CodeIgniter is an app development framework used to build PHP-based websites in a simple, yet elegant manner. This powerful toolkit allows coders to develop fully-featured, dynamic web applications with tremendous flexibility and at a faster pace, due to the rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks in this framework.

In addition to being rapid CodeIgniter is also lighter, being simple and easy to use in comparison to other existing frameworks.

  All these have made it gain huge popularity among developers and our dedicated team at Siddhi Infosoft also recommends it because:

  •   Due to the MVC architecture we do not need to start writing code from scratch
  •   We do not need to make any complicated configurations in order to start programming, just set up the database
  •   It works with all advanced PHP frameworks, so we can easily work in different environments
  •   This framework is really easy to learn and deploy
  •   It has a strong and clean documentation
  •   It comes with a set of useful tools like email, zip, calendar, validation and many more
  •   Offers great built-in security tools
  •   We can always count on its large and active user community

We believe CodeIgniter is great for our partners because it allows us to focus more on their projects while diminishing the amount of time needed for coding due to the simple interface and logical structure to access its detailed libraries. Being easy to understand and extend, CodeIgniter is suitable for multiple projects and is the right answer to various needs stated by our clients. Whether they are looking for exceptional performance, broad compatibility, nearly zero configuration, less restrictive coding rules and clear documentation, we always suggest CodeIgniter as the perfect framework for them.

Our dedicated team of coders is trained, skilled and experienced in offering just the services your company needs when it comes to working with this tool:

  •   Customized CodeIgntier websites
  •   Development services
  •   Integration services
  •   Maintenance and support
  •   And many more!

Our professional PHP experts are highly familiar with this framework and how to best use it in order to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients worldwide. They will put all their efforts into building scalable, robust and reliable apps and websites with a great focus on optimization and cost-effectiveness. More and more companies around the globe are opting for CodeIgniter as their to-go framework, due to its large compatibility and high performance guarantee. Besides these key benefits, we truly believe that this particular framework comes along with a set of extremely useful and unique features that are of great help for our coders and shorten the development process:

  •   Model-View-Controller based system
  •   Full featured database classes
  •   Form and data validation
  •   Email sending and file uploading classes
  •   Data encryption and benchmarking
  •   Calendar and Zip encoding classes
  •   Template engine class
  •   Search engine-friendly URLs
  •   Large library of help functions

And on top of all these, a great benefit CodeIgntier holds is that it is backed by a company, not just by a community which ensures high quality documentation for multiple issues and needs.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we are always ready to assess your needs and requirements and suggest the most suitable framework for your project while proving our strong know-how and diverse expertise in all coding matters. Contact us today and let’s talk about your plans!