording Goggles is no small feat. The system required to be flawless if it was to be implemented and work for thousands of people around the world. Getting the patients to make the recording correctly came off as an uphill task that seemed almost insurmountable. However, our team of finesse developers did the unthinkable. The careful incorporation of voice commands and internal gyroscopic positioning verification, along with instructional videos, did the trick. The app is now easy to use for everyone conquering dizziness.

    How to design an efficient system

    There is no denying that creating the Dizzy Doctor system was a tad bit challenging. The system consists of the Dizzy Doctor iPhone app, VRG and online patient/physician portal. Designing all three together and making them work simultaneously with complete ease was a task our team of designers worked on. The end result is that both the portal and apps are now easy to use and leading the way in providing improved health care.

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      D’Beaute – Beauty Service App


      On Demand Service App

      Let’s admit it; being invited to parties and dinners on short notices has never been easy. Getting eyebrows done or arms waxed is a hassle because of the time consuming trips to salons. Reaching salons located far away and then waiting for your turn is plain exhausting. No woman loves this hassle before going to an event. Want to find a service provider on your available timings? Here is the right option for you.

      D’Beaut is an on-demand beauty service app that goes above and beyond to help its users find salons, beauty parlors located nearby. Additionally, it also caters towards finding spa centers, cosmetics shops and so on. The aim is to connect female users with their preferred hair stylists and makeup artists as per their convenient timings. The app is specifically designed to be classified as user-friendly and aesthetic.

      Confused which professional to choose from the wide variety of options? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of reliable reviews of each beauty service provider in order to make an informed decision and not get anything wrong. Running short on cash? Check out the prices and choose the one that is not heavy on your pocket and does not force you to sell kidneys.

      The service provider side of the app also has a great deal of easy to use options. You can manage your profile and keep a check on your past and future appointments. An additional costs gallery keeps a track of the payments you have made so far. This is indeed a lot you can manage with just a few clicks rather than going through the fuss of keeping a manual record.

      Ladies, it’s time to be your own boss. Choose the salon you love, book an online appointment as per your availability and get that one particular look you have been excited about for so long.

      Client’s Requirements

      Ladies from every nook and corner would agree on the indisputable fact that wanting a perfect look for some party or dinner is something not to be taken for granted. Why so? Finding the right parlor or professional at the right time seems almost unsurmountable usually. Life is not to be wasted waiting in salons for our appointment or travelling to and from beauty parlors miles away. Therefore, a client was specifically looking for an app to connect females with nearby beauty salons, professionals, and beauty shops etc.

      Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, the pros and cons of building such an app were measured. The targets were decided and then there was no looking back. To make the process of going to beauty parlors hassle-free, such an app was designed to rightly eliminate the glaringly obvious problems. The main aim was to make the service available to a wide range of users and also simultaneously enable beauty service providers to get customers with a single click. The connection between the two parties is highly efficient and equally benefitting. Professionals can offer their services and users can get some of the best beauty services anytime and anywhere.

      The idea that was once just a proposal is now a reality that is succeeding by leaps and bounds every passing day.

      Features – For Customers:

      • Download the app from PlayStore or iOS
      • Login using an email
      • Create and update your profile
      • Enter your location or turn on the GPS on your phone
      • Search for nearby salons, beauty parlors, beauty shops etc.
      • View reviews and costs of all the available options
      • Schedule an online appointment
      • Receive a notification once the appointment is received and confirmed
      • Get a reminder of your upcoming appointments
      • Manage your previous and future appointments from the history bar
      • Keep a record of your payments using cost gallery
      • Rate and Review
      • Cancellation of appointment

      Features – For Salons/Parlors:

      • Register using an email
      • Upload the relevant details and scanned documents
      • Once the registration is confirmed, design a portfolio with a good description and a photograph.
      • Regularly add and update available time slots
      • List the services you provide so it’s easier for users to navigate
      • Keep track of all scheduled appointments using a synced in calendar
      • Receive notifications of new appointments
      • Accept or decline any appointment you like

      Features – For the Admin Panel:

      • View and manage all complete and pending appointments
      • Accept or reject beauty parlors and professional’s profiles
      • View, add and remove profiles
      • Manage their schedules
      • Keep track of active and non-active users
      • View, add and delete customers
      • Organize user profiles

      Challenges and Solutions

      Finding the right service provider options

      Whenever a customer searches for a particular service as per the cost range, location, it is indeed no easy task to filter the available service providers from a wide variety of options. This was a tad bit challenging. However, our developers still managed to resolve the challenge. The app sorts out salons and freelance professionals based on their available slots that neatly aligns with the customer’s location and demands. This advanced and efficient filtration is managed by the admin panel and backend team using an algorithm.

      Making the app user-friendly

      In today’s technology driven world, every user needs an app that does not leave them confused or hanging about anything. To make our app user-friendly did come as a challenge in the beginning as there are a range of features that were to be made easily accessible. This challenge was overcome by our team of finesse designers who came up with the final look that is nothing short of impeccable.

