Quality Policy

 Strong Commitment

Our strong commitment to excellence and outstanding results in developing custom IT solutions has made us passionate about quality and keen on customer satisfaction. Working in a cost-effective manner and always delivering on-time have yet not affected the impeccable outcome of our work and we are determined to never compromise quality over other aspects of our development process.

 Quality Policy is centered on clients

Siddhi Infosoft’s quality policy is centered on our clients and is developed around their expectations, desires and interests which we daily strive to fulfill and even exceed. To be able to do so we have implemented strict standards and methodologies at all levels of our company making sure every employee understands them and acts accordingly. We are very much aware that exquisite quality can be delivered only when ongoing growth and improvement occur and we are maintaining this focus on a long term basis in all aspects of our development process.

 Quality-oriented focus

The quality policy of our company is in accordance to the standard system ISO 9001-2000 and all the other existing and applicable international standards. Depending on the specificity of each project we undertake, we can easily convey to other national or particular quality standards that will best serve our clients and their interests. Keeping a quality-oriented focus is a top priority for us. Therefore, our team of coders and web developers will constantly implement quality best practices and procedures both during the development process and then in the maintenance and support phases.

 Appreciated and recommended us

During all these years in business, our partners have always appreciated and recommended us for our highly qualitative IT solutions and our flawless work. Whenever they return to us with a new project we understand that we must not disappoint them and work even harder towards meeting their expectations and level of satisfaction. Because of them, we are putting all our efforts daily into improving ourselves and also the range of services we provide in the web development and app development area.