Android / Tablet

Research has proven that more and more commercial, entertaining and business-related activities are performed nowadays through mobile means, such as smartphones and tablets, by using smart and rapid apps in real time. Therefore, almost each and every company hoping to consolidate its market share and even increase it has a strong focus on building a unique and relevant mobile presence for itself. No matter the desires, strategic goals and user expectations you have for your business, at Siddhi Infosoft you will find the right partners for building an Android app that will have the proper architecture, design and features requested by the nature of your activity. Our exquisite smartphone and tablet applications designed using the Android platform are custom-made to offer you fast, high performing and smooth interactions with your desired audiences while also consisting in great means of targeting new users.

We are ready to put all our technical skills accumulated in years of experience and all the expertise we’ve gained developing hundreds of apps into helping you successfully implement your mobile strategy. Our solid knowledge consists in high familiarity with Android app development technologies as well as with additional design concepts that assure us we will be able to fulfill and exceed your expectations in terms of mobile projects and innovative solutions. By developing hundreds of apps for both Android smartphones and tablets we have come to understand that a great attention should be paid to the specificities of design and user-interfaces on mobile means as a key to optimized flows and successful client experiences.

  We always advise our partners from all around the world to take advantage of the affordable, yet highly creative opportunities smartphones and tablets have to offer and allow us to design innovative and memorable mobile experiences for their clients.

Our skilled Android developers are constantly trained and informed regarding the latest characteristics, layouts, usage scenarios and design in order to suggest the most appropriate technologies and solutions for your company’s needs. Being one touch away from your clients allows you to respond in real-time to their emergencies, problems or requests and thus build huge loyalty and trust between them and your company. In addition, apps enhance brand visibility and help you reach new users for your service or prospects for your company’s products. Therefore, you should not think twice before contacting us to design an app that best reflects your vision, mission and long-term goals. When a new client approaches us for a mobile project, we start by documenting and defining the development process like we do for a website.

We ask all the necessary questions to determine which key functionalities should the app include and based on the business model and expressed strategy suggest what special smartphone or tablet capabilities might be useful to be incorporated as well. Contrary to a regular desktop website, a mobile or a tablet app allows users to record video, take photos or use their location and sometimes these functionalities are of huge help for companies present in the mobile world that engage their users “on the go”. Then, we go ahead and create mocking versions and prototypes of your app to demonstrate how the user will “feel” your company and interact with your brands making sure all your expectations are met according to our plan. We are ready for you to challenge us with your Android app idea and allows us to use all our creativity, skills and know-how into designing a one-of-a-kind mobile experience for your users with a strong focus on conversion and efficiency.