Unity has gained huge popularity since its launch in 2008 due to the main advantage it offers: allowing developers to create mobile apps using the same tools and coding languages as if they were programming for desktop solutions. Today, Unity has evolved even more and works on almost all types of mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Window ones. It can also be used to develop games for BlackBerry mobile devices. The engine became widely spread among game developers who loved the idea of creating apps that run on different platforms without investing extra time and effort in the process. Basically,

When using Unity we are able to mix graphics, audio, music and many more to deliver high quality games for both desktops, browsers, console or mobile platforms. By choosing Unity you ultimately save money for your company while designing an impressive, fully-functional and exciting game that would fit on a multitude of mobile devices.

This cutting-edge multi-platform technology has been chosen by several of our clients in the last years when in need of designing and developing awesome applications with breathtaking graphics. Due to the cost-effectiveness it provides we often recommend Unity for our partners approaching us to create games and apps that function across several platforms while also maintaining a high standard of quality and performance.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we are committed to designing interactive experiences for our customer’s brands and products and translate their company’s philosophy across several platforms and devices.

Unity allows us to save precious resources while focusing primarily on fulfilling our partners’ expectations and desires in terms of design, functionality and strategic goals. By being able to invest in a single product that will perform at its best on several popular platforms you consolidate your company’s image, invest in brand awareness and increase the possibility of targeting and converting more users with fewer efforts. Using Unity as a fully integrated engine and building on its exhaustive and intuitive set of tools through fast and natural workflows enables us to design interactive experiences and engaging content for various purposes, from games to business solutions, from entertainment apps to educational ones. In the last few years, Unity has become known as a multiplatform for developing games and publishing them easily across iOS, Android, Windows and others without affecting the initial quality, speed or design premises. It assures smooth deployment of games on any type of device with exquisite graphics, impeccable performance and superb player experiences with a limited amount of time and money invested.