Opencart is an open-source shopping cart platform that powers thousands of e-shops around the web and is renowned for its adaptability and flexibility regarding functionalities. No matter the type of products you sell or the complexity of your sales model, Opencart can easily be modified to fit your needs precisely. Your company’s image and branding will be kept unaltered when choosing to develop your e-store with Opencart as we will customize templates in order to deliver the right experience to your clients and always keep up with their needs.

Due to the great incorporated management tools, Opencart can also offer you important information regarding your customers and thus providing means of meeting them half way and engaging them better. For example, if a customer abandons the shopping cart without making a purchase, we can help you track and contact him with a personalized message and an incentive to buy by developing a dedicated module.

Openness and flexibility were the two key advantages that made Opencart popular so fast. Allowing retailers to decide upon the flow and appearance of their own shop and offering developers the possibility to create tailor-made sales mechanisms for online businesses have transformed Opencart in one of the most appreciated and recommended shopping cart platforms around the web. And the fact that it suits both small businesses and also large companies only added to that. Small businesses will find the minimally customized template to be just what they need, and not just when it comes to keeping the costs down. It will include their desired color, logo, while conveying to the default Opencart layout that still provides what they were looking for: an incredible shopping experience for their customers. For companies willing to invest some money in their online shop, we suggest more customized templates that will place them ahead of competition and on a right track towards long-term development. Along with these, we recommend product page customizations as well as admin and management tools. Our dedicated Opencart team will talk to you about your options depending on your business model and future plans and advise you upon means of best handling an increased number of orders while striving to reach your growth goals.

  At Siddhi Infosoft, we must admit we love Opencart, and we know from our previous developed projects that so do our partners who are basic users, because Opencart offers a wide range of services that appeal to a vast audience.

  Here are some of our personal favorite features:

  •   We can build shops with as many categories and products as we want depending on our clients’ needs
  •   Easily and rapidly change the look of an e-shop through a template
  •   It is multi-lingual and multi-currency
  •   It is marketing-oriented and allows retailers to introduce special rates and discount codes
  •   It is business-oriented and offers great tools for owners, like the automatic sales reports
  •   A multitude of plug-ins available
  •   It is highly secure and trustworthy
  •   It has an easy-to-use administration interface
  •   It has absolutely no fees!

As an open solution, Opencart is powered by a strong community of active developers, especially because of its PHP basis. They constantly deliver updates and plug-ins that help businesses find solutions for their ecommerce needs and reach online success. With a minimal investment, any business can benefit from great tools and an outstanding ecommerce shopping cart platform with an incredible user-interface. Our experienced Opencart developers have worked on numerous projects before and have a deep knowledge of how to best adapt and customize Opencart according to your needs and business requirements. Besides personalizing existing themes, they can also create new ones for you from scratch, develop extensions for additional needed features and advise you upon best optimization techniques. With a strong customer-orientation, they will focus on bringing more traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate by developing superb functionalities and attractive features.

  Get in touch with us right away and start building the perfect e-shop your business deserves!