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What is meant by digital health care solution?

Health is defined as the general mental or physical state of a person. The absence of disease isn’t completely the same thing as wellness. Wellness can be referred to as the state of being in ideal mental and physical health. But wellness is also way more than that. It is about trying and succeeding in living a life which is full of responsibility and therefore taking positive steps towards one’s entire well-being which means that a person is living a life in which they can very well control the risk factors which can harm them. Risk factors can be defined as different actions/conditions that can increase a person’s chances for an unhealthy lifestyle.

Why Wellness Matters?

To have a high-quality life, it very crucial to maintain an optimal level of wellness. Wellness matters a lot. This is because whatever we do and all the emotions we feel, they all relate to the well-being of a person. It is also true conversely, which means that our well-being also affects our emotions and actions. It’s a reciprocating action. Therefore, in order to reduce stress, subdue the risk of illness and guarantee positive interactions, it is important for everyone to achieve maximum wellness.

The eight dimensions of wellness are:

“Occupational, environmental, emotional, financial, social, physical, and intellectual”

All the dimensions are interrelated with another and each dimension is vital in the goal to achieve optimum health. If we learn to maintain each dimension of wellness, only then we can achieve ideal and optimal wellness. As we can see, wellness is sketchily defined. However, there are a lot of similar constituents to each definition.

Wellness is a choice which we choose to pursue so that we can achieve a better life and it requires constant effort. It is associated with a healthy lifestyle, but it also goes beyond the limitations of general health. It covers a positive outlook on the body, mind, and soul. Consequently, we have more control over it than general health.

Wellness can be viewed as quality, process or state in all its dimensions. Overall, the word may appear intricate, but it shouldn’t be. In a nutshell, we should think of it as a series of positive choices that can be made to live our lives to the fullest!

We are intensely committed to vesting individuals to enable them to take control of their health, as well as helping establishments to improve their workplace environment wellness efforts for shared benefit to both employer and employee. Our mission is to help people live better, perform better, and hence work better.

We can work with organizations and individuals to enable and facilitate them with enhanced well-being through the implementation of positive health behavior change. We are working to formulate and implement strategies which are critical to individuals as well as group wellness and hence the achievement of goals which are health related.

Our solutions are perfectly and individually tailored to the specific needs of our people and are based on the most recent research in optimal functioning, nutrition, fitness, and self-care. We have an integrative approach that helps us to confront a lot of challenges with individuals as well as organizations who face great deal of risk factors today in the quest for peak performance.

Effective Programs

Several wellness initiatives are specifically focused on severe needs as well as general awareness. Still, the most effective of these programs seek to enhance capacity across a wide range of dimensions of wellness. Unique need of workforce and impact of current programs are considered in these initiatives. Hence, sustainable behavioral change is a big part of such initiatives.

A Clear Framework

Addressing the wellbeing needs in a workforce also requires a framework which will let services and programs evolve over time. It should be able to instill increased workforce capacity which can transform into increased organizational capacity. The measurement parameters can be engagement levels, absenteeism rates, changing employee health behavior and overall productivity. The framework can also incorporate constraints in the business, such as, security requirements, timing, geographical, duration and locations. It should also indicate certain visibility of the:

  • Type of activity conducted and its frequency
  • Extent of employee engagement in the activities
  • Activities annual cost
  • ROI (Return on investment) or behavioral change which these activities are helping to attain.

Our Approach

Our team focuses on helping organizations and help their people to start and maintain their own wellness journey. We take an experience-based approach and take influence from health professionals, digital content and health technology and use their capabilities to design unique programs to suit the needs of people.

We are focused on driving change in personalized behaviors and results for individuals and around the world as well as organizations. We support clients across the entire health and benefits lifecycle from screening, assessment and activation to behavior change and hence the adoption of sustainable healthy lifestyle. We’ve got you covered with exceptional professionals and we exceed the expectations of clients always.

We strive to ensure unique experience and our program is perfectly tailored to meet your requirements and deliverables as wellness and prevention program is important in managing health. It captures risk adjustment opportunities and helps in scoring high on stated quality measures.

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