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Good Health Naturally is the leading company that provides you with first-class natural health solutions. It works to improve your health and well-being through natural supplements. Good Health Naturally’s product range also includes an electro-acupressure device giving pain relief by efficiently targeting your pressure points. GHN is your go-to application for all your health solutions.

GHN’s works to enhance your health with the help of minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements. Additionally, GHN also raises awareness about the benefits of using natural supplements and raw solution.


Client's Requirements

The client wanted a one-stop solution for all healthcare problems to educate people about natural solutions and supplements. They wanted all the information in the application to be understandable and clear to avoid unnecessary complexities.

Due to the increasing gap between doctors and patients, usually, a doctor cannot give enough time to a patient. For this reason, the client wanted natural solutions for people, so they do not feel the need to visit the doctor every other day.

Current treatment and medications were required but only through mineral, vitamins and other natural supplements. In addition to this, they wanted an application to spread awareness among patients regarding the benefits of natural supplements.

Our professional developers inquired about the requirements and developed the required app. Our cross-functional team of professionals utilized a scalable project methodology. They also provided a flexible and high-performance application promptly. Our proficient team focused on accessibility and quality features, including quality assurance testing and client’s feedback.

How GHN Works?

The natural health solutions of Good Health Naturally are researched comprehensively and are scientifically manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Good Health Naturally supplies the natural supplements that are made of like vitamins and minerals. GHN is known for introducing and using the Serrapeptase enzyme to the industry. This enzyme is beneficial, as several people have found natural pain relief for the natural treatment of their specific health conditions.

GHN is a reputable natural health solution provider which uses the top quality, certified and beneficial ingredients of the exceptional quality. We use the ingredients that are clinically proven and are supported by the doctors as well.

We comply with all the standards that are set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our high-class manufacturing processes ensure that each material and stage is audited and analyzed to ensure maximum activity and stability.

We follow an efficient approach, providing premium quality natural health solutions and nutritional supplements that support with reliable research. Our primary mission is to provide quality natural health products using the best ingredients that are clinically proven.


  • A simple user interface that enables users to order natural health products that perfectly suits them
  • A prior health evaluation
  • Efficient IT infrastructure that correctly supports data communication in mobile devices with the help of web services architecture
  • Users have access to check their status details throughout the process
  • Enhanced communication with top best customer care centre to help you in each step
  • No need of visiting the doctor regularly decreased efforts and no paperwork involved.
  • Security layers so that you can access information on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Our application management proficiencies guarantees that only certified person can have access.
  • It is designed exclusively for iOS and Android.


The developers faced a variety of issues and complications to effectively implement a wide range of custom designs. It was also not easy to draw high-performance feature and a cluster view which provides improved engagement to the users.

Another big challenge faced by the development team while developing the app was writing code for this platform’s content-based social integration to provide the users with all health-related activities details.

Both of these challenges were quite uphill tasks as they required meticulous planning on the part of the development team as well as a lot of technical and coding skill to integrate everything into a seamless experience which the client’s users would be happy to use. Customized designs posed the biggest challenge as the implementation involved identifying the correct scenario and then using an adequate design for the purpose.

For any other development team, which might not have had the skillset and experience as our team is blessed with, this integration would have become a tough nut to crack, especially given the tight deadline as the client wanted to go live in a few months. However, our skilled and experienced development staff was up to the task and this is how they climbed up the hill to wave the flag of their success.

The Solution

Our development team got to the drawing board and broke down all the challenges, issues and complications into smaller elements. That is critical points where we needed to solve the key functionality problem. Using this approach, our team was able to identify and sort the challenges into different categories.

Right developers were assigned the task to overcome these challenges so each and every developer was focused on solving his challenge without having to worry about anything else. The progress was streamlined and it was ensured periodically that all the micro solutions have the capacity to work in tandem without breaking the functionality.

Using this approach, our team wasn’t only able to build an efficient infrastructure capable of supporting secure and fast mobile data communication but provided enough security layers to ensure privacy of sensitive individual data. The system also made sure that the application management proficiencies guarantee that only certified person can have access.

Finally, the development team of Siddhi Infosoft created the experience, both in terms of user interface and functionality that our client was searching for. The project was tested rigorously to iron out any beta application issues and the finalized bug free version was delivered to the client just before the deadline. Another feather in the caps of our amazing development team.

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