Hire Android App Developers

Nowadays, more and more companies are investing into creating mobile experiences for their customers in order to promote their brands and products, raise awareness and, eventually, increase revenue. One of the most powerful and popular platforms is Android and if you are looking to develop such an app we believe that Siddhi Infosoft developers are the best choice for your business.

  Our dedicated Android developers have experience in the following technologies and tools

  •   Android SDK
  •   C++
  •   Java
  •   API
  •   XML, HTML5
  •   Rest, SOAP, Eclipse
  •   SQL Lite Database
  •   3D graphics
  •   JIRA
  •   BaseCamp
  •   Google Play store
  •   In-app purchases and mobile apps payment gateways

  All members of our Android development team are highly skilled in

  •   Creating custom Android applications
  •   Integrating third-party libraries into Android apps
  •   Developing location API and Google Maps based apps
  •   Working with Eclipse and Netbeans for flawless Android development
  •   Integrating Google graph, GPS and other useful plug-ins
  •   Working according to Agile methodology
  •   Applying international standards and industry best practices

  Why hire a dedicated Android developer from Siddhi Infosoft?

  •   We have tens of published apps with good ratings and downloads
  •   We have an extraordinary team of talented and expert Android developers
  •   All our dedicated Android developers have several years of experience and amazing portfolios
  •   Our rates are very competitive
  •   At the end of the project, you have all the rights upon the source code

  Key benefits for the hiring and the development process

  •   Our own hiring process is based on assessing both technical and soft skills as well to make sure we only hire the best developers for you
  •   When we have to allocate resources for your project, we will share with you the complete profiles of the developers and see if the skills match
  •   Besides Android SDK, our developers also use libraries, frameworks, servers and platforms to save development time and money for your company
  •   All our developers are up-to-date with the latest Android technologies such as InApp Purchases, Google Maps SDK, Content Providers, MVC Architecture, Push Notifications and play store distribution process.
  •   We make sure our developers have entrepreneurial skills and that they understand your business vision and why the project is developed
  •   Our developing process is based on continuous testing and integrating new modules and all our coders follow it precisely
  •   All our teams follow AGILE principles and that assures us that no unpleasant events or mistakes occur