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        Sylky – On-demand System

        Home improvement made easy.

        Sylky - On-demand System

        Sylky is one of the most hassle-free and convenient ways to get your daily work done within few taps. It is one of the best platforms which provide variety of home improvement services to clients at single destination. Sylky brings the perfect, quick and simple solution to connecting with the best qualified, rated and reviewed, local tradespeople in your area for free.

        All your home improvement and maintenance needs just became a whole lot easier with Sylky on your side. From finding your perfect tradesperson, managing your job on the go, paying your trade safely. It’s a kind of on-demand system where users can find plumbers, handymen and other service providers. Moreover, service providers can register there and acquire business. Its web system is developed with Laravel back-end and React.js. Whereas, apps are native – i.e. native iOS and Native Android. Find the right pro for your project with Sylky!

        Client Requirements

        In this busy world, nobody has time to go out and find a home improvement provider.Be it plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cleaners or other service providers. Our client wanted an app that will connect them to the tradespeople in no time.

        Client wanted a single app that both user types i.e. consumers and service providers can use. Therefore, it has effective role management coding that brings a seamless experience for both the users. Multiple home improvement services within a single app. In addition to this, a service provider can also use this app as a consumer, in case they want services from other vendors. With effectiverole management and supervision, all the client’s concerns were addressed through a single app which worked effectively for various cases. It has successfully turned an amazing idea into a reality.

        Challenges & Resolutions

        The challenge –
        The app was supposed to find available service providers in relation to the location of users i.e. geo-location filters. Highly accurate and precise results were required taking skills of the service provider and their geo-location into consideration.

        How we resolved it –
        To overcome this challenge, we implemented a robust and feature rich searchmechanism closely integrated with Google Maps and navigation service APIs so consumers can easily find the tradespeople in their region.

        The challenge –
        Once the user has found the right match, the second challenge was to manage appointments accurately. It was crucial to providing hassle free experience as a time-slot on service provider’s end couldn’t have conflicted with other client’s requests.

        How we resolved it –
        We handled this uphill task through development of a versatile appointment booking system featuring time-slot management. It enabled service providers to manage and control their available timings and off day/hours from their profile panel.

        The challenge –
        Another challenge was notifying service providers instantly upon getting a service request. Similarly, users also needed to be notified immediately upon acceptance of the request. There were 6 other events including payment escrow, payment released and job completion where users and service providers were required to be informed in real-time.

        How we resolved it –
        Our team of skilled developers implemented Google Firebase with great success featuring highly customized code that delivered real-time and fast notifications for both users and service providers.

        The challenge –
        One more prominent challenge was handling online payments. Initially, both users and service providers have trust issues.

        How we resolved it –
        We implemented a robust escrow system so both parties can smoothly deal and we overcame this challenge.


        • Sign up with basic details like name, address, contact number, email, and password
        • Login with appropriate account credentials.
        • Forgot password with recovery options.
        • Create, view and edit profile.
        • Allow clients to select and schedule their preferred services.
        • Google Maps for navigation.
        • Notify clients whenever a request is accepted, rejected and cancelled.
        • Allow clients to schedule future/later services.
        • View history of past and future services. Organize and manage multiple jobs in the one place.
        • Share pictures because it’s easier to communicate what the job is with a few images.
        • Service providers don’t pay for contacts or leads, just pay when you do a job.
        • Communication between clients and service providers through inbuilt phone and message. Keep track of your service provider’s progress with secure private messages.
        • Notify clients during arrival of service provider and after service completion.
        • Display payment receipt after completion of services.
        • Cash payment and you can also pay your service providers safely with either credit card or PayPal
        • Escrow system so both parties can smoothly execute the contract.
        • Customers don’t pay a cent for signing up.
        • Anywhere, anytime, even for emergencies; find the right service provider in a few taps.
        • Post a job on the map and quickly view service providers near you

        Sylky – App for Service Provider

        Sign Up

        • Sign up with your basic details
        • Login with the assigned credentials

        OTP Verification

        • For secure login confirm with OTP Code

        Update Your Profile with Details of Your Expertise

        • Select specialization
        • Hourly Rate
        • Description of you

        Forgot Password

        • Forgot password available with recovery option

        Send Quotation

        • Add a comment
        • Estimated time
        • Service cost per hour
        • Send quotation for a particular task

        Task Assigned

        • Service Provider will start service timer when task is started
        • Get direction of particular service place
        • Chat with service provider

        Task Completed

        • When Task is completed task provider have to complete service and notify that a service has been completed
        • Generate Invoice


        • Give ratings and review to Sylky

        Notify Sylky In Below Scenarios

        • Task confirmation
        • Task cancellation
        • Task accepted
        • Payment success

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          CallCab – On-demand Taxi booking app

          Callcab - On-demand Taxi booking app

          It has never been so easy to order a vehicle, even off the beaten track, which will take you from A to B in one click. The price range is displayed to you and is in no case higher than when ordering a conventional taxi. Old school way? Pay cash. No cash? No problem, pay via the app by credit card. Download. Enter destination. Book a taxi.

