Symfony is a web application framework used for PHP projects that speeds up the development of web apps by eliminating the repetitive coding tasks. Its reusable components are at the ground of several well-known PHP applications, like Drupal thus proofing that the professionalism, standardization and high performance behind Symfony are truly effective.

Supported by a large community of dedicated users, Symfony comes with a great set of features that determined us at Siddhi Infosoft to recommend it whole-heartedly for our client’s projects.

  Some of the most helpful and appreciated features were:

  •   Easy installation and configuration on various platforms
  •   Database engine-independent
  •   Simple to use and highly flexible
  •   Compliant with most web best practices and design patterns
  •   Stable enough for long-term projects
  •   Easy to extend
  •   User security management tools
  •   Search engine-friendly URLs
  •   Built-in e-mail and API management features
  •   Automated pagination, sorting, and filtering

Symfony offers good compliance with business libraries, multiple methods and different platforms and is our to-go solution for delivering long-term developments. Its high adaptability assures us that it will always meet the fast changing needs of the current business environment and the fact that one can easily add new features by simply creating a plug in makes us consider it our main framework for all future developments. Moreover, Symfony is the perfect choice for companies lacking time, because it enhances fast coding with advanced usability, improved functionalities and in-time deliveries.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we have gathered a team of dedicated professionals and have equipped them with innovative technology and state-of-the-art gadgets necessary to develop high quality and high performing Symfony based projects.

They will work hard and put all their efforts into building dynamic products that will effectively meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations. We are fully trained and bear years of experience in developing robust, enterprise- level applications and deliver complex solutions for various purposes and needs. We love working with Symfony due to its great advantages: it reduces the workflow, it diminishes the development costs for our partners and does not compromise on quality. Its architecture, components and tools are exactly what we need in order to deliver fast and high performing web apps, with no scalability issues and great, attractive layouts.

Our team combines hard work and years of expertise with impeccable knowledge and great professionalism in order to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for companies around the world activating in various industries and fields and searching for optimal web solutions based on Symfony. We always strive to make our clients feel truly happy and satisfied and we take great pride in being their to-go web development company whenever they come across a new project.

  During the years we have kept our promises of:

  •   fast, in-time delivery
  •   fully customized solutions
  •   interactive and intuitive development
  •   clean and flawless coding
  •   rapid and efficient development process
  •   great technical support
  •   great technical support
  •   team of qualified experts and dedicated programmers
  You are one step away of joining our community of happy clients. Contact us today and let’s see if Symfony is the right PHP framework for your particular project. Our consultants will closely advise you and propose the right solutions for your company’s needs.