Hire Joomla Developers

Joomla is a great open source CMS that is widely used to develop web pages and highly effective functionalities for various apps and projects. During the years, Joomla was several times an award-winning PHP-based CMS due to its simple graphical interface that allows users to easily create, edit and publish content on websites. It was especially designed to facilitate creation and management of new pages, site navigation management, content management with different assigned users, HTML editing and much more

  Joomla is a solid ground for developing a multitude of feature-rich applications like

  •   Ecommerce and online shopping cart
  •   Corporate websites
  •   Social Networking websites
  •   Chat functionalities
  •   Blogs and forums
  •   And many more!

  Why hire a dedicated Joomla Developer?

The decision of hiring a dedicated Joomla developer might prove to be the best thing you do for your business, if taken by the right motives and while having solid and accurate information. Here are some reasons why we strongly believe that hiring a developer is a better choice than going for an in-house team

1Cost-effectiveness : You can cut down with up to 60% in your managerial, technical and recruitment expenses. In addition, you only pay for the work developers actually do for you.

2 Time saving : If you choose to hire a dedicated developer, the entire planning and recruitment of skilled resources is outsourced and you gain precious time to focus on your core business.

3 Ease of the operational flow : You can forget about infrastructure issues or equipment investments and just concentrate on the important aspects of your company while still getting impeccable IT solutions.

4 Gain access to great professionals : By hiring the best developers you establish a great technical team around you that will guarantee and deliver outstanding IT solutions for you and your clients.

  Technical skills

  •   Database management
  •   Dynamic website development
  •   E-commerce development
  •   PHP
  •   JavaScript
  •   MySQL
  •   XML

  Key steps in hiring a dedicated developer

When you have decided to hire a dedicated developer, there are several steps you should follow in order to benefit the most out of this experience:

  •   Choose from our experts the ones you desire.
  •   Send us the project requirements, with all the needed specifications.
  •   Then we will closely analyze and review these requirements.
  •   Based on the above, you can decide whether you want to hire part time or full time developers.
  •   We decide the appropriate professional to suit your needs and assign the needed resources for your project.
  •   Start working with regularly updates and status reports.

  Benefits of hiring a Siddhi Infosoft developer

  •   Trustworthy and reliable developers that are always client-oriented
  •   Years of Joomla development experience and solid Joomla skills
  •   Various communication channels available while working on the project
  •   Experienced support for all needs
  •   Constant project updates and reports
  •   Really affordable rates
  •   Opportunity to choose between hourly rates and fixed price
  •   A solid promise to use best business practices


Our talented Joomla developers have been working on numerous projects along the years and are fully trained, skilled and experienced to deliver a wide range of solutions, from simple to robust and complex ones. Their area of expertise incorporates

  •   Installation and Configuration
  •   Design Integration and Customization
  •   Custom Modules Development
  •   Templates and Themes Design
  •   Plug-ins Development
  •   Maintenance