          CallCab is a taxi booking app that allows you to connect great rides from a professional driver at affordable prices. You simply need to book a ride through an app, the driver will come to your pick up point and drop you at your destination. There are a few unique features that help the driver and customer to find each other.

          It includes the role of Taxi Agencies. Taxi agencies can register themselves & deploy their drivers on board. The system has payment methods like Cash and Credit card. The Admin panel has all reports about drivers, consumers, trips, monthly/yearly sales. Drivers can also see similar reports under their accounts in-app.
          The app supports special discount coupons for promotion activities. Through a panel, an agency can also see the live location of their drivers.

          The app also allows you to track driver’s location, get fare estimation, and track ride history in the most convenient way. So just download the app now and experience your first ride today. It’s fantastic to get a ride on-demand or in advance with just a tap on your phone, track your drivers and pay with cards!

          Client’s Requirements

          The Client from Switzerland wanted an Android and iOS app for the people living in Switzerland. A Client wanted an app that helps people to pick taxi on-demand and ride their destination in a short time. They also wanted to make a platform where people can experience safe, swift, and time-saving service.

          To make this service hassle-free they were looking to build an app for both Android and iOS that provides swift and hassle-free taxi service. The main aim was to develop an online platform that connects riders and professional drivers where a user submits their pick up requests and drivers will be at their pick up location to offer the great ride experience!

          The client also wished to add an option for future ride that helps users to book a ride for later. Siddhi Infosoft developed an app that makes traveling easier, so get on with its advanced riding solutions to reach the places that you desire.

          CallCab – What’s in it for drivers?

          • Upload Relevant Documents
          • Accept And Decline The Booking Requests
          • View Info About Passengers
          • Navigation To Reach Pick Up Location
          • Waiting Time Calculation Charges
          • Confirm The Payment Through Credit Card
          • Route Navigation From Pick Up To Drop Off Location
          • See All Future Booking Schedule
          • End The Ride Manually Before Drop Off Location Reached On Passenger Request

          CallCab- What’s in it for customers?

          • Promo & Referral Discount Codes
          • Payment Option By Credit Card
          • Rate And Comment about the Driver
          • Book Future Ride
          • Get Invoices with User Profile
          • View Every Detail Of Past Rides
          • View All Detail Of Future Bookings
          • Cancel Booking
          • Stop Ride Before Drop Up Destination Arrives
          • Registration By Social Support & OTP
          • Live Location Suggestions
          • Vehicles Categories Like Oscar, Big, Fancy, Pink
          • Locate Current Position With GPS
          • Estimated Fare Calculation

          Admin Panel Features

          Staff Management

          • View, edit and delete staff list
          • Active/Inactive staff

          Rider Management

          • View, edit and delete rider details
          • Active/Inactive rider

          Promo code Management

          • Add, update and delete promo code
          • Active/Inactive promo code

          Driver Management

          • View and add driver details
          • Active/Inactive driver status
          • Filter drivers by country, province, city and car type
          • View driver’s location on a map

          Car Details

          • View, add, update and delete car type details
          • Filter car by country, province, and city

          Car Type Intercity

          • View, add, update and delete car type intercity
          • Filter car type by country and province
          • Search car type intercity

          Review and Rating Management

          • View, update and delete driver and riders review and ratings.

          Ride Management

          • View and delete waiting, assigned, arrived, processing, completed, canceled, reject and dropped the ride.
          Admin Panel Features

          Challenges & Solutions

          The Challenge –

          Whenever a rider selects pick-up and drop-off location, the system automatically calculates and sends estimated fare to the user. But, in many cases, one destination may have different routes. So, calculating the fare estimation based on the selected destination route and sending it to the rider was a little bit challenging task.

          Our Solution –

          To overcome this crucial challenge, our team of professional developers employed smart usage of Location Manager to come up with fare distance calculator.

          The Challenge –

          An app that allows clients to select the driver as per their preference. To give the better experience, whenever a customer enters their location, their request is allocated to the nearby drivers based on their location. To fetch nearby drivers by tracking rider’s entered location was challenging for our team.

          Our Solution –

          This was a bit tricky since we also needed to take user’s preferences into consideration. That is why, the Siddhi Infosoft’s professional developer coded their heart out to create a custom API which was integrated into the app to handle this challenge.

          The Challenge –

          In this competitive era, user-experience is must and for the same purpose client needed an app with a user-friendly interface featuring a simple design and easy to complete booking process in few clicks.

          Our Solution –

          To tackle this challenge, our team of experienced designers took the responsibility to deliver an attractive yet approachable design while developers ensured user experience doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

          The Challenge –

          One of the more stiff challenges for our developers was handling notifications. If passenger is looking for any ride and if a car is available either taxi, economy, business or any other in nearby location, a popup will notify the user and he/she can easily identify the car.

          Our Solution –

          To cater to the client’s need, our developers used smart logic on web services and got this done employing their programming knowledge and experience.

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