Yii Framework

Yii is a high performance PHP framework used to develop web 2.0 applications in a fast, secure and professional manner. Yii only loads the features that you need and therefore its speed is extraordinary. Following a MVC-pattern, Yii helps developers write clean and reusable code while also providing security filters and encryptions.

This free, open-source framework promotes clean design and rapid development with very few limitations in comparison to other existing frameworks on the market and offers great optimization tools for web apps due to its supportive and strong community.

  At Siddhi Infosoft we were instantly attracted by the extraordinary feature set of this framework and are constantly amazed by all the capabilities it provides:

  •   Model-View-Controller architecture
  •   With form input and validation, Yii makes forms really easy
  •   Powerful user-management extensions
  •   Built-in authentication
  •   It has a built-in code generation tool – Gii
  •   You can build high performance background tasks in PHP using Console Yii
  •   Theming options for building great looking apps
  •   Highly secure
  •   Integration with other frameworks
  •   Multiple free, open-source plugins and extensions offered by the Yii community

We recommend Yii to our clients approaching us for different projects mainly because using it save us a lot of time and money that translates in lower development costs for their companies. By cutting down on the repetitive tasks and focusing on the customization part by submitting great and useful tools, with a really easy installation and configuration process and a high degree of extensibility, Yii has rapidly become one of the favorite frameworks around the web. Knowing that security is a great issue nowadays, Yii comes with a security application component that reveals several methods to create a more secure app. Yii allows our dedicated coders to create outstanding apps in a really short time without compromising their performance. Most of its features can be used exactly as they come, while it also offers the flexibility for us to custom them according to what our client’s specifically need. We are proficient in Yii framework development services and have completed multiple projects fulfilling different needs and business requirements. Our coders are all business-oriented, highly skilled and qualified in using validated development methodology for your project and purposes.

  When it comes to Yii, we can help you with:

  •   Plugins development
  •   App development
  •   Maintenance and support

We do believe that Yii is an exceptional PHP framework in comparison to other existing ones as stated by its high popularity and constantly increasing adoption rate. Offering a lot of professional free resources and topping them with flexibility and intuitiveness, Yii was rapidly considered by major companies and websites as the most appropriate framework to work with.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we can analyze your business and discuss your needs in order to see if Yii is a good fit for you too. Give us a call today and let’s start building your project!