PhoneGap is a mobile development framework that allows coders to develop mobile applications based on JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3 instead of using platform-specific APIs like those in Android or iOS. This framework extends the features of HTML and JavaScript to make them appropriate and working for a mobile device use. We call the resulting applications hybrid apps: they are not truly native mobile applications, but neither purely web-based. Nevertheless, the huge advantages this framework offers are not to be neglected: in a simple and non-expensive manner you can develop apps that work on multiple mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) and on various screen sizes.

As you approach us, we will firstly discuss with you about your business and your mobile needs, the goals you have set and purposes you have in mind. Even though we highly recommend PhoneGap based apps and the advantages hybrid apps bring along, we must admit that not all mobile projects are a good fit for this type of development. Once we all agree that this approach really benefits you, we will go ahead and design the cross-platform app you desire, at an efficient cost and with maximum professionalism.

During all our years in business we have developed numerous mobile projects using PhoneGap in different sectors and our gained expertise allows us to select the proper technologies suitable for your app and your growth strategy. Opting for such a hybrid app will translate in less time spent by your company in the development process, and, of course, a lower invested budget while still having in the end a perfect app for all the mobile operating systems, as these are the 3 main benefits PhoneGap brings to the mobile market. When building PhoneGap apps for our partners we carefully mix various development technologies and best practices to reach a large number of potential users worldwide in a fast, simple and captivating way.

  We have done so for numerous clients all over the world and developed PhoneGap apps for business, gaming, sport, social networking, entertainment, ecommerce and many more.

We advise our clients to opt for a PhoneGap solution when they want to deliver great user-experiences in all major platforms but lack the time or budget to develop dedicated apps for each of them. By optimizing the potential offered by PhoneGap to its fullest we are able to offer our partners truly functional and highly customizable mobile solutions that are affordable and will meet their needs and marketing goals. While going through the actual development process we will constantly keep you updated and present all the functional features as they are created making sure we have your real-time feedback as we work on the app prototype. Based on your opinions and desired changes we work towards obtaining a final result that will truly translate your company’s vision and business model in the mobile world.