Hire PhoneGap Developers

When talking about PhoneGap, we can’t miss out on its tremendous advantages in comparison to other mobile platforms. Because it works across multiple platforms, PhoneGap allows your company to reach wider audiences with a lower investment through user-friendly and highly functional apps. Having a single app for all the devices is an amazing time and costs saver and these facts have contributed tremendously to increasing PhoneGap’s popularity in the past several years.

  Why hire dedicated PhoneGap developers?

  •   They have solid industry experience
  •   They are expert in PhoneGap development
  •   They can build projects according to your budget and requirements
  •   They are committed to repetitive testing procedures to ensure quality
  •   They will deliver in-time projects at competitive rates

  Why choose Siddhi Infosoft?

  •   We develop custom cross-platform apps for various industries and purposes
  •   We have state-of-the-art software and hardware infrastructure
  •   We have years of expertise in mobile app development
  •   We only hire highly skilled and extremely talented mobile developers
  •   We have a strong portfolio of previously developed PhoneGap apps
  •   You save time and money without compromising the quality of the output
  •   You have constant updates regarding the development process

  Our expertise

  •   HMML
  •   HTML5
  •   CSS
  •   Jquery
  •   JavaScript
  •   OpenGL
  •   All mobile development platforms

  Our services

  •   PhoneGap cross-platform development
  •   PhoneGap software development
  •   PhoneGap game development
  •   PhoneGap integration with other apps
  •   PhoneGap launch and assistance

  Key benefits when working with us

  •   We are keen listeners of your needs and work hard to translate them into great projects
  •   You get to work with a team that has strong experience in developing business apps and entertainment ones
  •   We can integrate your native applications as well
  •   Have access to strong know-how upon the mobile market
  •   Rest assure knowing that all your projects will be delivered in-time

During all these years in business, we have successfully created and delivered various PhoneGap apps for multiple purposes and industries for our clients worldwide. Our developers have the proper knowledge, skills and expertise to undertake simple and also complex cross-platform projects that will work smoothly on multiple devices and perform to the best standards. All our apps focus on usability and friendliness without cutting down on the advanced features and key functionalities.